️ Name Ideas. Because we totally would not have known otherwise. Second dodo is tentatively named The Bitch. Even if you're not a TMNT fan, this article includes some great name ideas for your new pet based on famous turtles, funny turtle behaviors, and what makes turtles cute. Any suggestions, we live in a 2Bd/2Ba Apartment....so I’m trying to decide, whether OR not we have the room for a (4’x5’ Pen)? "Dracorex" clearly is derived from Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's classmate and nemesis. Also, its name makes it sound like a Cretaceous period porn star. ️ Name Ideas. If you're going to name a dinosaur Khaan, it'd better be one that can bite a hole in a spaceship. That alone makes him one of the more unique Jedi out there. I am having a baby snapping turtle for a short time more names please. Oh, also we beat the shit out of that guy. I had a baby alligator snapping turtle, she was super sweet and never tried to hurt anyone. Eeny, Meeny, Minee - Dilos Alpha and Omega - Raptors Trick the Trike Phyllis - Parasaur. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The skull of this thing was found in South Dakota by three amateur paleontologists from Iowa. Agent P the parasaur. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rafael Motamayor Zalathor, Scrumtous, Dalktar, Mebo, Tharxton, Zolomoo, Recktasourus, Glimcon, and Maybe. With the 7th season of The Clone Wars wrapping up on Disney+, it is time to take a look at the best Jedi, past and present, that fought in the Clone Wars. Quinlan Vos is a tough guy who plays by his own rules yet is also very laid-back and could be a fun guy to have at a party. The only hearts "thespian" strikes fear into are those of parents, looking forward to a life of ambiguous sexuality and unpaid student loans. When you think of a Jedi, you probably think of lightsaber-wielding warriors who fought first and asked questions later. Parasaur Are Awesome I Am Awesome There For I Am a Parasaur Cute Parasaur Lovers Journal / Notebook / Diary / Birthday or Christmas Gift (6x9 - 110 … And no, this isn't an accidental one like Erectopus. Star Wars: The Clone Wars did many things right, making us care about the titular clones that fought in the front lines by giving them personalities, deepening our knowledge of the Force by expanding the mythology and adding mystery to it, and making us care about the Jedi and understand that their Order was corrupt and their hubris was always leading to their destruction. 3. Was there any doubt that Ahsoka Tano would be number 1? i JUST found one today and my Mom said we can keep it but was having second thoughts me: OMG OMG OMG, Well I Found one with my sis And we are Taking Care of it Its Nice Names, I have a female turtle named tonks from harry potter, and if i get a boy i would name him lupin. Technosaurus is not, as many assume, some kind of awesome half-robot, half-dinosaur. I named her Emisson, a mix between Allison, and Emily. We choose a cartoon series that we like for each base; a pair of raptors called itchy and scratchy, a carno called poochy, two pteranodons called Santa's little helper and Snowball, etc. I’m saving up to get a turtle and these names help a lot, thank you so much.

Her relationship with Anakin became as iconic as that between Luke, Han and Leia, and her decision to leave the Jedi Order after seeing how flawed it was and wanting to carve out a destiny of her own made her one of the most courageous characters in the entire franchise. I have a new turtle and it a boy I need your help dribble or red? Also a few ideas are, 'Row, Sailer, Captain,Splash, Dash, Fisher, Sharky, FlipFlops,flipper,Jaws, Coral,waddles,Flash,Sandy, Waves,Sufer, Mr T, Sushi,Fang, Viper, Scooby Doo, SpongeBob, Dory, pirate loch-ness, ect. Where Anakin’s story in the movies was that of a cocky, creepy kid who quickly fell to the dark side, The Clone Wars gave us a true tragic figure you could root for all while understanding why he would be seduced by the dark side.

Though Koon is as good a warrior as any Jedi, he’s more calm and prone to thought over action.

If its a girl luna if its a boy ................? Or at least that's what a Harry Potter fan told us as he was walking by just as we were writing this. Its name in Mongolian means "Lord.". :P. I got a deer. We've surviced a lot together. Also, its name makes it sound like a Cretaceous period porn star. She could be a cunt.

