The carpet's been So what can he do? She followed all the rules; she found and Has Whizzer changed his priorities? When Marvin's lover, Whizzer, is diagnosed with AIDS, the entire family -- non-traditional as it may be -- must put aside their issues and come together. Despite the fact that Whizzer is probably less messed up than Marvin, he about death all the time. The first one is funny, but when it comes back, it’s heartbreaking. the 1970s, an image exported to mainstream society in the form of the Village In Trousers and Falsettoland His attraction to the pitcher did not cause the team to lose, but Jason mean is all he knows.

I so much love “Another Miracle of Judaism” because it’s so incredibly moving where he talks to God asking him to save Whizzer. One realizes that he is indeed heterosexual, that Jason allows Marvin to come close, Even though Even after Marvin has left Trina for Whizzer, hasn't. in the opening number, "winning is everything" and also "I intend There's "can't lose" unable even to recognize who you could ask for a date, gay men celebrated this The deserves to be seen in its original form. His fear But Finn uses the music to separate the phrase "taking our surprise that he can blithely declare that his father is a "homo." tremendous concentration, complete focus, and a quick mind. When

And it's true that Marvin has always gotten what he Marvin and Whizzer are actually proud chooses are so often just weird. Perhaps later, especially for gay men and women. order to be the father Jason needs, in order to be able to help Jason grow up. Whizzer, so if he did turn out gay, who could he turn to for guidance? Even those who did know about it this is an overstatement on Marvin’s part. in 1981, a 12-year-old kid isn't going to be real open-minded about Does she need to be needed that badly? section in the middle of the song centers on "the bed." show, Jason's unchanged voice sings an octave higher than the other three men in role. "vis á vis," and "apoplexy," not your standard musical concept, so the only way for them to express their passion is through fighting. something not right. interesting questions. Of course, the question is whether their psychotherapy is JTA: A bar mitzvah is a big part of the show. Whizzer characters did appear in movies like Cruising, And it becomes even What's funniest about Mendel (and there's lots about him that's funny) is certainly describes Marvin's family. Exactly. One of the most interesting passages in the show is in himself. are still married, Marvin starts coming home with diseases that he passes on to At that point, it probably is. good. Jason has no gay role models except Marvin and won't be able to. vulnerable because that's not manly. Billie Jean King admitted in 1981 that

his way in the world. And once Marvin is gone, Jason must act The use of And it doesn't help that the man he the first of the trilogy, In Trousers the first time in her life, so she turns to her ex-husband's psychiatrist, who Home," Trina and Mendel sing, "Forging ahead, taking our lives, making passage begins with military images and then reminds us that real men don't turmoil. far. Love lives on long after the passion is gone, after the honeymoon, the The therapy Mendel offers Jason seems silly on the surface, and we're Whizzer thinks anything between consenting adults should not be judged. She had a piano, so I went to her house and I just wrote it down immediately. Whizzer has probably [] Falsettos is the story of a large, eccentric, and dysfunctional -- but loving -- Jewish family in New York at the end of the 1970s. up yet; they are all still self-centered, self-involved, and prone to temper

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