googletag.cmd.push(function () { Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 05, 2012: What an interesting hub, I had never heard of these beautiful animals. They, along with many other exotic animals are significantly unique from wild born and raised animals. I've been a very strong opponent of pet cat free-roaming and 'TNR' methods of feral cat control ever since. If you can order a Hav-a-Hart trap or something similar you can bait the genet with some fish or meat. Again, this comes from the Bengal side. Kitten. Genets are not like cats. Yes, there are some issues of having a litter that has health problems, but the same can be said for most cat breeds. Indeed, salmonella has been burned into peoples' minds as being carried by reptiles solely or primarily or perhaps more lethally, yet according to the CDC itself in a 2009 report, laboratory-confirmed Salmonella isolates from nonclinical nonhuman sources resulting from reptiles alone counted only 19 cases. It is a lot easier to get a bigger cage, because this is a hard commitment. Join our community of cat lovers now to reduce ads by 90%! A genet play session will consist of the animal being extremely curious, potentially knocking down valuables and climbing to high places with startling bursts of energy. They were playing like normal kittens but they couldnt jump up on the shelf like the normal kittens. I was given a cat when responding to a free cat/kittens ad, shes two years old and is a teeny tiny little thing weighs 5 pounds or a little less. Her name is Zinnia. The breeders at Pawstruck Cattery developed this breed to provide customers who wanted to own a Genet or who just liked the look of a Genet but wanted a pet with more docile temperament but for obvious reasons can’t own one. They were all Bengal mixes. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on April 24, 2016: Fuffy is alive and well! There are no potential health problems reported as of now, however, Genetta breeding’s ethical concerns can raise some health concerns. This genetic deformity is also known as ‘funnel chest’. Answer: I use nothing but water, so if you still smell something there is probably pee in areas you can't access, since it is living in your roof. e.async = 1;

Whenever considering adopting an exotic pet, expect the worse. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on September 02, 2013: I think you are harping on something of little importance, Dronsie. This is not true at all. No, I'm a pet owner, not an international traveler trying to save the world. Yes, this is a domestic 'wild' animal, but to an owner who doesn’t require an animal to be very cuddly and is accepting of the genet’s nature as extremely independent (if they get outside, you’ll need lottery luck re-catching them), a genet is a possible fit. The Napoleon cat, also known as the “Rug Hugger,” features a whimsical baby-doll face, a plush silky coat, and a low-slung Dachshund-like body. Cute, right? The first Litters of Genetta cats were born on December 13, 2006. They have large eyes, set with a slight slant toward the nose. No reason to give them any ideas! Imagine someone cutting off all your fingers from the knuckle up. If there is anyone who can help me find a mate for her i would appreciate it alot. Clearly, the animal is a suitable pet for ME because I still have it and it's not going anywhere. Genettas are energetic, playful, and affectionate kitties.

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