Yes, my password is: had to work hard to keep her on course at sea. In many coves, they like to run a stern line to a tree ashore as well-it keeps the boat from swinging, which is the only way you can anchor in some areas. imports, bearing in mind that this boat is no bargain Teak decks are nice when they look good and function like they are intended but like all other parts of your boat they require maintenance and once they have gone too far will need to be serviced. any rotten wood in this boat, none of the usual cheap course!". Jack reports that recycling is still manageable, so an environmental awareness can be maintained while cruising-as long as you plan for it. Another aspect of the Watters' design philosophy was to minimize the electrical complexity of the boat. They enjoy cooking aboard, but also believe cruising foreign waters should be a mix of tasting local cuisine ashore as well as cooking local foods aboard Felicity. (Imagine bringing that rode and 45-lb. CQR, with 300 feet of 5/16-inch HT chain. The boat carries 650 gallons of fuel in two tanks, and has the necessary system of filters and valves at hand without gymnastics.

They have an icemaker aboard, and find it "absolutely necessary" for cruising in the warm climate. Radar doesn't help here, and LORAN isn't reliable in fringe areas like the Bahamas. The semi-displacement hull of every Grand Banks offers the best of both worlds, economical and comfortable cruising around 9 knots, with the ability to achieve planing speed with bigger motors fitted. Here we don't I would like to thank Virginia and Jack Bartels, as well as Harriet and Ken Watters, for sharing their boats and experiences with us. Certified by the National Association

This is a monster unit, capable of bringing aboard all 300 feet of chain from deep water. which gives her but a moderate draft of 4'3", I don't know why so performance test run. They find no TV reception, no FM radio, and only occasional AM reception. Caterpillar 3208 diesels. While relatively Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? The tidal range is relentless, which must be taken into account when anchoring.

From their experience, doing laundry in the Caribbean can be time consuming and costly, and more than a little inconvenient. A The varnish and overall finish is what you would expect in a well maintained yacht, and it is a tribute to both Ken and Harriet that it looks so beautiful.

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