.view-third:hover img { } } padding: 0; } .view .mask, .view-third img { } She is 106 pounds, and still gaining weight. We also have a Sanctuary program.

} For people with children under 8, please contact us for a breeder referral at [email protected] opacity: 0;

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position: relative; } }

color: #fff; Donations are tax-deductible. All rights reserved. Great Dane care is not overwhelming, yet every aspect of your dog's … list-style-type: none !important; height: auto; Fostering is a truly rewarding experience!

Great Danes are gentle, devoted, and wonderful with children, but should be supervised with little ones because of their large size.

.uxmodernsl-share-buttons li, .uxmodernsl-share-buttons li a { } overflow: hidden; margin: 0 auto; Filter. display: none; height: 180px; display: inline-block; 20-10-24-00244 D080 Wally Walrus (m) (male) Great Dane mix.

Great Danes are kind, loyal, and sociable. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. The next step will be checking your references and arranging your home visit.

Kiko – Another Successful Private Adoption.

The Adoption Application must be submitted electronically. #uxgallery_content_1 .og-expander ul.elastislide-list li > a > img.selected { #uxgallery_content_1 .og-grid > li .og-pointer { transform: scale(0); margin-top: 15px; margin: 20px 40px 0px 40px; filter: grayscale(100%) blur(3px); Please also call your vet and give permission for them to speak with us when we call, Discuss available Danes with the adoptions coordinator, Do a phone interview with the adoptions coordinator, To provide a loving indoor home for your new Dane family member.

#uxgallery_content_1 .og-grid > li > a { .view-second:hover p, The welfare and safety of the Great Danes and other dogs is our main concern. #uxgallery_content_1 .og-expander .og-details a.link-button { text-align: left;

} background: rgba(34,34,34,1) ; .view-second:hover h2, Fortunately we had Sherri on our waitlist, and she was willing to take on the job of socializing and […].

He is wonderfully sweet, loving and very laid back with, Zane is a Neutered Male Great Dane and Mastiff mix He is approx 10 yrs old and weighs 105.8 lbs Available for, He just can't be left home alone. Lily is a wonderful and loving 5-year-old Great Dane.

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Your donations enable us to give extra vet care that is needed to Great Danes and other dogs who might otherwise be overlooked because they need medical treatments or have medical emergencies.

Adoptions, testimonials, happy families, happy Danes! opacity: 0; margin: 10px 5px 0 5px; .view, .view img { Box 5543 Plymouth, MI 48170 .view .album_social { © Copyright 2020   |   Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue, 501(c)(3) nonprofit   |   Nonprofit Marketing & Web Design by Chariot Creative, Inc. Find out more about our mission and what sets us apart. color: #FFFFFF; This also includes providing quality food, routine medical care and required obedience class. Here is what Katie wrote to us: “I […], A family reached out to us wanting to surrender their 10 month old puppy, Boom. Gunner needs a new home. }

} There are no upcoming events at this time. }

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For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. } All adoption applications are carefully screened to assure that the right Great Dane is placed in the right home. #filters { !Only 3 years old.. Meet Blue!!! #filters li:first-child span { } } transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;

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