If the whiskey caught fire, it was proof that it wasn’t watered down — meaning cask strength, or between 50 and 60 percent alcohol by volume. Some drinks named aguardiente or similar are of different origin (grape pomace, sugar cane); other drinks with the same origin may have different names (klairin, brandy). The cane is processed in a press known as a trapiche. Second, you have to pick your alcohol wisely.

It can be made from many cereals, ranging from beans to rice or whatever can be converted into alcohol, be it fruit peels or candy, using improvised and illegal equipment. Every Ecuadorian province has a slightly different flavour to the aguardiente produced there, and equally each province has a different recipe for canelazo. contact [3] Many aguardentes have a protected designation of origin, for example: Aguardente de Vinho Douro (wine spirit of Douro), Aguardente Bagaceira Bairrada (grape marc of Bairrada), Aguardente de pêra da Lousã (pear spirit of Lousã), Aguardiente de sidra de Asturias (cider spirit of Asturias) or Aguardiente de hierbas de Galicia (herbal spirit of Galicia).[4]. Gary Farrell ‘Russian River Selection’ Chardonnay 2018, Sonoma County, Calif. Next Round: Paul Feig on Why He's Not Just Another Hollywood Celebrity Making Gin, Myth Busted: You Can’t Set All Alcohol On Fire | VinePair, https://vinepair.com/articles/which-alcohol-catches-fire/, Why a Higher Education in Brewing Is Now Critical For Employment | VinePair, https://vinepair.com/articles/why-a-higher-education-in-brewing-is-more-buzzworthy-than-ever/. Sodium 200 proof is pure alcohol and 100 proof is 50%.

It is similar to Irish cream liqueur. Its production is fundamentally artisanal, and nearly all the sugarcane is used in the production of grogue. It’ll catch on fire, but you don’t really want to ruin the taste of a good absinthe, right? Other anise-flavoured liqueurs similar to aguardiente, but with a lower alcohol content, are also sold.

Protein. The alcohol content of the beverage can vary; however, many bottles of Aguardente de Medronhos contain around 48% alcohol by volume. 103. Aguardiente has 24%–29% alcohol content.

It originates in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), as well as Iberian America (Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries of the Americas).

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[2], Instead, different categories of aguardientes (spirits in the English version) are established according to raw materials. You invite a core group of friends over, clean up your home cocktail bar, and brush up on the perfect libations for a classy pregame.

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