This resort has always been one of my dream places to visit but no more after this! Commonly, igloos were about 3 to 3.5 m high and 3.5 to 4.5 m in diameter. 09 of 10. It’s our mission to pass this knowledge on to you, providing you with the very best chance of experiencing the magic for yourself on your Northern Lights holiday.

Sudden change of plans because of a motive out of your control? This was obviously not the case. And along with this terrible customer service.. While some hunters generally pitch tents when they are out on the land, others still find the igloo a practical shelter. 50 km from Svolvaer Airport, 60 km from Leknes Airport, 100 km from Harstad/Narvik Airport. ), An igloo is a dome-shaped dwelling made of hard snow known as pukaangajuq. That’s just part of the culture. Today, Inuit live in permanent houses. This is a good read! I was shocked you were treated like a thief, wtf?? I cannot believe that, just terrible. Word of Mouth is more powerful than any ad placed in a highly circulating magazine about travel. Glass igloo rates in Finland are from 250€/night during low season up to 990€/night during high Christmas and New Year holidays. Glass igloos are electrically heated and comfortable even if there is extreme cold temperatures outside. He's worked for CBC in Fort McMurray, the Maritimes and in Canada's Arctic. That was a very thorough post. If your holiday time is 5-7 nights in Lapland, it is worth to stay in a log cabin rest of the time. What a shame though because sleeping in those igloos could’ve been and should’ve been a once in a lifetime experience. 9 km from Levi ski resort, No.1 winter resort in Finland with the largest number of Lapland activities and unique Lapland nature. and even though it is advertised as a 90 minutes visit, the time we all spent with Santa Claus himself was probably close to 30 minutes in which each one of the other 30 visitors took a photo with a paid actor who probably secretly hated us all. The further north, the more chances to see the Northern Lights and the Aurora intensity will be brighter. All in all, the trip does indeed worth the money, and is undoubtely worth to be done. Indeed they are shooting themselves in the foot (just read the update at the end of the article including the passive-aggressive e-mail reply from the manager). till our igloo. Located on the UNESCO-listed Ilulissat Icefjord in western Greenland. Builders construct the igloo around this space, in a spiral fashion and from within the soon-to-be snow Just a short drive down the road and located on the pristine Pyhätunturi mountain, you will find the Pyha Glass Igloos. Glass-roofed igloo village in Saariselkä, 26 km from Ivalo airport, 350 m from Saariselkä village. Solid customer service at a solid value point wins every time. Oh. At Wilderness Hotel Nellim, guests can experience the wonderful Aurora Bubbles. them through the night or during a storm. How your article has stirred my memories! The best place to see the Northern Lights. It doesn’t sound like great value even if you did have a good experience! thank you Each one of them has their own glass igloos, wooden cabins, restaurant, reception and activities. })(document, 'script', '//'); An overview of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, negative reviews about Kakslauttanen’s customer service, Wilanow Palace, the Baroque Masterpiece of Warsaw, The 7 Best Hikes of Interlaken’s Jungfrau Region,,, 10 glass igloo with all the modern hotel room facilities. I’ve just recently entered the world of sponsored activities and it’s sometimes scary to not be 100% positive. Sharon. I really enjoyed reading such a balanced, honest story about your misadventures there. Oh. Canada West Mountain School in BC runs courses on winter camping, where the truly adventurous can build their own igloo. Charlotte Yue and David Yue, The Igloo (1988). Yes, photos of the Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos will charm everyone who sees them. This sounds like a revolting tourist trap. Allow me to quote you in my blogs as time goes on and i’m still setting up my blogsite. Only, you haven’t mention if you could see the northern lights. Situated in Verdal, by the fjord. Wilderness Hotel Nangu offers extraordinary accommodation in the wilderness in Lake Inari Aurora Hut. I would have been absolutely peeved if the same incidents had happened to me! The tourism agency wants the proposal to include ideas about ice sculptures, glass domes and viewing areas accomodating small and large groups. These small wooden pods feature a fantastic domed, Perspex roof and are furnished with a double bed, rugs and blankets. I am still planning a trip up to Lapland though. Sorry, it’s too late to open it and we cannot give you keys, come back tomorrow, maybe they will still be there, darling” (note: they were not there). Best time to see the Northern Lights from an igloo is between August - April. A basic kettle can set you back around 30 euros and can last for up to 5 years. If you’re a fan of photography and travel, chances are that you have already seen the now-legendary photo of dozens of glass igloos lit up in the snowy landscape of Lapland. The best things to do in Lapland and "must do", included almost in all Lapland packaged tour: Obviously, it’s not good for the guest either, BUT THAT’S WHAT TRAVEL INSURANCE IS FOR. I didn’t exactly have plans to go visit but there’s definitely no way I will at all now. Ollero Eco Lodge is an accommodation with glass igloo 8 km from Rovaniemi. Once a solid, flat location with pukaangajuq (referring to snowhouse snow) has been chosen, igloo builders use knives made out of whale bone or metal and other tools to cut out By the way, did I mention that reception closes off at 11pm and there’s no security at the premises? If you want to achieve a dream, leave no stone unturned until you make it happen!!! Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Raphael, i’m at the early stages of travel blogging and i think you’re inspirational. Located in a beautiful scenery of the UNESCO nature world heritage area of Kvarken. Lofoten Luxury Tents is the tented camp between rockcliffs in Norway, Lofoten islands. So, Any recommendation for a nice hotel to see the northern lights???

