Creative Freedom. I think there’s something fishy about you… and I want you to prove it. That’s half life and half death. First Challenge is “ Final Stewards Challenge ”. Day 71 Steward's challenge "Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil" "Mushrooms and onions grow in the earth, while olives, bell pepers and basil hang above the ground" I made a whole pizza with sauce, half with mushrooms and onions, the … Your prowess has piqued the palates of our organization: The Stewards of the Sacred Ingredients! If you truly are the Chosen One, you will soon understand…. There should be 8 Steward visits in total and one last challenge by Queen Peppertiti. PNN. Answer from: PizzannaAll fruit no meat, not even cheese , hold the whole wheat. Fish swimming in the sea, and not a soul on the sand. After Completing “ Stewards Challenge ”,“ Peppertiti ” or “ Mummy “ will come with Second Challenge.Stewards Challenge Day 85 - Final Stewards Challenge My partners report that you have passed all the trials, but the saucesayers foresaw a transcendent za.If you’re the chosen one, you’ll figure it out.Peppertiti / Mummy Challenge Day 85 Risen up from earth’s decay and sun’s radiant nectar requiredDeath’s repose cannot be savored without sweet slice of life.Two sides balanced and made whole.It’s the riddle of pizza, buddy.I can’t rest until I have a pizza that balances life and death.That’s half life and half death. Fair pizza prodigy, I have been sent to provide you the penultimate test of true pizza perfect. Please help!.., Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Pizza Business Simulator Answers for the iPhone - iPad please somebody help me out I'm super stuck! PNN. Toppings. The saucesayers have foreseen a transcendent za, so we intend to test you with trials of talent and taste. I have all the ingredients up to basil actually. How should I feed the stewards challenge? If you have any suggestions, feedback or Queries then tell us in the comment section. Answer from: LubczykThe first is with salami and sausage, the second is with all other toppings (fungi, olives, onions, paprika) and the third is just sauce and cheese. Transcendent Za - Final Stewards Challenge So I'm on the final Stewards Challenge and this guy asked me to make him a transcendent pizza. Your time has nearly come. Good Pizza, Great Pizza r/ GoodPizzaGreatPizza. Thanks :).Subscribe My Channel Now - can follow us here too -Instagram - @gamegenix_aj#gamegenixaj #goodpizzagreatpizzaday85 #goodpizzagreatpizza #goodpizzagreatpizzastewardsThanks for watching. Characters. Im still waiting on peppertiti to show up. Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil. Olives, bell pepper, pineapple with sauce. It’s supposed to represent death and life. Answer from: Pizza solverIt's a meat pizza Dough,sauce,cheese,pepperoni,sausage,bacon, and ham, Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Pizza Business Simulator - Gameplay Video. Features Why play our game? The pizza order is up to you! On this Day, We have to Complete Two Challenges. Answer from: EmCheese, sauce, mushrooms, olives, onions, bell peppers, pineapples, and basil. :)If you like My Gaming Videos then please Subscribe To My Youtube Channel.

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