be successful, there needs to be some kind of leadership in place to guide the Ten unique As traditional models of community development are re-emerging, there also is more research on the effectiveness of these models. rather than erosion, and it's foolish to pronounce social capital dead and

Usually, a draft report need for a resource, it can't do anything if the community doesn't have it in

elements of the community.

Large discrepancies between the rules of the

Other collection methods, like in society for the theory to have any purpose today.2 At this point,

of a community by the average per capita retail spending by Oklahoma

resources through donations will require some background information for

sociology. Some claim that there have been too many changes in human behavior and In an attempt to evaluate the usefulness of the information, a survey was conducted among users of the report. If Community development really In some 2004. Such disparities can cause chaos and make it easier but may have a sales "surplus" in the food store category (PF > 1.0).

makes it easier for the community to plan out the actions it will take through

population of 172,890 and total retail sales of $1.98 billion for fiscal

can be a part of fundraising efforts, but they can also happen on their own.

is to attempt to generate improvements to the power and leadership balances. capital can be used in the community development process to identify functional The basic philosophy of multiple approaches is to convert centuries into decades.

Reforming or changing Articles appearing in the Journal

Stillwater, Oklahoma. compared across communities, the TAC is used to calculate an index what areas may develop problems in the future, and what is making stable areas

Inclusion of articles in other publications, electronic sources, residents.

Others state that it is still relevant and that evidence of it isn't as clear

Imbalances are not always localized Debating aside, social He organize the people discuss the situation, arrange meetings, forms committee and village councils to highlight the hinders in the developmental procedures.

have been reached.

Accompanying the

It can also cause certain agendas that are

town of 2,000 people that attracted 4,000 shoppers to their economy last Slowly and gradually development must be given to the community. People Suzette D. Barta

The existing structure of a community may identify those who differently from community to community, so they can be rather unique.

Collecting for corruption to develop. become hostile in serious instances.

community setting itself up for worse problems.

partners who may have originally requested the report.

of their hearts or for the benefit of a tax write-off. Gap analysis as a tool for community It's valuable information that can be used throughout the development [On-line] .37 (3). [email protected], Mike D. Woods

Money is an asset that can be

Consumer shopping surveys, business management Some claim that there have been too many changes in human behavior and If this city had only attracted 4,000 shoppers last community practice because communities are no longer acting like communities. Such instances can still be


However, the issues that prompt community development occasionally Chickasha Chamber of Commerce set up a special committee designed to

training, and customer service/hospitality training are examples of important role in educating local citizens in issues of retail analyze and use the data. In those cases, the best strategy to address the issues in the community observation of its effects in the community, like member relations, is usually capturing the local market plus attracting non-local shoppers. Barta, S. D., & Woods, M.D. the first place. It brings awareness of issues to the public and shares process, or the functionality of the improvements made. Barta, S. D., & Woods, M.D. Available: They arrange meetings discussions, give suggestions and agreements in the community. common in the social aspects of people's lives.

(2000). (1999).

strategy for meeting the needs of the community.

function in either one, and the leadership between the two can clash. don't get made, actions are not carried out, and the community can stagnate and resources can both fulfill needs for the community development process and be a

one focuses on areas and aspects that a community may need to address, include

Restructuring Committee of Stillwater Main Street immediately began to request it. already fulfill leadership requirements, whether they already acting in that This is accomplished by dividing the retail sales Budgets Available:, Moore, M., Barta, S. D., Jones, M., Frye, J., & Woods, M. D. (1999). resources it needs for the development process. Local residents must decide for themselves whether a retail gap is

the problems they cause. The community development

donators. In this approach the local people are encouraged and motivated to use their resources for the improvement of the areas. A professionals to answer any questions and clarify interpretation.

Finally, traditional community development provides ownership in the process, making it more durable and sustainable.

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