SnowLounge is a glass igloo and snow holiday resort next to Salla activity center. We will not book here now and you have saved us a lot of money and from being very disappointed. Upgraded Kelo-glass igloos up to 6 persons with fireplace and sauna. Money can buy many things except for manners :), Hey Raphael, I was in two minds about reading this after seeing your post on Facebook – I didn’t want my dreams of sleeping in an igloo spoiling! Though luck since they are not allowed to pick you up from Kakslauttanen! which is perfect since Kakslauttanen itself lacks any proper lunch menu (the only one they have is basically a soup with a little bit of meat inside). In my mind, it’s not really about the quality of the product but about the quality of the service. It includes 3 separate buildings: traditional Finnish log cottage as a main building, glass igloo and sleeping granary. The most luxury glass accommodation in Rovaniemi.

These wonderfully designed structures give you a distinctive location in which to sleep, ensuring you can enjoy warmth and comfort, all whilst giving that all-important sky view. Kakslauttanen offers accommodation in glass igloo, Kelo-glass igloos as a combination of a traditional log chalet and glass igloo, snow igloos and log cottages with sauna. As a point of comparison, the cabin that I stayed at in Salla (literally, in the middle of nowhere) had the fastest Wi-Fi I had seen out of Helsinki. Capacity 2 persons + 2 extra beds possible. also hold igloo-building competitions at different times of the year. Klettar Tower Iceland is a guest house in Iceland with 4 rooms. Luxury glass igloo accommodation with private sauna on the lake shore.

Awesome post.

I too was thinking about spending my hard earned money next Christmas to holiday with my daughter. Visit reindeer farm This was a very refreshing post to read. Aurora Dome is a tent accommodation 4 km from Kiruna Train Station and 12 km from Kiruna Airport, Sweden. Defining it as a Tourist Trap sounds about right, Katie. Staying at a glass igloo does not increase the chances to see the Northern Lights, as the weather and cloudiness is always the biggest factor no one can predict. I believe this story should be spread out more! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). I was really disappointed in this place and I learned that not every “must see” hotel is a “must work” hotel…. Are the Northern Lights easily viewed from inside the glass igloos or are you likely to go walk around looking for them and them come back just to sleep? Christmas Lights Greenville Sc Roper Mountain, How To Lighten Uneven Skin Tone Naturally.

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