The Elf Wide has a cabin width of 1,910 mm (75 in), rather than the 1,690 mm (67 in) cabin used in the TL and KA series Elfs. A variety of weight ranges, bodies, and types were on offer, including a tractor unit and dumpers, on wheelbases ranging from 3.2 to 5.6 m (10 to 18 ft). It includes Crew cabs of popular models with options like 4X4 and PTO. In North America, GMC vehicles are almost always sold alongside Buick vehicles at joint dealerships, allowing the same dealer to market both upscale cars and trucks. There was a double-cab version available, as well as special bodywork for dedicated purposes such as a soda truck, a dumper, and a tanker. [4] The glowplug equipped 6BB1 had the smallest displacement per cylinder of any direct injection diesel engine in the world at the time and went on to power a large number of the Forward, the Elf, and many other Isuzu vehicles for the coming decades.[5]. The Second Generation Forward (SBR-series) was released in August 1975. The first engine was later changed to the 4.0 L (3,988 cc) D400 engine with 102 PS (75 kW), accompanied by a change in model codes to TY21/31/41. In the past, GMC also produced fire trucks, ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, motorhomes, transit buses, and medium duty trucks. Only certain lighter duty versions, such as the fire truck, retained the smaller D500 engine. In 1916, a GMC Truck crossed the country from Seattle to New York City in thirty days, and in 1926, a 2-ton GMC truck was driven from New York to San Francisco in five days and 30 minutes. 2006 GMC W4500 12' Flatbed Truk 6.0L Vortec V8 Gas Engine Automatic Transmission 37,574 Miles 4x2 14,500 GVWR 12' Flatbed Truck, 96" Wide, … In 1973, with GM's introduction of the new "rounded line" series trucks, GMC and Chevrolet trucks became even more similar, ending production of GMC's quad-headlight models, and setting the standard for the Chevrolet/GMC line of trucks for over thirty years.

[4], In 1925, GM purchased a controlling interest in Yellow Coach, a bus and taxicab manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois which was founded by John D. Hertz. It was nicknamed "Tora-san" after Kiyoshi Atsumi's (a famous Japanese actor) most beloved film character which supposedly looked similar. GMC, however, does not offer any car models, so typically they are sold along Buick (or sometimes Cadillac) vehicles at joint dealerships, allowing the same dealer to sell a full lineup of upscale vehicles, including both cars and trucks. North America only receives the wide-cab version. Australia also receives slightly larger versions codenamed FX-series.

The cab-over 2-tonne (4,400 lb) Elf (TL221) was originally introduced in August 1959. This page was last edited on 14 December 2014, at 22:36. This carries the TL251 chassis code.[10]. While many GMC and Chevrolet trucks are mechanically identical, GMC is positioned as a premium offering to the mainstream Chevrolet brand, with luxury vehicles such as the Denali series. According to the teasers, the production EV will feature 1,000 horsepower, hit 60 mph in 3 seconds and is scheduled to launch in late 2021. After a company reorganization it has been built by them as the Guangzhou Hino 300J (YC5040XXY) since 2008, with a redesigned front and various other improvements. Initial models were the Elf 150 and 250. Bore was a massive 5.125” and stroke 3.86” for 637 cid. GMC W-Series: Production 1990 - Present Class 3, 4, and 5 Medium Duty Body Style 2- or 4-Door Cabover Truck Length 198.3 - 266.8 in. Australia was another important market for the Elf and N series – to the extent that it was manufactured there from the 1970s using many local components. CSF 3209 Plastic Tank Alum(NPR-NQR-W-SER) fits a , 8973331413, 973331410 (Fits: GMC W3500 Forward) [18] In September 1987, a 16 ft. heavier version Elf 350 wide was added to the range.

The gasoline engine was rated at 275 to 325 hp (205 to 242 kW) at 4,600 rpm and 330 to 350 lb⋅ft (447 to 475 N⋅m) of torque at 2,800 rpm. Confusingly, the smaller Isuzu Elf has been sold as the "GMC Forward" in the United States and other markets.[2]. There was also a "Elf 150 Super" version, which has the larger, 2.4-liter C240 diesel engine which was usually installed in the Elf 250. GMC advertising marketed its trucks to commercial buyers and businesses, whereas Chevrolet's advertising was directed towards private owners. The fourth generation forward was released in february 1994 with all SOHC engines starting with the naturally aspirated or turbocharged 6HE1 until 1999 and replaced with the new 8.2 litre 6HH1 and 7.8 litre 6HK1-TC engines mated to the six-speed manual or Isuzu's 'Smoother F' automatic gearbox, with Power Shift and HSA are standard equipment, only the ABS/ASR are optional. Outside Japan it is known as N series. Chevrolet vehicles are priced lower than a comparable GMC, but GMC vehicles have features not found in a comparable Chevrolet.[12]. , Wikicars, a place to share your automotive knowledge,, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. [29], The headlight-turnsignal cluster is now configured in the shape of the Isuzu "twin bar" logo, which was used from 1974-1991. [22] The Forward and the Tiltmaster were offered as Class 3 or Class 5 trucks, with 13,250 or 16,000 lb (6,010 or 7,260 kg) GVWR respectively. Power was listed as 275 HP @ 2800 rpm; torque 600 lbs ft @ 1600 rpm. [15] The Elf Bus later became its own line, called the Isuzu Journey. In May 1995 it received a minor change, including upgraded, cleaner diesel engines. Between 1962 and 1972, most GMC vehicles were equipped with quad-headlights, while their Chevrolet clones were equipped with dual-headlights. They were badged as Chevrolets and GMCs until 2009. View cart for details. GM withdrew from the bus and coach market because of increased competition in the late 1970s and 1980s. This was combined with the introduction of the heavier duty, 3.5-tonne (7,700 lb) Elf 350. Called Sprint, it was virtually identical to the El Camino, and a sport version, the SP, was equivalent to the El Camino SS. 16' White Penske 2007 GMC W4500 - Front (5140046103).jpg 5,184 × 3,456; 3.55 MB Camion de livraison de Weston.jpg 2,576 × 1,932; 2.18 MB Day Trip to New York City (2787618123).jpg 1,557 × 1,085; 1.15 MB

[10] The short spots tease a 30-second Super Bowl ad featuring NBA superstar LeBron James. All manufacturing operations of General Motors Truck Company were placed under YT&CMC.

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