Puppetry must thus be seen as one of the strongest verifiable influences on Ionesco’s theater, as on modern drama in general. As the Housekeeper has warned him, “philology leads to the worst”; for Ionesco, “philology” here connotes not a “love of language” but a penchant pursued past the point of addiction. Ionesco zog zur Mutter, die inzwischen auch wieder nach Rumänien gekommen war und einen passablen Posten bei der rumänischen Nationalbank gefunden hatte. Another plainly political element is evident in the person of Mother Peep (“la mère Pipe”), a demagogue and rabble-rouser who has risen to prominence of sorts as keeper of the public geese. Indeed, the device of the proliferating pachyderms is every bit as powerful and eloquent as that of a gratuitous murderer in the previous play. (So ein Tollhaus!, 1973), in dem er selbigen Mann als Hauptperson eine völlig passive, beinah stumme und trotzdem eindrucksvolle Rolle spielen lässt. 1954 (Amédée: Or, How to Get Rid of It, 1955); Jacques: Ou, La Soumission, pb.

Mrs. Smith, seemingly oblivious to his lack of interest, continues to discuss the fine English food that they have eaten (including such anomalous dishes as quince-and-bean pie) and tell him the ages of their children. 1954 (The Chairs, 1958); Victimes du devoir, pr.

November 1909 in Slatina, Rumänien als Eugen Ionescu; † 28. In one, for example, an old woman converses animatedly with her long-lost mother; the actress playing the mother is in her young and vibrant twenties, the age at which the old woman last saw her.

1975 (Man with Bags, 1977); Parlons française, pr. A good doctor, opines Smith, should die with his patient, just as a captain should go down with his ship. The Theater of the Absurd. PROFESSOR [marveling at the Pupil's knowledge]: Oh, but that's very good. 1962, pb. 1973 (A Hell of a Mess, 1975); L’Homme aux valises, pr., pb. Elsewhere in Ionesco’s theater, nearly all forms of human behavior are duly stripped of acculturated meaning, shown to be as absurd and out of phase as they often seemed to Camus himself. Des Weiteren verfasste er Amédée ou comment s’en débarrasser (A. oder Wie soll man ihn loswerden) und Le nouveau locataire (Der neue Mieter). 1962, pb. Finanziell ging es ihnen schlecht, Ionesco verdingte sich als Druckfahnen-Korrektor in einem Pariser juristischen Verlag, wo er bis 1955 angestellt blieb. Striking in its imagery and resonance, Ionesco’s theater remains one of the more durable bodies of work in twentieth century drama. Among them, the characters provide for a strong infusion of humor, if never “comic relief.” The aging Queen Marguerite, clearly descended from Mrs. Smith and from Madeleine of Amédée, continues the satire of marriage that runs as an undercurrent through many Ionesco plays; the younger Queen Marie, meanwhile, seems to represent maternal warmth as well as the promise of young love. 1970 (Killing Game, 1974; also pb. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the strongest of his plays were in frequent production around the world, performed by professional and amateur actors alike.

1953, pb. In the French title, the use of the reflexive construction reinforces the notion that death is a process rather than a mere event; the king, implies Ionesco, is dying— as are all men and women from the moment of their birth. Discussion of an apparent obituary for one Bobby Watson soon elicits the further information that the man has been dead for three years, that he left a truly well-preserved corpse, that his wife (also named Bobby Watson, as are their son and daughter) is unattractive because she is too dark, too fat, too pale, and too thin.

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