Freya must be adopted along with another kitten or young adult cat, or go to a home where there already is another friendly feline. This is due to a nineteenth-century controversy over the Old Icelandic word fress. Which means that we don’t know them either. To be entirely accurate, Freyja’s cats would have been the ancestors of this breed, black and white cats brought by Viking seafarers from Britain to Norway, longhairs brought back by Crusaders and traders in the Middle East, and local cats on farms. Freya and her siblings were born in April 2020 and named after characters in the King Arthur legend. The connection to Cybele and her lions is thrilling and surely the best explanation for the köttr.

The Hittite king Hattusilus considered her his patron deity, and with the royal boost her cult grew, untiil she was takng on the attributes of the mother-goddess Hebat and the Sun-Goddess of Arinna, including their lions. Thanks for another great entry on mythology! Bears may be larger and more fitting animals for a Nordic deity, but the cat seemed more appropriate for a goddess who combined the Venusian and the witchy. They are long-haired, and sturdily built. To be entirely accurate, Freyja’s cats would have been the ancestors of this breed, black and white cats brought by Viking seafarers from Britain to Norway, longhairs brought back by Crusaders and traders in the Middle East, and local cats on farms. The second solution has the advantage of coming straight from the lore, although it does seem to suggest that Freyja’s cats and daughters are interchangeable, which I’m sure was not the idea. She was the Great Mother goddess of the peoples of Phrygia, now western Turkey, The lions were her cult animal, either pulling her chariot, or crouching beside her throne. As well as her chariot, Freya was also known for riding a boar called Hildisvini. Freya is a playful kitten with a sweet disposition. Freya’s father was the sea god Njord, although no one is quite sure who her mother was! As well as her chariot, Freya was also known for riding a boar called Hildisvini.

As well as having a twin brother who was also a famous god, Freya had an interesting family life. The Near Eastern goddess Cybele had two lions to draw her chariot, which may have suggested Freyja’s cats as travel and trade brought cultures into contact.

The boar was said to have golden bristles and she cherished it as her faithful companion. Size is one question, the other is, how would you get two cats to do anything you want them to do — in unison? These powerful predators with their courageous nature & fierce aspect seem natural contenders for the cats who drew the chariot of the Goddess of the fallen slain. (Faulkes: 50). Modern pagans have not let that stop them, and they can choose from two solutions to the problem. The chariot was a gift from Thor and she would often ride it around world! Freya has silky-soft medium-length fur and a fluffy tail. Great powerful like mountain lions or even larger! Norwegian Forest Cats are generally healthy, with a long life span of 14 to 16 years. Later, in the Skaldskaparmal section, Snorri tells us: How shall Freyja be referred to? This is a full-screen carousel of images and or videos of this pet. Many of the Viking gods were known for practicing magic and sorcery. Among many cat breeds, grey and white cat breeds are common.

This is an inline carousel of images and or videos of this pet. Freya is a famous Viking goddess known for her beauty and femininity. Freya was known for choosing half of the warriors who died in battle and letting them live in her afterlife realm known as Folkvangr. If you poke around the net, however, you will see that some pages, mainly cat-themed ones, say that Thor gave them to her. She also had a twin brother Frey who was another famous Viking god of fertility. Artists have always struggled with Freyja’s cats.

Folkvangr was a beautiful meadow that Freya ruled over. Let’s watch a quick video about Freya, before we move on to our other interesting facts about her. This led Freya to cry tears of golden amber, which became precious stones! She would use it to fly across the different worlds and spread her power. More on Cat Bayun, Thanks for summarizing this exciting riddle! The Cybele connection is indeed fascinating, although I’d like to posit another contender for the Cats of Freyja.

Have a look at Norse Mythology, which has a cool guide on Freya, And you can watch the BBC cartoon, Freya and the Goblins. She later became an honourary member of the Aesir family after being sent over to them as a truce! The story tells of how Freya once found a group of dwarves making the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. - DogVills, Do Dogs Sense Death in a Loved One? (Faulkes: 24), …Freyr drove in a chariot with a boar called Gullinbursti or Slidrugtanni. In German we have a lower German slang word for dog: Köter. One image on shows her riding one. Skaldskaparmal says that Freyja could be called “possessor of tom-cats”, but the word for “tom-cat”, fress, could also mean a bear. I am the author of five books on mythology, including one on sun-goddesses. Odr was a mysterious character who suddenly disappeared one day and Freya could never find him. My latest is an analysis of the Njord – Skadi myth, from Avalonia Books. Cats, lions, lynxes or bears?

