Great features tunes and mediocre chat…De Nada!! In this episode of RunPod, Jenni chats to 2 guests who have both run a lot over the years. They might even get you to try running for the first time. Push the button…Weekend sorted…Shablish XX, EP 93…FRANKENSTEIN SPESH…..ITS ALIVE…This week the New Scientists and fan favourite Dr Michael Brooks joins us in the studio to discuss all things Frankenstein…what a don!! He also suggests other exercises which, combined with running, will produce the ultimate results. They chat about all things running whilst Rich also shares some great tips for everyone on underwear and how to make your run more comfortable.It's fun, you'll smile, you'll feel motivated, you'll definitely think about your current undies and there's a high likelihood that immediately after listening, you'll be googling Runderwear! In this episode, Major Tim Peake joins the RunPod run club and they discuss what on Earth it’s like to run in space! In this episode we talk about her intense training schedule and what life is like for a professional runner. What’s more it’s full of tips for us to improve our own running game. The TV and radio presenter described the incident which occurred during a semi-professional kickboxing bout he was involved in. x, EP 83…PAPER SPESH…AKA The Big One….Look out…we are dealing with all things paper in this weeks vibesy EP….All the usual stuff you love plus an Origami expert live in the studio alongside everyones favourite stand up mathematician to the stars Mr.Matt Parker…Too much you say…De Nada…500,000 people can’t be wrong…Push The Button X, EP 82…..FREUD SPESH….PSYCHE!! Presenter George Lamb has committed to running a marathon in April, and Mo-Joe is the … Tony has run in costume multiple times and shares the joys and the challenges of doing so. Well she has listened!

All the usual features?

In this episode he discusses the advantages of running and how your body could be in the best shape. You won’t be able to stop listening. Push the button and Happy Easter…BOOOM X, EP 89……COFFEE SPESH….You know the steez!! Give it a listen!

And this week on RunPod, we hear from a someone who has worked out how to combine talking about your mental health with doing something about it.Jessica Robson set up Run Talk Run three years ago in a bid to make both running and mental health support more accessible. However both have teamed up to run and raise money for a great cause.They talk Run Local and Cure Parkinson’s Trust, as well as the pros and cons of jogging with your other half, running for rugby fitness and which rugby player is the fastest! "I’ll be seeing him at breakfast and lunch and I can tell him what I’ve been up to. Mike Tindall and Will Cook are friends who have mixed feelings about running - one likes it, the other not so much! Warning: You will absolutely be desperate to get out for a run after hearing this highly inspiring episode. Mo-Joe, is available now , free with Audible’s 30 day trail. We have a new Doctor in the house and mans did he smash it!! Ever since launching RunPod, Jenni has been inundated with suggestions for episodes from you.

Tank man in the studio….Ivor in the hot seat…..All the usual features you love….Push the button X. An incredibly worthwhile and inspiring listen, you’ll be reaching for your trainers after this, that’s for sure! .George Lamb (born 20th December 1979, Dundee, Scotland) is a British radio presenter, television presenter and producer. He is a leading voice in this field and his book The Truth About Vaccines is widely respected, helping parents make a more informed choice when it comes to their children’s health.Richard’s discusses the alternatives approach BabyJabs takes to the standard vaccination program by creating a tailored approach to suit each child’s needs, from pregnancy right through to their teenager years.Other topics include how breastfeeding helps to build immunity in children against certain viruses, the unreliability of published clinical research, the effectiveness of probiotics increasing protection from vaccines, as well as the lack of an open debate around vaccines in general.If you enjoyed this episode then please share this with a friend & subscribe for future episodes, and be sure to check out the show notes on our website: this podcast:, Ep 54: Colin R. Turner on how a money-free world can work for everyone, In today’s episode, I was joined by Colin R. Turner, who is an author, musician and social activist.

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