Fishing tournaments and many other fishing activities, and it is just the best games like animal jam, when you are referring to the large animal world. Your private nests can have up to 8 rooms, and you must develop a garden where you can grow several plants to earn experience and currency. The game revolves around zoology and is aided by different mini games, adventures, exciting parties and other social interactions. It is a constant battle and with a unique setting to the whole scenario.

FeralHeart is an addictive, Role-playing, Exploration, Animal-based, Online, and Fantasy Simulation. Once you have your monster pet you could customize with different colors so that you have one which would be unique and special just for you. The game enables you to adopt a puppy among dozens of available dog breeds.

During the gameplay, you can interact with other online players, make new friends, and play games together.

Neopets is an Amazing, Virtual World, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, and Fantasy-based video game developed and published by Viacom. Panfu is a Virtual World video game focusing on kids aged between 5 and 14. Participates in championships and win trophies by defeating your competitors. So create your unique bear, customize it, and start exploring the game world.

Bear World is a Fantastic, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Virtual World, and a Browser-based video game where you can have fun playing various and unusual sports, interacting with other online peoples, making new friends.

It was development and innovation at its best which brought a new dimension to how games were played by all. Select your bear and explore the fantastic world where you have to solve various puzzles and quests.

It also allows the player to makes his new friends and enjoy the game together. My Horse is an MMO, Breeding, and Exploration Simulation for adults and kids created by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading.

Animal Crossing is a social simulator, offering endless gameplay, in which the player can live life separately with a small plot.

Super social interactions. At the start of the game, the player can explore the vast environment of the game and try to capture his favorite dragons.

At the start, the player has to create his online avatar, customize it using tons of options, and interact with other players to make new friends. The game is based in the Habbo Hotel which has rooms to be used as public areas for meeting others.

The fishing community is great and there is immense interaction among the players and keeps the game’s interest at peak. To enjoy the game, the player must register himself by providing a valid email address. Once you are in the game you would need to customize your avatar and them be a unique character in the game. Fantage includes three various currencies, such as Stars, eCoins, and Gold.

The core features include Professional Chat Moderation, Automatic Word Filtering, and User Reporting System and an option of Parent Controls, etc. After creating his player, the player can get into the game world and try to discover his special place. The game is full of thousands of other online players like you, and you can interact with them, make new friends, complete challenging quests, and accomplish several races. Complete quests and collect Fishdex This is a game like animal jam revolving around dogs and just what all dog lovers out there would love to play. Pet Society is a Virtual World Simulation with intense Fantasy, Digital Pet, Single-player, and Multiplayer Elements.

Pocoyo World is a Wonderful, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing, Virtual World, and Browser-based video game. It is a virtual world out there for these pirates where it is not the sea that is used by them but magical Skyways. You can say it is the collection of the bunch of sets of various categories like education, fun and cartoon creation. The game consists of four different sorts of quests, such as Main Quests, Daily Quests, Side Quests, and Multiplayer Quests. You can gather some charming and newest pets while exploring different locations. The interesting thing about the game is that it is divided into different episodes with each one depicting the life of the wolf in varying landscapes. Friendly and safe game for all ages

You can interact with other players, make new friends, engage yourself in fun-filled fantastic educational activities, and learn various things. With the superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, brilliant visuals, and excellent sounds, Secret Bear World is the best game to play and enjoy. The game was introduced in 2007 but has and ardent family of millions in love with the game for its simplicity and uniqueness. It is a lovely game for all ages of people to play and enjoy.

Voice acted interaction with the characters

Dogzer is an online community-based MMO video game, so it allows you to interact with other online players, make new friends, and engage yourself in a lot of fun-filled activities. Explore the massive world, complete quests, interact with players, and earn experience points. The game revolves around questing, creating an avatar, customization and chatting up with others and building friends. It is a remake version of the game of Luna Online that takes place in the cute fantasy world of Blueland.

This game takes place in the world of Jamaa, and that is continuously evolving through game improvements to produce an exciting and new experience. The game lets you create your online Avatar (Boy or Girl) to get into the game world. Players are able to change their overall appearance after assuming a animal character which would make each player unique with no two of the same customization.

You can explore the extraordinary and fantastic game world with the help of your dog. During the gameplay, players can navigate the world to participate in tournaments against other players and attempt to sell their crops to earn money. You can also interact with other online players, make new friends, and engage yourself in the fun-filled world or by doing various cool activities.

Our collection of free online horse games like Howrse features fun, free and realistic horse breeding games that the perfect games for girls of all ages. During the game, the player is able to interact with the other online player around the world using conversation system. It features multiple sorts of dinosaurs to select as your online characters, such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, and more. Travel through and explore the various zones in the World of Marapets. Bin Weevils enables players to do all the stuff you might expect from a virtual world game, including chatting and playing mini-games.

Once you finish your initial step, you can get into the world where you can explore it, solve the puzzles, find rare things, and more. A virtual magical school to master spells Here you could find new horses, care for them interact with others across the world and be a part of a huge community. Explore the stunning island, get more photos, and show off the others. Luna Online Reborn also offer a city-building element that allows the player to create his own home and decorate them with lots of exciting things, set up a farm to grow his own harvest. Chat options, explore different locations, and much more.

No violence which is good for little kids To get these items you would need to work extremely hard and earn coins with which you could buy them at various stores. The virtual world of Fantage has been a unique experience for kids who love this game and what interest it creates in them. Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop is a Fantasy-based Single and Multiplayer Shop Simulator created by NanaOn-Sha and published by Bandai. In the beautiful world, you can represent yourself using a virtual avatar. Train your dog and participate in competitive events in order to win big and boost your ranking. Club Penguin is a Social MMO and Virtual World video game for children (ages 4-16).

During the gameplay, you will unlock additional content as you reach advanced levels.

It consists of challenging tasks and allows the player to complete and achieve them as soon as possible to progress in the game. Moshi Monsters is a Massively Multiplayer Online and Virtual World video game created for children. This is all about fishing and its inherent activities. The game allows the player to play alone or with his friends to earn coins and that can be used to unlock some special items. Garden Party World is a Puzzle, Fantasy-based, and Single-player video game. The game lets you explore the fantastic and wondrous worlds of the game, hunt for rare items, go on various quests and adventures, locate your favorite Marapets and own them. The game rewards you with in-game currency for using and unlocking additional content for your character and space to decorate. Using the customization feature, players can modify their panda to change their appearance. You can adopt a pet and take care of them, decorate your treehouse, and so much more.

It allows the player to choose his favorite seeds, crops and sell them into the market to earn money in the shape of XP points. The game lets you make your guild or can join other players guild to complete several quests and objectives together.

You could customize your character by selecting the colors that you would like your superhero to be adorned with.

Choose your very own pet dogs from over 200 different breeds.

The game takes place in the fantasy world called Ook and allows the players to explore it.

Create different scenarios Great balance in games Different breeds may have certain peculiarities and all that would be part of your experience in bringing up your best friend.

There are restaurants, dance clubs and everything else a hotel would be equipped with. This reward will help the player to unlock more items and upgrade his character. Fantage is an Amazing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role Playing, Virtual World, and Browser-based fantasy video game created and published by Fantage, Inc. Dizzywood offers superb game setting, excellent game mechanics, and simple controls. Panfu started in Europe in 2007 and quickly exploded to get the most significant children’s virtual world with millions of users.

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