Both the bodies of Hosea Matthews and Lenny Summers (who also died in the robbery) were eventually recovered by Charles and the remaining gang during the absence of Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Bill and Javier in Guarma. If they decide to do it at day, Hosea will distract Bob Crawford and his son, while Arthur loots the house and steals the coach or, if they do it at night, Hosea will steal the stagecoach and Arthur will loot the house. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The Shire is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2. They began conning several people, by posing as international merchants and conning twelve locals into investing $300 into a made-up Portuguese shipping company. The Missouri Fox Trotter actually falls under two different categories of horse: race and work. There is a best horse in the game, as well as a worst horse, although both have their pros and cons. The following morning, Abigail begs Arthur to find John Marston, who hasn't returned after two days. [5] During its early years, the gang made a genuine attempt to help the poor. Upon arrival, the two observe that Crawford is in, and the player can decide to steal the stagecoach now, or wait until night. Thoroughbred horses are lean, mean racing machines. Unnamed father deadBessie Matthews (wife) dead Modding has always been a popular pastime, especially in the PC gaming community, and players have already created some pretty impressive mods for Red Dead Redemption 2, including one which allows hunters to store multiple large animal carcasses in a special Hunting Wagon, making animal transport over long distances a far less tedious process. Here are the 19 Horses Ranked In Red Dead Redemption 2 Ranked, Worst To Best. The Belgian belongs to this group of strong horses. At Guarma's camp, the player can talk to Micah, who then comments on the recent deaths of the two gang members: "Hosea was dying anyway, but Lenny...". They were buried together in Bluewater Marsh. Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her five cats, loves all things French and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who.

They are available in the wild and come in two coats: Blond Chestnut and Mealy Chestnut. These horses are also very heavy, which means that they are often difficult to handle.

During the party to celebrate jack's return. After setting up camp, Hosea can be seen wandering around camp, doing various activities. Along with Charles Smith, Hosea stays behind at camp while the majority of the other gang members are attacking a nearby O'Driscoll hideout. Their speed and stamina are just average, though, meaning that they're hardly close to being the best horse for Arthur. This group of three would eventually expand over the years and become the Van der Linde gang.

1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 2 Character 2.1 Personality 3 Quotes 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Related Content Not much is known about Giant other than that he lives in a cave and is very lonely. Location Two custom Cattleman RevolversDouble-barreled ShotgunRolling Block RifleCustom Semi-auto Shotgun There is also a bonding process with each horse, which could determine how that horse reacts in a variety of situations. The Duck is an animal species in Red Dead Redemption 2. Although they are healthy, they are less healthy than other war horse breeds.

Arthur can find the Blue Roan and White Roan in the wild, but he must purchase Reverse Dapple Roan from a stable.

RDR2 Pig Rider Mod Trades Horses For Giant Wolf, Cougar, & Boar Mounts. You can see brown hair on the giant's head and a skull of an ox next to the skeleton.

These horses are also extremely brave: they rarely become agitated, even when in combat. After the robbery, they lingered around the town, giving the money away to orphanages and the poor.

The Seal Brown, Sooty Buckskin and Chocolate Roan coats are available for purchase in stables. Giant is an unseen minor character and Easter egg character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are easy to handle but can get a little clumsy if Arthur pushes them too far, past their endurance. Intelligent and level-headed, Hosea regularly advises Dutch and is valued for his wisdom. A newspaper in 1899 states that Hosea is approximately 55 years old. The Braithwaites eventually see through the gang's duplicity after finding out that it was they who stole the family's prized horses, and so they kidnap Jack Marston from the gang in revenge.

This is the only request mission which is not given directly by the person asking for the item. They are powerful horses, with great stamina, but they also have good speed and a lively trot that will help Arthur travel further, faster. Sure, other video games have included horses before, but Red Dead Redemption 2 took the concept use of video game horses even further. Nationality A one-stop shop for all things video games.

However, they don't have good acceleration, meaning they're not good for racing. The pair found themselves in Kettering, Ohio.

He also gives Arthur a map of the Legendary animals. Share Share Tweet Email. Soon, the outlaws escape, and Arthur recaptures them, leading to Trelawny's release at Dutch's request. They can maintain a fast pace for a long while and are easy to train. Arthur can also catch some horses in the wild, although he has to capture and tame them himself. If Arthur needs a horse with a lot of strength and endurance, the Suffolk Punch is the right one for that job. The Flaxen Chestnut and Piebald Tobiano coats live in the wild, but the Dapple Dark Grey coat is available for purchase in stables.

It also includes rideable bears, but they appear to have remained at normal size.

She eventually asks for the Gray family's tobacco fields at Caliga Hall to be torched; Arthur and Sean are sent to do this while Hosea continues to negotiate with Mrs. Braithwaite. American Paint horses are extremely intelligent and easy to care for, making them perfect for ranch work.

Soon afterwards, Hosea heads to Emerald Ranch in the hope of finding a lead. That nature of this illness - or if he even had it at all - is unknown.

The Gray Overo coat is available for purchase at stables. Despite hesitation from Arthur, Hosea accepts, and the two ride to Carmody Dell. After commandeering the stagecoach, the two take it back to Emerald Ranch, and get paid $300 by Seamus. There is also a very rare Splashed White coat wandering around the game map for those who can find it. Hosea accompanies the majority of the gang in the impending assault against the Braithwaite Manor, in the hope of finding Jack. Although the Silvertail Buckskin and Palomino Dapple are available for purchase at stables, the Black and Buckskin are only available for catching in the wild. Hosea objects on the basis of it being unnecessary and likely to attract attention to the gang, but Arthur casts the deciding vote against him. However, judging from the clip (featured on JulioNIB's page) below, it also appears they can be used to attack enemies. They also handle well, making them ideal for combat. They can work extremely long hours without getting tired and are very sturdy and healthy. Newspaper clipping found in Hosea's room at Shady Belle.

The Andalusian breed of horse is bred for war. The Dark Bay, Gold, and Silver coats are all available for purchase at stables, but they will cost Arthur a pretty penny: these horses cost $950 each.

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