I would highly recommend BoatLetteringtoyou.com. - Reproduction Decal Kit.- Includes (2) Decals in the color of your choice (4.25” High x 22” Long).- Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate.- High quality long lasting marine quality decals.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!- Same day shipping on most orders! Boat Lettering To You made and shipped our boat name within days, and it came out great. With all watercraft, graphics should be placed in areas where they will not be submerged in water for extended periods of time. Please stay safe and healthy. Hover your mouse over any These tool tips will explain various parts of how to use the boat lettering designer. Will the color of the boat be different underneath the decal or lettering after I remove it? Express yourself and make your boat stand out! Think you can find the same product somewhere else at a better price?

Ships Aug 21,2018, 1-888-222-4929 - High quality long lasting marine quality decals. - 9" High by 36" Long. - Same day shipping on most orders! Our step by step video of how to install window lettering is the same installation process for boat lettering. Why wait to decorate your boat when you can do it now? Our stickers and lettering are not designed to be reflective or visible in the dark.

Available in 5ft – 8ft variations, you are sure to find a decal that is the right fit for your personal watercraft. At this time, we are operating at full capacity with no delays. So, if you decide to decorate your boat or yacht with decals for a party, cleaning it will not be an issue; you can peel them off after. Super durable and thicker magnets that will stay strong and last long on any vehicle. We recommend checking with state and local boating laws for specific regulations. - Reproduction Decal Kit.- (2) Decals in the color of your choice (Overall Size = 5.75” High x 39” Long).- Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate.- High quality long lasting marine quality decals.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!- Same day shipping on most orders! Printed on quality vinyl and made to resist the elements, these boat decals will keep your watercraft looking good season after season. Fill the page with the same or different designs at no extra cost! BoatUS Members save 10% off all orders and receive free shipping on orders over $75. Check our help section for decal designing tips. Create a page of custom clear static clings with front or back facing graphics. Boat decals, outboard decals and indian motorocycle decals, custom decals for boat …

Further, lettering and decals should be applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces in order to work properly for the long term. [email protected], Next Business Day Before installation, you should also ensure that any paint is fully cured. Of course, depending on the quality of the boat’s paint job if lettering or a decal is in place for a number of years and then removed the area underneath the decal may differ from the color of a faded boat. First, make sure your boat is clean and free of wax and polish as well as out of the water before starting the installation. Always clean the surface of your boat immediately before application. Make sure you know where the water line is on your vessel before you adhere graphics to it. What can you find in our Xtreme collection of boat graphics? Transparent temporary tattoos with no white ink. It is recommended that you use good quality liquid dish detergent and lukewarm water to clean your boat (1 ounce of detergent per gallon of water). Check out our hundreds of miscellaneous boat decals, boat emblems, boat stickers, boat logo plates, and foam filled boat decals - and check out the prices! This can be done by using painters tape or masking tape to hold the lettering in place, typically along the top edge. Before applying pressure to the decal, you can temporarily reposition the decal to make sure it is in the desired location. Please stay safe and healthy.

*Next Day Production excludes large orders, business cards, post cards, door hangers, rack cards, bumper stickers, brochures, table tents, flyers, metal photo prints, wood prints, face masks, neck gaiters, and orders placed on weekends and the day before observed holidays (upcoming holidays: 11/26/2020, 11/27/2020, 12/24/2020, 12/25/2020), *Free ground shipping to contiguous United States. We are processing and accepting orders as normal during this time. Great Lakes Skipper, LLC, Avalon Boat Spear Decal Set 08443 | Silver Mirrored 8 Piece, Chaparral Boat Hull Graphic 14.00396 | SSX 236 Blue Carbon (4 Pc Set), Chaparral Boat Hull Graphic 14.00382 | SSX 276 Copper (4 PC Set), Lowe Pontoon Boat Main Decals 2030121 | Suncruiser 369 Inch (2 PC), Gekko Boat Graphic Decal 8628-1103 | Revo 6.7 Orange Black (Set of 2), Gekko Boat Graphic Decals 8628-1109 | Revo Black White (Set of 4), Gekko Boat Graphic Decal 8628-1104 | Revo 6.7 Yellow Black (Set of 4), Gekko Boat Graphic Decal 8628-1102-09 | 7.1 Revo 6.7 Orange (Set of 4), Gekko Boat Decal 8628-1105 | Revo 6.7 Orange (Set of 2), Gekko Boat Decal 8628-1105 | Revo 6.7 Lime Green (Set of 2), Chaparral Boat Hull Graphic 14.00371 | Sunesta 244 264 Red (14 Pc Set), Chaparral Boat Hull Graphic 14.00403 | SSX 236 Carbon Red (4 Pc Set), Bentley Pontoon Boats / Encore Boat Builders. Yes, lettering and decals can be used on treated, smooth wooden surfaces. Order within 1 hrs, 54 minutes Receive sale info, news, and updates in your inbox. Slowly pulling away the backing while installing will prevent you from touching the adhesive or having the adhesive or lettering stick to themselves. To top it off you can add in decals of boat themed designs such as the one we have posted on the left. Please specify your size and color choice using the drop down selection box below... ... - Reproduction Decal Kit. Where is the best place on a boat to display a registration number?

