How much more real can we make it? [82] As of April 2016[update], cumulative sales of the first generation Prius PHVs totaled 75,400 units delivered worldwide. Your Prius Battery Can Fail And Not Set A Trouble Code. Common sense, it seems to me. [28], The NHW10 Prius styling originated from California designers, who were selected over competing designs from other Toyota design studios. Is it safe to do this? A total of 28,711 units were sold in the United States during March 2012, becoming the one-month record for Prius sales ever. But, after so many years, obviously you will never be able to truly obtain a genuine, new replacement. [193] As of 2010[update], the UK Government Car Service operated over 100 Priuses (the largest part of its fleet) and lists the Prius as having the lowest CO2 emissions among its fleet. The study has been widely debunked: see for example, "Hummer versus Prius: 'Dust to Dust' Report Misleads the Media and Public with Bad Science".[196]. Why did the diagnostic took say the light signified the ABS system.

Toyota hybrid battery warranties are and have been 8 years/100k miles for a very long time. Indeed, Toyota says the battery pack is one of the least-frequently replaced items across all Prius models. The tail lights followed suit with sharper lines as they were completely redesigned as well. The Toyota Aqua sold 29,156 units, ranking as the third top selling car that month. [38][39] Its more aerodynamic Kammback body balances length and wind resistance, resulting in a drag coefficient of Cd=0.26. Supporting pages against the myth that the Prius only lasts 109K miles (per CNW junk science), battery needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, 50K miles, etc., battery costs$10K, etc. i'm trying to make a decision on how to replace it - modules or an entire new battery pack. This unbalance between the modules causes the others to try and "pick up the slack" where the weak ones are. 80+ members. A 2013 study by the Mayo Clinic found that patients with implanted cardiac devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators can safely drive or ride in hybrids or plug-in electric cars without risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI). [214], In July 2007 The New York Times published an article using data from CNW Marketing Research finding that 57% of Prius buyers said their main reason for buying was that "it makes a statement about me", while just 37% cited fuel economy as a prime motivator.

[79][93] Global sales totaled 671,200 units as of January 2017[update].

As with all neuter words, the Latin plural is priora, but that brand name was used by the Lada Priora in 2007. Does anyone know of a battery repair or replacement in OK? I highly recommend this option because it yields great results and does not cost as much as a replacement battery. All Rights Reserved. The ratings are presented for both, the older official 10-15 mode cycle test and the new JC08 test designed for Japan's new standards that went into effect in 2015, but was already being used by several car manufacturers for new cars. The cells are usually under $50 each. [12], In 2011, Toyota expanded the Prius family to include the Prius v, an extended hatchback, and the Prius c, a subcompact hatchback. Thx. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. If this occurs, your pack is in really bad shape. The AVERAGE life of a Lead/Acid battery is about 5 years, some last longer, ... 7th Gen Mustang Forum NEW! In May 2011 Toyota introduced the Prius α (alpha) in Japan, which is available in a five-seat, two-row model and a seven-seat, three-row model, the latter's third row enabled by a space-saving lithium-ion drive battery in the center console.

the battery just failed. Or Pleasant Street Auto in Norwood Mass. The study used 30 participants with implanted devices and measured electric and magnetic fields in six positions inside and outside the Prius, and each position was evaluated at different speeds. Not to mention it will stay running longer when you come up to a stop light or sign. These cars were meant for better fuel econ than what I am getting.


Those are for high precision applications or for use as NBS traceable transfer standards. I have had ZERO problems with the main battery. With a smaller, lighter battery pack, the second generation Prius battery pack has a much longer life. Atfirst the pick up was slow and then it would kick in and drive normally. Bank of America will reimburse US$3,000 on the purchase of new hybrid vehicles to full- and part-time associates working more than 20 hours per week. I have a 2006 with 80,000 miles on it. The bad news is that this is not a job that can be done by every owner. ", "Toyota Prius Alpha launches in Japan; delivery delays expected", "Toyota launches Aqua compact hybrid in Japan; targeting 12,000 units per month in sales", "Toyota starts taking orders for soon-to-be-launched Prius PHV plug-in hybrid in Japan; targeting 35,000-40,000 units per year", "GCDA Annual report and accounts 2009–2010 (see page 15)", "Hummer versus Prius: 'Dust to Dust' Report Misleads the Media and Public with Bad Science", "Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields from Trams, Trains and Hybrid Cars", "Relax, electric-drive vehicles play nice with pacemakers, defibrillators", "Blind Pedestrians Say Quiet Hybrids Pose Safety Threat", "National Federation of the Blind 2006 Resolutions", "TMC to Sell Approaching Vehicle Audible System for 'Prius, Click this link for a video showing a demo of the warning sound at different speeds, "Critical Pedestrian Safety Legislation Moves to White House for President's Signature", "Prius' artificial engine noise demonstrated, explained", "2012 Toyota Prius, Prius V, Prius Plug-in Hybrid: Now With Spaceship Sound", "Louder EVs may turn off drivers, automakers say". [59] Car & Driver measured the third-generation Prius at 0.26 in a privately arranged five-way wind-tunnel test of comparable cars. That's a large window.

