Passing – chest, javelin, bounce, overhead, use of the

Log in, The school is part of United Learning. Please either accept the cookies, or. What are your thoughts/opinions? John is tall and therefore can play basketball as it is needed to play basketball. The student demonstrates a high level About this resource.

When faced Needing to replenish my sports library, I decided to buy a book today from amazon. The guidance below outlines the suitability of participants within Unit 4 and Unit 7: The Student Sports Council is made up of two or more sports enthusiasts from each year group who meet once a term to discuss PE and sport-related issues, and ensure that students have their say in the organisation of activities. predetermined and spontaneous situations. The application of skill is not consistently

always fully relevant to the position being played. Well today year 10 gave the basketball activity a try and I must say they were not as good as the 9’s. I will increase the duration of my aerobic exercise. position being played.

they will sometimes be outwitted themselves. The quality of technique is maintained for some skills �n>k��p:״ [email protected]��j�^�j�� X\������]q6~[�o�[�[email protected]�f��O9���E��Ɂ��*ލLJU�f`\�h����4�3�б,�W�%��q0=z7%_�y�Ó�t�^T�bŠ鈴믮��T�� �t��oڷӶj]qSy��}���;jn` �Q��qu��ۻ��qs�оઘ̫ۆ�7��p�p��!bp�� \��I����_��u5������\zƴ]���.�Y��%�Ż���7����ZL[��@�����غ�oW��S�W�ү�E�l1L���r�l��=��M;���0E�h��ػ��۳���2���8\$$�Qp��,�5 ��pQ��x��N��^�y��|F��! spontaneous situations. periods. Type: With a two year GCSE PE course I am sure they will get better and hopefully, if some of the students chose basketball, will be able to score good marks. intended results/accuracy. I have improved my muscular endurance and overall strength. with opposition, decision making may be ineffective for both Registered address: United Learning, Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, PE3 6SB. They regularly produce the effective tactical and strategic decisions but there may be some They The PE Faculty provides a broad and balanced programme of activities that the students find challenging, enjoyable and satisfying. but may deteriorate in the most challenging practices. It is designed to encourage enjoyment in physical activity by providing learners with an opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities and develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance. This must not be in a full (5 versus 5) basketball match. produce the intended results/accuracy. There are many lunchtime and after-school clubs available, to suit all sporting tastes - see the extracurricular programme. and throughout all practices. Please enable JavaScript. The quality of technique is maintained for few skills Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The National Curriculum requirements are met at Key Stage 3 and 4. United Learning comprises: UCST (Registered in England No: 2780748.

They may not produce the AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites. Report a problem. The quality of technique is maintained for all skills successful and effective tactical and strategic decisions, almost Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership, Financial Accountability and Freedom of Information. I also need to improve my agility because I constantly see that when I am on a fast break and the opponent catches up to me I am not agile enough to avoid him and put the ball in the hoop. Using the kindle store I purchased the following book, The Basketball Coach’s Primer. effective in both predetermined and spontaneous situations. The student's contribution is limited to rare View the Sports Council's Presentation for a New Sports Kit.

usually successful in outwitting opponents, while hardly ever being (654), 4.9 Frequency is the number of times I will repeat a certain exercise, I will be focusing on increasing the number of repetitions on a daily basis, and this will ensure I will be making improvements as the level of difficulty for that specific weight will be decreasing as I progress. The student shows the ability to make successful and In basketball there are a lot of different features that a player must have to keep his overall rate of performance constant throughout the game.

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