How do I remove boat lettering and decals? - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! - Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate. Removal of lettering and decals should be done carefully and in the right conditions to prevent damaging of the boat’s surface or paint. Carefully push the bubble towards the edge of the lettering or decal to remove it. - Set of 2 Decals each measuring 4.25" High by 22" Long. Bubbles should not form after correct installation and during normal usage.

If your lettering or decals stick to themselves this can permanently damage your product. In most cases, registration numbers are required to be displayed on the forward half of the boat (known as the bow of the boat) and as high above the waterline as possible. Baja Decals and Stickers. - Reproduction Decal Kit.- Includes (2) Decals in the color of your choice (17” Long).- Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate.- High quality long lasting marine quality decals.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!- Same day shipping on most orders! Just in case your graphic doesn’t meet your expectation, it’s backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We recommend checking or verifying local regulations for any specific height requirements. We’ve outlined full removal instructions for each material below. Boat decals can be cut to the shape of your design or desired graphic. If you do not need a squeegee you can deselect this option on the design tool. Do I need to edge seal my lettering or graphics when I originally install them?

Our high quality custom Boat Decals come in any size, shape and quantity. Can boat lettering and decals be submerged for long periods of time? How small or big can my boat lettering and decals be?

Closed Sundays. It went on perfectly!

Phone hours are 6:00am to 6:00pm MST Monday through Friday, Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm MST. Boat lettering is individually cut from a solid piece of vinyl material with no print on the material. Laws on boat lettering and decals can typically be found through state and local ordinances. Made from a highly adhesive vinyl, boat decals are specifically designed for long-lasting use on boats and in any weather. ... BeachCraft Boat Logo Decal (set of 2) - Any Color! Do you want them in a different color scheme then what originally came on your Boat or Outboard?. - Same day shipping on most orders! ; The white in the image is just a background color. I got my lettering promptly. Tell me more about Miscellaneous Decals and Pinstriping, Call to pay by wire transfer, check, or money order.

install your lettering & graphics in minutes. I was able to apply the lettering right where my boat is docked. Use a non abrasive cloth and water to clean decals and lettering. We also have switch plate decals, boat fuse box decals, and boat safety stickers, all at low discount prices. Boat letters and stickers are designed to be exposed to sunlight and will not fade when properly covered when the boat is not in use. - Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate. Make custom labels for clothing and accessories using your logo or name.

Can I wash my boat immediately after applying lettering or decals? Xtreme Digital GraphiX. That means that graphics should be placed above the waterline of the craft. (Overall decal size of approx. Will the decal ruin or damage the paint on my boat? These are only available through state agencies (in most cases the DMV or Department of Parks and Wildlife are the issuing authorities). Remove the backing by carefully peeling it away 1 to 2 inches from the top of the decal. Our boat lettering and decals are designed to be displayed in water environments. For hailing port identification, letters must be at least 4 inches in height but do not need to be block letters. Or sign in through your Google, Facebook or Amazon account: Or start by signing in through your Google, Facebook or Amazon account: Pre-cut from a solid color vinyl material, Uses: individual lettering & simple 1-3 color graphics. Order within 1 hrs, 54 minutes

We specialize in aftermarket reproductions of discontinued or hard to find decals.

Boat Decals can be used on virtually any flat surface including things like boats, cars, and walls. Indoor and Outdoor, Trade shows, events and more with flexible feather banners and a variety of stand options, Individual lettering with no background material. Do not use strong cleaners or power washers to clean the lettering, this could damage or remove the lettering from the boat. However, if designing your own stickers, the color chart is cumbersome to use for selecting the color you want for your design. Fresh and salt water tested! Next Holidays: 10/31, 11/26-28, 12/24-26, 13 and 18 ounce vinyl banner for indoor and outdoor use, White Coil Coated. - Made from 3M brand vinyl and laminate. What you end up with is an awesome boat decal that can be installed with ease. We specialize in aftermarket reproductions of discontinued or hard to find decals. They stick strong and have been tested in fresh and salt water, however, our decals are still removable.

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