[128][129] Another record was set during the first-quarter of 2012, with Prius family sales of 60,859 units, it became the best selling quarter ever. Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Failure You may well help a fellow owner out of a jam.

Contributor Jesse Rudavsky is our main resource for long-term Prius issues and repairs. [5] The Prius is sold in over 90 markets, with Japan and the United States being its largest markets. Essential features to some people.

[99][100] The Prius c is not available in Europe, where instead, Toyota is selling the Toyota Yaris Hybrid since June 2012. Lower rolling-resistance tires are used to reduce road friction. Replacement batteries for the 2001-2003 Prius cost $2,299, and those for the more common 2004-2009 model currently run $2,588. I've looked around quite a bit on the internet to see how many miles it takes before the battery conks out, but I've found wildly varying numbers across prius generations and not much for the gen 1. If you can install it yourself, you will save a ton of money. [12], As of January 2017[update], the Prius is sold in over 90 countries and regions. Operating modes (ECO, Normal, PWR and EV).

[30] European sales began in September 2000. See you in the next story titled "Bolt, Leaf, and Tesla Owners Take Note: AAA Temporarily Suspends Emergency Battery Electric Vehicle Charging Program.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No. Because Prius hybrids are still relatively new cars, there is only a small sample size concerning how long a Prius battery will last. have indicated that aside from a brief spike when accelerating, the electromagnetic fields within the Prius are no different from those of a conventional car and do not exceed the ICNIRP[200] exposure guidelines. I used to work for a battery company, Im a firm believer in changing whole battery. ", "Say 'Hybrid' and Many People will Hear 'Prius. [101] The Prius c and the Yaris Hybrid share the same powertrain. [111][103][112][113] and the 1 million milestone during the first half of 2015. [217], Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief R. James Woolsey, Jr. drives a Prius because of its low fuel consumption. What about the ones you cannot detect though? Sign up to get the latest green car and environmental news, delivered to your inbox daily! So for me, the credibility of this article was immediately suspect because of the lead photo showing a $6.00 (or free with coupon) multimeter from Harbor Freight being used. [11] As of January 2017[update], sales of the Prius liftback totaled over 1.8 million units in Japan and 1.75 million in the United States, and ranked as the all-time best-selling hybrid car in both countries.[12][118]. I'll probably replace my entire car right around 220k miles, since the car will likely be worth less than the replacement cost. [63], A 2019 iSeeCars study ranked the Prius as the second longest-kept vehicle among U.S. The Prius c has a lower list price and is smaller than the previous Prius hatchback. I learned this the hard way.

The third-generation Prius liftback accounted for 18,008 units (62.7%); the Prius v accounted for 4,937 units (17.2%); the Prius c, for 4,875 units (17.0%); and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, for 891 units (3.1%). Nice touch. Only the Prius Eco has a higher EPA-rated fuel economy rating in hybrid mode. If I am wrong, please supply a link and or contact information for that source so as to concretely contribute to the discussion? If you don't drive the car for a 30 day period the warranty is void. They regularly have batteries repaired at low cost with great results. Woolsey noted the volatility of the Middle East, coupled with anti-US sentiment in much of the region. The power upgrade helped make Prius quicker, all while keeping fuel economy. Maynard, Micheline; Nick Bunkley and Mary M. Chapman contributing. Gen 3 Prius came with more than an updated powertrain. [202] Blind pedestrians are a primary concern, and the National Federation of the Blind advocates audio emitters on hybrid vehicles,[203] but it has been argued that increased risks may also affect sighted pedestrians or bicyclists who are accustomed to aural cues from vehicles. The good news is that they can be replaced. The production version was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show as the Toyota Aqua, and was launched in Japan in December 2011. Integrated Archive Systems, a Palo Alto IT company, offers a US$10,000 subsidy toward the purchase of hybrid vehicles to full-time employees employed more than one year. Kenaf is a member of the hibiscus family, a relative to cotton and okra; ramie, commonly known as China grass, is a member of the nettle family and one of the strongest natural fibres, with a density and absorbency comparable to flax.

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