Also reduces damage received by 15 percent.

D) Power Form 1 until Level 35 then replaced by Horizontal Square 1-3. / Max Cap Weapon proficiency increases by using your weapons. Skill Set 2: A) Health Recovery Bullet 1-3. Press square or R2 to do finisher with base power of 2.2385. LV 2: INT 54. Effect lasts 60 seconds. B) Armor Form 1 until Level 43, then Guard Field Shot 1-2. D) Shield Matrix 1-3. LV 2: AGI 45. A good method to increase your gun proficiency is fighting the dungeon boss in the Third Area Of Old South. Fire a bullet that restores an ally's HP over a set period of time. From the indie video game to the dominating AAA that needs a 1000Gb day one update, we’ve got you covered. LV 3: STR 53 / DEX 118.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Builds, Stats and Ally Guide, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Your detection range increases by 50 percent.

Reduce an enemy’s defense by 15 percent for 30 seconds.

I really could do alot without those wankers tasing with electromagnetic rounds! Skill Set 2: A) Quick Shot 1-3. Close-range base power of 2.8 (double attack of 5.6 and 8.4 with long button press). Weak Spot Damage / +29.50%, These have a Hard Cap at 25% Max Cap Increase an ally’s attack by 15 percent for 180 seconds. Also increases your critical hit rate and provides a slight boost in your damage reduction rate. Temporarily raise Bullet Circle accuracy, helping you hit your target. Overheat Buildup & Duration / 27.50%. LV 3: STR 53 / 118.

SUBSCRIBE NOW Only $5 for 3 months. D) Toxic Gas Blast 1-3. LV1: AGI 11.

D) Tranquilizer Shot 1-3. Now onward to the SAO: Fatal Bullet skill list. Inflicts blaze damage for 12 seconds. Although some of the side-missions can be repetitive, which is especially true for treasure side missions which don’t have a clear way to get the right item unless you scour every last meter of the area, side missions are essential. Skill Set 2: A) Armor Form 1-3. Lasts for 60 seconds. LV1: STR 10. Only half of the characters right now and will continue to add more as it is updated. eg.

B) Armor Form 1-3. Improves weapon handling and reload speed as well. Luck (LUK): Increases item drop rate and the effect of memory chips found on dropped weapons. Temporarily allows you to fire a bullet that boosts an ally's defense. B) Armor Break Shot 1-3. Inflict physical and blast damage with 2.5 base power. Explosive Attack / +29.50% LV 2: STR 21 / DEX 52. Place a lock-on target circle on an enemy for 15 seconds. ✬. Creates a field that increases an ally’s attack by 10 percent for 180 seconds. LV 3: AGI 106. Lasts for 60 seconds. That guy’s the worst, you know. These have a Hard Cap at 20% / Max Cap Physical Attack / +29.50% Optical Attack / +29.50% Enemy detection range reduced by 75 percent and hate acquired from enemies is reduced by 25 percent. Obviously, you can also try to do it at a much lower level, but you need to be very good, because having a higher level means you have more CP, leading to higher stats.

D) Eagle Eye Beacon 1-3. Raises defense by 15 percent. Inflict suppression status on opponents marked by Bullet Line for 20 seconds. Lasts for 60 seconds. Skill Set 1: A) Power Form Shot 1 until Level 22, then Power Field Shot 1-3. Weapon Arts are the charge attacks you get in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, usable when the square around the weapon icon is completely full. The game mentions this once shortly near the beginning that it’s possible, but doesn’t tell you how to do it if you don’t go looking in the database yourself. Usable by: Handgun, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gatling Gun, Launcher. Dexterity (DEX): Improves the effectiveness of gadgets and increases UFG damage.

