The PASHAT is the plain, simple meaning of the text; understanding scripture in its natural, normal sense using the customary mean ings of the words being used, in accordance with the primary exegetical rule in the Talmud that no pas­sage loses its PASHAT (b.Shab. In that sense, it is a ‘hidden’ day. And it came to pass when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slayed him. Obviously, this is a grave error in discernment on their part. 4:3–4). To apprehend, attain, obtain, find. Those of us Champions of the Quest who find ourselves seeking and searching for something other than the fullness of God (which most of us do a few times around) are destined to wander in circles round, and round again. 63a; b.Yeb. The same can be said of all history related in the Bible: the events related in the historical books of the Old Testament, as well as the Gospels and Acts. The follow ing rules of thumb can be used to determine if a pas sage is fig u ra tive and there fore figurative even in its PASHAT: When an inanimate object is used to describe a living being, the statement is figurative. Another Sod level, the Sod of Sod, or secret of secrets, is sometimes used for the innermost meaning of the Torah as it is expounded in the philosophy of Chassidism.1 Which directly is the cause and effect of our own reality on this earth! 4:19–31) and hidden meanings (like Rev.

The meaning revealed could be about the workings of things in Heaven, the war with the fallen Angels, details about underlying spiritual conflict between the forces of the Kingdom of heaven and the Kingdom of darkness, and additional details about ultimate fate of man and Fallen Angels. We are left with a no-holds-barred game of pure imagination in which we are no longer objectively deriving mean ing from the Scriptures (exogesis), but subjectively read ing mean ing into the scriptures (eisogesis) (see 2Peter 1:20–21; 1Tim. determine if a passage is figurative and therefore figurative even in its p'shat: Remez  (pronounced Peculiarities in the text are regarded as hinting at a deeper truth than that con veyed by its PASHAT. _______________ I’ve witnessed at times debates over whether certain passages of scripture are to be taken literally or they are to be taken symbolically, allegorically often at the expanse of the literal meaning. third meaning. If we dis card the PASHAT we lose any real chance of an accurate under standing.

The modern manner of interpreting Biblical text is commonly called exegesis. Peshat (simple interpretation) the Peshat means the plain or contextual meaning of the texttaking into account idiomatic expressions, and focusing mScostly on literal interpretation. Prophecies are sometimes called as being part of the Sod level, as they are deeper revelations, which are not of this world. We are left with a no-holds-barred game of pure imagination in which we are no longer objectively deriving mean ing from the Scriptures (exogesis), but subjectively read ing mean ing into the scriptures (eisogesis) (see 2Peter 1:20–21; 1Tim.

The parameters of the debate are usually set up to a simple dichotomy of the participants arguing that either that the Bible is literal or its symbolic.

That place prepared for us by Jesus Christ that passes knowledge, which end is to be filled with all the fulness of God! Each layer is deeper and more intense than the last, like the layers of an onion. Strictly as a historical commentary. Allegory is a little different than parable. Some may think that if the scriptures are internalized, it takes away from the literal, the parable, and the study. The text can still be understood and therefore, these errors can not be seen in modern translations. accurate understanding and we are no longer objectively deriving meaning from the The journey into Pardes also represents our journey into deeper levels of intimacy with God our Father. The Pashat is the literal meaning. Anagogical (sensus anagogicus)- the mystical, metaphysical analogical or ultimate/eschatological sense. This was the bathwater.". & Sud. It is a day that began at the resurrection of Jesus Christ and will continue until the final consummation. �2 �~;�Hee��߭Lb?mv]�kYȚ�9���_�0C�? ( Log Out / 

4. Heb. The literal sense is not merely the meaning given by the human author; it is that, but it is much more. Allegorical (sensus allegoricus) – understanding that literal elements in text also have a symbolic meaning. Gal. You MUST Know This: Click Here. This level of study is not limited to just Jewish Mysticism, there are many, many other tools, texts, and disciplines we have at our disposal as well. We are encouraged to move on even further into comprehension of what is the Depth………. It is a very important level, and although the simplest, it’s probably one of the most dangerous in that it molds, shapes, and forms our belief system. The purpose of this level is to… and search out the deep and profound mysteries which is the definition of the Greek word for DEPTH (G899/G901/G939), in Ephesians 3:18, and whose numeric value is 282, this Ministry’s most favorite mystical number! It’s a level this Ministry feels we are unable to seek, search out, or teach in the physical sense. What is Pardes? 4:3–4).

It is helpful to know that there are many other aspects to each level of understanding that are not mentioned here.

In Sod (inner mystical), he chose 3 from among his apostles, and revealed to them the inner mystical truth of himself on the Mount of Transfiguration. A later method of interpretation but nearly identical to the Quadriga, is the PaRDeS method which was first published in the Zohar. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Forget all about it. 1:12–16; Rev. They perceive there is only one understanding, therefore, hindering the progression of others. Rabbinic beliefs claim that it is not necessarily identical to the apparent plain meaning of the text, but is an explanation of the text based on the tradition as it has been handed down in the Oral Torah (Mishnah and Talmud) following closely the literal meaning. One is from Mount Sinai, bearing children for slavery; she is Hagar. any such understanding contradict the p'shat  meaning of any other scripture passage. In Matthew 13, the disciples ask him why he uses these riddles. For example, if an author explains his interpretation of a biblical text without quoting a verse literally, a person with sufficient knowledge of the bible can still understand the meaning of the interpretation and the symbolic allusions.

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