It most often means you will tie to a specific customs dock, pick up a special telephone and call.

), Tenakee Springs (hot springs on offer) or Angoon (more bear viewing and indigenous history). The row of officer houses (Officer’s Row) looks super picturesque and only a little bit out of place in this neck of the woods. Thanks! The Inside Passage of Alaska is a network or coastal islands that form multiple passages along the coast. Rainbird Trail with views of Ketchikan and surrounding islands and fjords, Stay overnight at the Ward Lake or Settlers Cove Campground, Wander the streets and boardwalks of Petersburg: That’s really all I want to do (plus take an insane number of photos if it’s really as pretty as they claim), Explore a couple of the local hiking trails, I’m always up for that, Walk around Juneau on a non-cruise ship day, Hike one of the many trails, maybe the West Glacier Trail or maybe the trail to Herbert Glacier (so many to choose from, apparently over 250mi of trails!

We love anchoring since it’s a good way to experience nature, so our priority is to look for interesting, out-of-the-way anchorages. tour of Alaska’s Inside Passage. My main concern is places to get fuel every 100 miles or so. Also, Canadream and other big companies charge a cleaning fee, they may charge an admin fee, and they all definitely charge a one-way fee. I enjoyed daydreaming about our trip as I familiarize myself with the layout of the geography by I walking my dividers up and down the route I was planning.

We used a private rental through someone in Vancouver on both our trips as we only wanted a small van. ), Planning Your Inside Passage Cruise Itinerary, Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia, Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia,, More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

, Hi Kati, sorry for sending my question twice, I didn’t think that it had sent the first time.☺️ for a couple of nights before you need to drive and recharge again. If we didn’t have much time in Ketchikan, our stop at Petersburg was even shorter. Since Tracy Arm is south of Juneau, I’m guessing it’d be a few hours shorter than the trip to Juneau. For us it’s more a matter of being able to “blend in” and have a van that can be driven and maneuvered easily. 9/29/2011 – Fuel Stops on the Inside Passage There are lots of fuel docks in the San Juans, Gulf Islands, and along the BC mainland on the east side of the Strait of Georgia. Cruising Northwest © 2016, San Juan Islands 10 day, 9 night Cruise (using only 6 vacation days! Cruising the Inside Passage through channels surrounded by mountains that tower out of the sea, I realize just how immense and diverse BC’s coast truly is.

The David B cruises along at about six and a half knots. Alaska and the Yukon is an outdoor lover’s paradise: Go hiking in Kluane National Park, take a flightseeing tour over Kluane or roam around Tombstone Territorial Park.

The hike is pleasant enough, just don’t expect too much from the rapids. They will also ask you about specific food items. A few hours later, we woke up to a bright clear day overlooking the Chilkat Inlet with views nothing short of breathtaking.

That’s great! When I’m planning our itinerary I use several books: Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia and Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia. Despite my strong dislike of ships and spending any more time on water than absolutely necessary, I’d love to return to the Inside Passage one day.

We also leave early in the morning (5am) since it’s usually a little more calm.

North of there fuel docks are further apart. Ideally, I’d want to have at least a couple of days but possibly more because you know, weather and stuff.

What did I needed to know for Canada Customs and US Customs. First time ever this late in the year and it was (brrrrr) cold. If you really want to get away from tourists, try one of these places: Elfin Cove (it’s a boardwalk town, yay! I’ll spend more time on charts in an upcoming article.Planning for Activities: My favorite activities are nature based. PETERSBURG | ALASKA. These islands and passages were historically used as a buffer from the North Pacific Ocean. Metlakatla? There's fuel at Campbell River and a few other places in the Desolation Sound area. Greetings! Alert Bay is a common stop along the Inside Passage. When I’m planning an itinerary, I take into account side-trips, such as a stop for hot-springs or a walk through an abandoned cannery. You can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. I was going to recommend the guy we used but he’s out of business now so, unfortunately, I can’t help! Lots of people think the Inside Passage just covers Alaska. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Food that is not allowed into the US from Canada includes, tomatoes, beef, eggs, and citrus. It’s very hard to turn around in a big RV (and we always seem to turn around a lot, either because we get lost, haha, or because I yell “that’s a great photo back there, turn around!” ). You will then be asked  if you have any alcohol, tobacco or firearms. Thanks again, Hi Julie, Haines marked the final stop on our Inside Passage journey. If you don’t want to see the south of Vancouver Island, this would be a good option as you’ll save the (busy) drive from Swartz Bay (the port you’ll reach from Tsawwassen). The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 is what Skagway and Dawson City are all about. Klemtu, along the way.

While you wait for Customs to show up, everyone on board is required to remain on the boat and no one else is allowed to come on board. The experience is usually easy and painless. I’m just wanting to Know if we fly into Vancouver how far away is the ferry terminal and how long does it take to go to I think Tracey’s arm I think it’s called. There’s another BC ferry terminal past West Vancouver at Horseshoe Bay where the ferry will take you to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

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