Experience Points / +22.00%. Accessory Name / Max Cap LV 2: STR 38 / DEX 15. LV1: INT 15. Prevent flinching for 30 seconds when taking damage. D) Acrobatic Fire until Level 27, then Trigger Happy 1-3. Even with my AGI build I still get my arse kicked! It could provide insight you could use when doing your own custom builds for your main character or Arfa-Sys. Close-range base power of 2.1, 1.4 and 1.7. Debuff Resistance / +22.00% Skill Set 2: A) Dash Attack 1-2. While attacking, increase hate acquired from enemy by 25 percent. Weight / -22.00%

LV 3: INT 118 / DEX 53. Usable by: Handgun, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gatling Gun, Launcher, Sword, Gun and Sword. Finisher does base physical close-range damage of 200, 350. LV 3: VIT 44 / INT 87 / LUK 24. Skill Set 2: A) Conceal 1-2. Weapons also have Ranks which effect the base stats of the weapon the ranks range from Rank 1 to Rank 11. LV 2: AGI 53 / LUK 22.

Inflict optical and blast damage with 2.0 base power and trigger an explosion in a set area. Can do three consecutive steps.

Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Anti-Aiment Kit, Plasma Grenade, Frag Grenade, Weapon 1: Muramasa F9 (base to ++), Kikuichimonji (base to ++). Perform a high-speed step. LV 2: STR 27 / AGI 65. Fire a bullet that creates a debilitating field where it lands that inflicts enemies with stun build-up. A list of all skills in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet, including leveled up versions and what stats you need to acquire them. Problem with this boss is if you don't have enough bullet sponges, it will turn you into swiss cheese (well it also doesn't help that the AI is retarded and thinks it's a perfectly great idea to stand in the path of a charging 50 ton hunk of metal ( >.>)). In the meantime, I’m starting out with key information and stats of about half of the characters and updating the list as I get to everyone else. Let’s just say it’s something you definitely need in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

Lasts for 60 seconds. LV1: STR 20 / DEX 8.

LV 3: INT 103 / DEX 45. Ammo Capacity / +74.50%, These have a Hard Cap at 75% Max Cap

LV1: VIT 3 / AGI 8. Also inflicts blast damage of 0.55 to 0.275 base power. Weapon 1: Dragonfall (base to ++), Dragonbreaker (base to ++). This requires having Lisbeth’s Weapon Modification Lv. 12; Therefore you will need to have completed the base game twice and own all 4 DLC’s. Raises attack power by 10 percent. Gold BoB is brutal!

C) Dash Attack 1 until level 28, then Toxic Gas Blast 1-3. LV 2: DEX 52. D) Sentry Style. Do you think that a certain feature is really cool? Place a lock-on target circle on an enemy for 22.5 seconds. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. 4 close-range slashes with base power of 0.9, 0.99, 1.08 and 1.35, followed by two hits with a base power of 1.6 and 1.75 that covers a wide area.

Hate received from enemies is reduced by 20 seconds. Usable by: Handgun, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gatling Gun, Gun and Sword. Increase an ally’s attack by 20 percent for 180 seconds. Inflict close-range physical damage of 500, 300 or 100 depending on distance from foe. Has their weapon loadouts, skill sets and stats at level 125 for good measure. They really help, especially against tougher bosses, and can often be the difference between life and death. You don’t need to go grind XP for your sniper character because they’re still at level 20 when you’re at level 75. LV 3: INT 43 / DEX 97. Prevent flinching for 30 seconds when taking damage. D) Enhance Gadget 1-3. Become unable to move and impervious to damage. C) Armor Break Shot until level 47, then Plasma Blast 1-2.

Can be done mid-air. C) Omnia Vanitas 1-3. Skill Set 1: A) Conceal 1-3. LV 2: AGI 46 / DEX 19. Why? LV 3: AGI 108 / LUK 48. Experience Points / +22.00%, These have a Hard Cap at 20% / Max Cap LV1: INT 11. B) Sharp Nail 1-3. Reduce acquired hate by 1500 when hitting an enemy. Otherwise, if you know the actual names of some of these items, feel free to let me know in the comments or by emailing me directly and I’ll update them. Increases all of an ally’s stats by 30 percent for 120 seconds. Inflicts large stun buildup within an area. @Kick The Bukkit, thanks & I edited the font of the title for you & future visitor to my guide to be able to read it much easier! For Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can confirm, AGI is a joke stat. B) Armor Form 1-3.

