There are Directions in place that restrict the ability to travel into WA. Despite the rest of Australia agreeing in principle to open their borders by Christmas, WA's strict border controls remain in place. But several people who have gone through the stringent process of getting their G2G pass approved say they were still refused entry into the state by police at the final checkpoint, despite providing clear and honest reasons for their entry in the application. He said the system needed to be urgently changed so that eligibility to enter was more clear and there were no longer inconsistencies between pass approvals and what was happening at the border. Please note: as of July 2020, some G2G passes will be reassessed upon arrival into WA and may need to be reprocessed.

You must provide detailed information to verify why you fit into this category - attaching any supporting documentation helps WA Police make a well-informed decision. Paper-based forms will also remain available for interstate travel. The ABC has been in contact with several people with similar stories who have been turned away at the border despite having an approved G2G application, which they say was clear in their reasons for coming to WA.

How effective will it be? Anyone who wishes to re-enter WA must justify their case when applying for a travel exemption.

If you do not have an email account, you cannot register or apply for a G2G PASS. "Just last week we had a lady who was refused three times and she even had a phone call from police after she was refused the second time to say, 'Please come back tomorrow, you will be fine' and she got refused for the third time," she said. They may scan your G2G PASS and ask for more information before issuing a Quarantine Direction in line with, and as prescribed by, the Quarantine (Closing the Border) Directions. If you would like to apply for approval to travel on compassionate grounds, there are conditions on which this might be approved. You should receive confirmation of travel approval prior to your travel date. All contents © Copyright Government of Western Australia. Any child over the age of 10 may be subject to an individual Quarantine Direction from WA Police if they are entering the state. WA’s border is closed. In the unlikely event that a website or an email suggests you pay a fee for a permit, please report this fraudulent activity to WA Police on 131 444. Hospital Direction: Refers to travellers entering WA who require medical treatment, Movement Direction: Refers to accompanied children. But processing times will vary in peak periods. G2G Pass for Travel Exemptions - Frequently Asked Questions. Please note: The terms and conditions that will apply to the approval for exemption will include the requirement for the parents to ensure all children abide by any terms and conditions. For more information, go to and apply online, then download the G2G PASS app People needing to travel can still use the paper-based process to assist police at checkpoints by providing documentation to support their travel. G2G PASS is now live and available for use by industry and the general public, if exempt to travel.

Enter your details – including either your passport number, driver’s licence or Medicare number. Then press ‘submit application’.

© Government of Western Australia 2017 to 2020, Building, utilities and essential services, Facilities, fleet and equipment management, Privacy and Responsible Information Sharing, technical support is available on the G2G PASS website, Paying for hotel quarantine in WA Frequently asked questions. After a 500-kilometre drive to the Kununurra border checkpoint, they showed their G2G pass and supporting documents to the police and were told they could not enter the state. You must have an email account to apply for a G2G PASS. It is highly recommended that you read the information on the travel restrictions prior to travel to determine if you meet the criteria for an exempt traveller. You are strongly encouraged to provide further information with your new application to support your case for travel. Frequently asked questions about G2G PASS, exemptions and enforcement. You've got to accept the umpire's decision, turn around and make other plans.". Scheduled to launch at the end of September, the G2G Now app — the brainchild of the WA Police Force and Leederville company GenVis — uses photo-matching and geolocation technology to check where users are.

Anyone seeking a travel exemption should go to for details about the travel restrictions. Your information will also be collected, used and disclosed by our service providers who are assisting with the electronic processing and management of the temporary travel permit system. Couples and family members traveling together are also advised to add details of accompanying travellers into the free text box of each application.