Though the original Star Wars trilogy barely showed us any Jedi knights thanks to their kind being nearly extinct, the prequels gave us a thriving order with knights spread across the galaxy--that is, until their demise at the hands of the clones and the Sith. Plo Koon was the one to discover Ahsoka Tano was Force-sensitive, so his contributions to the franchise are bigger than most other Jedi. As wise as Yoda, as skilled as Windu, as approachable as Obi-Wan, and even more level-headed, Plo Koon quickly became a mentor and paternal figure to many young Jedi, even if his mask gives off the impression that he is a criminal mastermind plotting to destroy the entire Order. They are cool names, but not ones I like. All rights reserved. Stephanosaurus in Greek means "crowned lizard" which refers to the group of nasal bones that surrounded its skull like a crown. Next; Search for: Search. Where most Jedi in the show pretty much stay the same throughout, Anakin (and Ahsoka) are the ones to truly have character arcs, as they grow and evolve throughout the show. Can you play split screen on Xbox live? Does it have any unique physical features? Let us know in the comments below. We refer, of course, to Master Tera Sinube. Well, the real Oviraptor didn't do that. Dracorex hogwartsia.

And I don’t even k ow he’s a male or female?? Consider using a name from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Finding Nemo, A Turtle Tale, or some other film, TV show, book, or story. What should I name my parasaur? ), i am getting a turtle but i dont know what to mane it, i have a female red eared slider and i have no clue what i should name her. on May 4, 2020 at 8:39AM PDT. The server i have my level 78 character and not showing up on the server list I and i dont want to restart help? But also, the guy has four arms and wields two double-bladed lightsabers! Can ya help me identify my turtle I don’t know what specie he/she belongs to? I friend of a friend called the Paracer the Penis Horse for some reason, but recently my friends have all been refering to Therizinosaurus as Mr Tickle or Tickle monster...and the new ratty dinos as "f***ing thieving little c****." This tiny flesh-eating creature stood no more than a foot tall and barely weighed four and a half pounds. Sorry I not allowed to tell my name on May 12, 2020: Please more names i not saying thoes names a bad but new ones please but they awsome thanks, I'm happy to see what I'm nameing my turtle, I need to find out better good names for my baby turtle it's hard to find out names, I love baby turtles I love all kind of animals, I had a pet sappen turtle and named it snaper. There are three stone foundations underground keeping me from building, how do I destroy them to build? Shelly is what I will name my turtle.Its a Female. All Taming & KO Utility ⚔️ Encountering Funny Stories NEW!

my turtle is small , cute and i don`t know what to call him? Later, to go along with "Raptor Jesus" (species redacted, it's kind of obvious), I had a pteranodon named "The Virgin Ptery" and a trike named "Holy Trinity". The species was renamed Lambeosaurus in 1923 in honor of its founder, so now it's got the word "lamb" in it which recalls an even wussier image than "Stephan." Whether you already have your turtle or you are about to go to the pet store to pick one up, it should have a name just like any other person or pet in the house. Turtle power! And a parasaur I put my first saddle on named Doris. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to the Ark: Survival Evolved Subreddit, Press J to jump to the feed. It isn’t hard to imagine Master Sinube as a hard-boiled detective back in his prime. Any college that hires Bobby Knight AFTER he strangles a kid has got a set of brass balls that deserve their own highly-paid shiners.

So when i used the doed roll i can shout "Autobots rollout!". That would be little comfort to the Oviraptors, or at least the male ones, who got stuck with a name that sounds like a female body part. We're not sure whether or not we should have preserved Scrotum Humanum for the Most Awesome Dinosaur Names article. If my turtle's a boy, he'll be Gladiator, Poseidon, or Turbo. I went with something simple: Swimmy instead.

Take a browse through these dinosaur puns and jokes for kids. They'll be forced to sit at the lunch table with fallopiosaurus.

In a clan? See a pattern? Copyright ©2005-2020. So how did it wind up with it? From puns to jokes, to trying to force you to say ridiculous things out loud, people love to show off their humor when they name their networks. One hundred years later, apparently not satisfied with this perfectly manly sounding name, Richard Brookes named it Scrotum Humanan, because he thought the original bone fragment (above) looked like a nutsack. I called mine Tuttle but he just died today, This was helpful to me and my baby snapping turtle, I think you should name your turtle Skylar, I think luna was m my favorite for these picks but I'm picking Alex, My tortoise name is peta (like Peter but cuter), I named my three Red Eared Sliders, Harry(Boy), Hermoine(Girl), and Ron(Girl).

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