LV 3: STR 47 / AGI 93 / DEX 27. LV 3: DEX 112. LV 2: VIT 47. DIRT 5 Will Offer 120fps With DualSense Features On PS5, Golden Arm REVIEW – Full of Wit & Friendship | MFF 2020, 50 Best Zombie Movies of the 21st Century, Let Him Go REVIEW – An Emotional Rollercoaster, Truth Seekers: Season 1 REVIEW – Spooky Scary Nick Frost, 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. LV 3: STR 56 / DEX 108 / LUK 32. LV 2: STR 21 / AGI 52. LV 3: STR 46 / AGI 104.

Agility (AGI): Increases movement speed. LV1: INT 19.

Usable by: Handgun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Gun and Sword. Skill Set 2: A) Power Form 1-3. Cools the Gatling gun upon use. B) Sliding Shot 1-2. Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Anti-Ailment Kit, Frag Grenade, Proximity Mine, Weapon 1: Quiet (base to ++), Serene (base to ++). It is capped at 1,000. LV 2: INT 82. Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Plasma Grenade, Combat Knife, Frag Grenade, Weapon 1: Draque L Sirocco (base to ++), Draque L Halmattan (base to ++), Draque L Shamal. Skill Set 2: A) Armor Form 1-3. Bullet Circle diameter shrinks by 15 percent. INT / +30 Restore 1050 HP to allies who enter health bubble. It is only visible to you. Also recovers HP and triggers large explosion after extending duration. I guess you can say I'm a combat-medic that doubles as a bloodthristy berserker LOL. Skill Set 1: A) Scatter Wheel 1-2. A common question is what stats to go for when doing certain builds. Inflict physical and blast damage with 2.0 base power.

Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Plasma Grenade, Anti-Ailment Kit, Weapon 1: Valkyrie (base to ++), Valkyrie Mk2 (base to ++). B) Taunting Yell 1-3.

LV 3: STR 57 / AGI 111 / DEX 33. B) Enhance Gadget 1-3. LV 2: STR 40 / AGI 10 / DEX 18. LV 3: INT 112. LV 3: AGI 101 / DEX 44. Heal an ally for 900 HP. Skill Set 1: A) Power Form 1 until level 29, then Power Field Shot 1-2. For stuff that I don’t know the official translated names for, I just wrote down my best approximation. LV 2: VIT 18 / AGI 46. Lasts for 60 seconds. They will reward you with 300 of all 3 types of medals.

Press square or R2 to do finisher with base power of 2.035. Medal Gauge Increase / +37.00% Inflict physical and blast damage with 2.25 base power. LV 3: VIT 94 / STR 41. While attacking, increase hate acquired from enemy by 20 percent. @Strange Have you tried out the new DLC yet (DLC 3)? B) Hawk Eye 1-3. Inflict close-range physical damage in front of you with a base power of 385 and longer slide range. That being said, here are the stats you want to improve for each class or role as a rule of thumb.

C) Eagle-Eye Beacon 1-3. Although this has upsides and makes a bit more sense than the usual approach, it’s also annoying if you don’t die often or aren’t usually fast enough to get to them before someone else revives them. In fact, Weapon Arts often deal status effects or similar lasting damage sources on the boss, which means you end up dealing several times more damage than normal weapons. Skill Set 2: A) Enhance Gadget 1-3. Reduce an enemy’s attack power by 10 percent for 30 seconds. Lasts for 60 seconds. Lasts for 60 seconds. If you’re more of a fast-paced game fan, you’ll love the announcement of the Burnout Paradise remaster. LV 3: VIT 55 / INT 107 / LUK 31. LV1: AGI 30. For a set time, enemies are more likely to target you. Also affects the damage you inflict with sword weapons.

LV1: None. Fire a large volley of bullets at an enemy. LV 3: STR 118 / DEX 53. Inflicts small stun buildup within an area.

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