G2G PASS is now live and available for use by industry and the general public, if exempt to travel. You will not be charged to use the app, to apply for a permit or for a longer duration of exemption. Temporary Travel Permits - The right way to get and stay on the road. While not its official designation, frustrations saw an unidentified Google Maps user recently rename the border checkpoint Checkpoint Charlie after the famous Cold War crossing in Berlin. She said people were returning to her site distraught. You cannot enter WA unless you are an exempt traveller and approved to enter. When their pass was approved within half an hour, Mr Maddison said they were surprised and but overjoyed. No. Will at-home isolation and wearable monitoring devices end hotel quarantine? It is only in exceptional and very rare circumstances that self-quarantine is granted. Read the declaration carefully and if you are able to make the declaration, tick the checkbox. If your travel is imminent, you can contact 13 COVID for advice. The use of this app requires the provision of personal information about you. Once your application has been submitted, you can log into your personal dashboard, and change: However, if you need to make changes to your application including: You will need to delete your existing application and make a new application with correct details. Please note: after arriving at the quarantine centre there is an opportunity to engage with Department of Health and Department of Communities representatives to discuss self-quarantine. With reluctance, Mr Maddison turned around and headed 200km back to Timber Creek where they stayed for three days before recouping and figuring out a new plan to live and work in South Australia until they could return to WA. All adults are required to submit their own individual application with their own individual email address. Australians who have had their entry passes into Western Australia approved by the state are being refused at the border after travelling thousand of kilometres to get there, leaving them baffled and at times out of pocket. Travelling through several states, and quarantining in the Northern Territory for 14 days, they eventually made their way to Katherine where they applied for a G2G pass under the "persons otherwise seeking approval to enter into WA" category. Most exempt travellers will still be required to quarantine for a period of 14 days and should plan accordingly. "It seems that the left hand isn't talking to the right. If you are not an exempt traveller, you may be directed to leave WA immediately, at your own expense. Let's have a look at how that's going, Biden has the edge, but Trump still has a chance of victory, Islamic State attacks in Europe hide another threat, much closer to home, Berejiklian 'shocked' at Queensland Premier's State of Origin text, At a glance: Here is the actual state of the US presidential race, Despite the rest of Australia agreeing in principle to open their borders by Christmas, Tell us your location and find more local ABC News and information, Who needs to wear a face mask in Victoria and when, WA's hard borders will hurt NT's economy, CommSec warns, 'No hope' of family Christmas reunions under McGowan hard border, Opposition says. No. The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community.

It has prompted concerns about a lack of clarity on applications and a lack of consistency between those approving the passes and police on the ground. All efforts are made to process applications within 6 business days. Mr Maddison said the hardest point was grappling with why they were approved in the first place. Please take your time to choose the correct category. Supporting statements outlined their plan to get farm work in Western Australia while making their way back to their home town on the south coast. G2G NOW is an app that enables WA Police to conduct quarantine compliance checks using facial recognition and mobile location data. The G2G PASS app does not have location tracking functionality and therefore cannot track your movements.

The G2G PASS, if approved, will last for the duration of your stated travel. Click on the link to G2G PASS 3. If you have created an account with G2G PASS, you can access your application by logging into your personal dashboard. This is due to the current state of emergency that is occurring right across Australia.

WA Police may request to scan your unique QR code when you arrive in WA. In a statement, WA Police said it would not comment on individual cases. You can download this, ready to show authorities when you enter WA. 1. In the case that you need to travel more than once, you can just log into your dashboard, delete the existing application (that has expired and can’t be used) and reapply with a new end date. This will ensure you receive confirmation of travel approval prior to your travel date.

When you arrive in WA, you will be met by authorised officers. Paul Maddison, originally from Albany in Western Australia, left the state two years ago to travel and work around Australia. The G2G PASS is free. Select which category you fall under: 3.1. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. "We'd heard horror stories and we were actually pinching ourselves. Fiona McDonald, the owner of the Timber Creek Hotel, which is one of only two accommodation providers in the town, said she had come across more than 50 people with the same story since September. Self-Quarantine (unaccompanied child) Direction: Refers to unaccompanied minors travelling to WA.

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