At any rate, modern commentators on Norse myth seem to have settled that they’re cats, at least until proved otherwise.1. It’s an interesting idea, and yes, they do seem appropriate. Both pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature. The word köttr, used in the other two mentions of Freyja’s cats, could also mean a martin or weasel. Marion Dexter-Robbins’ paper on Kubaba, Cybele and cats ( So we can consider it as settled that Freyja had cats to draw her chariot, however hard that may be to imagine.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The skogkatt which resulted from this mix lived on farms, with excursions as ships’ cats thanks to their prowess as mousers. SWEDEN – CIRCA 1981: stamp printed by Sweden, shows Freya, circa 1981. Of course it would be rather boring if Freyja’s chariot would be pulled from two dogs . Viking gods were often associated with animals. By calling her daughter of Niord, sister of Freyr, wife of Od, mother of Hnoss, possessor of the fallen slain and of Sessrumir and tom-cats… (Faulkes: 86). (Amy Sey). Both Freya and Frey continue to play important roles in Scandinavian culture. However, Freya is said to have mastered a specific type of sorcery called “seidr”.


It is because of this that pigs were said to be sacred to Freya. Dogs would be dull. The Norse gods have different ways of getting around: Odin and Heimdall have horses, Freyr has a boar, and Thor has two goats to pull his wagon.

It’s one of the mysteries of Norse myth. That’s how we know that Freyja is not only a goddess, but a magician. And when she travels, she drives two cats and sits in a chariot. “They have a dense double coat — the first coat is made of straight guard hairs that are blue up the shaft, then end in a silver tip,” says Keiger.“This tipping is … Bronze statuette of Cybele on a cart drawn by lions. If you check out the picture gallery I linked to in the first sentence, you’ll notice how the cats are always much larger than ordinary cats, like the ones in the picture above.

Unlike bears, you can actualy see this one, since they’re all about the same size, and if cats were mainly feral or only semi-domesticated, it’s easy to see how the word became a catch-all term for agile medium-sized animals with fur. Just to make it more confusing. great blog. Cybele probably descends from an earlier goddess, the Hittite and Hurrian goddess Kubaba. In Viking mythology, Freya loved the finer things in life, especially jewellery. However, Freya doesn’t originate in the Aesir family, she was born into the rival Vanir family. Another is to think even bigger: lions. But Heimdall rode a horse called Gulltopp, and Freyia her cats. All trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., or used with permission. This meant that Freya had the power to control the fortune and desires of others, and she taught the god Odin how to predict the future just like her! The Cat Bayun appears in Russian folktales, but not in Norse myths, and it seems that the author, John Halsted, made up this tale. Here in Russia we have a tranquilizator for cats named “Cat Bayun” , Pingback: Do Dogs Sense Death in a Loved One? It is the art of telling the future, and changing things that might happen in the future. Hi friends – the name is Freya! The first comes from the writer Diana Paxson, whose ingenious solution appeared in her fantasy novel Brisingamen: Freyja is associated… with the cat (the lore does not give us the names of the cats who draw her cart– in Brisingamen I assigned them the names “Tregul” (Tree-gold, or Amber) and “Bygul” (Bee-gold, or Honey)… (Paxson), Some people like to give them the names of her daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi (both names meaning “treasure”). Skip carousel of pet photos and or videos. This led to a dispute over whether Freyja travelled with bears or cats, but it resolved itself in favour of the cats. interesting and informative.

But the sources are as silent about how she got them as what their names were. Males typically weigh 40-66 lbs (larger in the modern Siberian population, up to 99 lbs), height range is 24-30″ at shoulder, body-only length range is 31-51″. This meant that whenever she put it on she would be able to fly just like a falcon! Most of the main Viking gods come from the Aesir family. It is easier to imagine Skadi with bears or martins as her animals, although she’s usually associated with wolves.↩, The Linguistics of Old Norse “cat” (or assorted furry creatures)

Norse mythology states that Freya was married to the god Odr and they had two children, Hnoss and Gersimi. Freya has silky-soft medium-length fur and a fluffy tail.

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