I think "biles" is not a word in Spanish.

Please review your translation. There is no context, and they have a heavy accent in English. Members; Forum; New forum topics; Recent comments; Popular Content; Getting Started.

Fumeteo Songtext Der von dir gesuchte Text Fumeteo von Rauw Alejandro ist in unserer Datenbank noch nicht vorhanden. this is honestly an amazing song. I could easily be wrong. About translator. Ну вот, например:

Note 4: I just don't know what this means, and I think it WAS transcribed correctly.

Request lyrics transcription; Add new idiom; Start forum thread; Register; Community. and tell me that you love me, and if tomorrow you feel sorry, It will stay between us because we don't let in other people, I don't know what you have that plays with my mind (that makes me crazy), I'm going to heat you up (everybody go to the discotheque), Here, $100 bills and $20 bills (bank notes) (Note 1). Note 7: The one word "dedícale" is likely transcribed wrong.

dude, lyrics on fire

А перевод-то не понравился что ли?

Note 5: Carlos Vives sings a song about literally riding bikes. He is not from Spain. There is no context, and they have a heavy accent in English. Maja Dejanovic.

The words that I cannot hear and may be transcribed wrong do not influence the overall meaning - I think. This is AMAZING!! (You know that) if you are the Lassie path, why do you call yourself Lizzy?

Login or register to post comments; Music Tales. The source lyrics have been updated. I am reasonably sure that I have heard them correctly, they say this multiple times.

I couldn’t hold myself together!! I am a native English speaker.

It will break the heart and she doesn’t look for anyone to replace it, She just want someone who doesn’t call her and who doesn't fuck, To replace the idiot who doesn’t value her, She wants to use that being “better” is more fashionable, She started not getting out from the gym since she was left alone, The envious ones say that the surgeon did it, But it is her, wanting to get out of pain, She is not looking for a boyfriend (Not looking for a boyfriend, no), She wants to forget that fool (Ey, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah), Because the bastard was unfaithful (Oh-no-no-no), She doesn't want a boyfriend to render account, She doesn't need any HP (son of a bi*ch) ) in the party, to stop her, She wants to go out and fuck, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah. Read about music throughout history Read. This digital single is a band-based pop rock with a blend of analog emotions and trendy….

"Активны рукокрылые в ... понЯл. This doesn't make sense, but he is mumbling, so... here you go. I apologize. Here, $100 bills and $20 bills, twenty, twenty (Note 2), You don't know what I have in mind, and when I have you face to face, Surely or maybe not surely, and if you accidentally forgot, He gave it to you and you lost it (that's how it is), the little angel that you requested from God, You say that you're hard, well then, come on, You're looking to get your hair pulled (just so you know), I'm waiting, Mami, for you to slip up (make a mistake), so that you enjoy when it enters you and so that you suffer when it leaves you, Nobody is taking you down from the Top Ten, Barbie without her Ken, who travels, while aroused, in a Mercedes Benz, If you want, then take me hostage (Note 3), If you already did your ass and your tits, then you want to be given (Note 4). Notice that "veinte" (twenty, in Spanish) rhymes with "vente" (come here, in Spanish), and saying "veinte, veinte" sounds like "come here, come here". Name: Maja Dejanovic. Wir versuchen allerdings, den Text so bald wie möglich zu ergänzen. IU and SUGA are 28-year-old musicians of the same age, and they attract the listeners' ears with their balanced blend of unique personalities as said two people melts their synergy into the song. I have generally translated the transcription as it exists right now (on 2019-03-22), and my translation makes as little sense as the transcription of the Spanish. Well in that case, something is given to her. Here is what I do know: She (verbed, past tense) her own ass and tits. About the Song. I'm fairly sure the meaning of the whole verse is "you should leave your boyfriend, come with me, but I might get tired of you and then discard you". This is a pun about "riding her" in the sense of fucking her, this context has been firmly established at this point in the song. Aigiri Nandini Lyrics in English. Request new lyrics translation ; Become a translator; Website Rules; Frequently Asked Questions; Lyricstranslate.com Forum; Login; Registration; English. I am a native English speaker. Фонарик мне вряд ли подойдет - ... Angelo Notari - Ben qui si mostra il Ciel vago e sereno, Angelo Notari - Così di ben amar porto tormento. Aigiri Nandini Lyrics Beginning English Version. Some of the things they say in Spanish are quite likely transcribed wrong, but I can't tell, because they kind of mumble some of the lines. Note 2: They only say "twenty" twice, whereas my translation has the word "twenty" three times if read out loud. Singer(s): B. K. Sumithra & Sowmya Lyricist: Goturi Music: Harish Pareka Music Label: Bhakti Lahari Kannada – T-Series . You don't know what I have in mind, and when I have you face to face (Priyayaya), Live your life with nothing holding you back, And stay single, pay attention to me (mount your legal case against me), And, my little daughter, forget about that idiot, Come with me and defy yourself (disobey yourself, take a risk), If it's too bothersome, dedicate it (Note 7), then I will get rid of you (oh oh), I don't know what you have that plays with my mind, It's the real (London or run down, hard to hear). totally recommend, waiting for this ..and finally out yaaaaaay…. IU - 에잇 (eight) ft. SUGA (English Translation) Lyrics: So are you happy now? I'm going to pay you for (I'm going to fuck you) more than you asked for, And if you want, I will return to trying to seduce you, I'm not your Carlos Vives (singer), but I will ride you on a bike (Note 5), In this (legal) case, little baby, it's called the beautiful crisis, You know that for you I will never be busy, but fuck easy (Note 6), (You know that) you are worse than you are easy, Stick to me, baby, and give me a kissee (a kiss, English word).

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