Create your own unique website with customizable templates. No wonder there is an Ajax cleaning product named after great on the tub!

Persephone Books publishes re-discovered inter war novels. Like..... Nike- The company Nike got its name from the goddess of victory. Also, the FTD flower delivery company incorporates Hermes and his winged heels in their logo. Aeolus is also a synthesized pipe organ emulator, Helios was the god of the sun.

Photos of LP Field, the Tennessee Titans Football Stadium, located in Nashville, Tennessee. THS has there mascot as a  Trojan as well. Thus, allusion is an effective way to help … Aug. 22, 2020. Myths are stories created to teach people about something important and meaningful. BY Paul Anthony Jones. 100 GREEK & ROMAN ALLUSIONS Persephone. Mercury is also the first planet form the sun.Mercury Marine manufactures outboard motors and MerCruiser inboard engines.Mercury is also the name of an auto insurance companyMercury is the name of one of the sites of the Envormental Protection Agency. Calypso Technology is a leading software providerCalypso is an Afro-Caribbean style of music. Zeus got her attention by being the most handsome bull, therefore he sat on her back and rode him all the way to Crete.

Some of them are reused in stories and films today! Persephone is the greek goddess of the underworld. Roman name for Athena, who was the virgin goddess of knowlege, gifted the humans with the olive tree. is a company that specializes in "business analysis software." Aeolus was the god to the four winds, but modernly, he is better known as an online music store at Polyphemus is a clycops, who is the son of Posidon. In Roman mithology, Vulcan was the god of Smiths and Forge. Argus was actually a giant watchman with one hundred eyes in mithology.

Neptune Fresh Lobster Co. is another company using the God of the sea's name to sell seafood. Sirens were beings in Greek mythology that had the head of a woman and the body of a bird. Spatans were Greek warriors.

Persephone Books publishes re-discovered inter war novels. The Medusa Smart Security Antivirus Software was named after the gorgon because she was punished for being caught therefore if there is a virus on your computer it will be destroyed. The Apollo Studio is a famous music studio in Montreal, New York, and Los Angeles. The Pandora jewelry is an assortment of all different types of charms and colors that can be given as gifts.

Minerva Oil company is an international food tradeing company. While myths are completely made up, legends are based on events that really happened. Neptune is also the eigth planet from the sun.

Midas Tire Company. Greek mythology is present in our everyday lives whether we know it or not. Repeat 27"w x 27"h 27" wide trimmed clay-coated paper, comes 30" untrimmed Swatches measure 8" x 10" or 8.5" x 12" Sold by the linear yard Lead time approximately 4-6 weeks, plus shipping Rush printing is available Custom Colors and grounds are available, please inquire Print to order items are final sale…. There is a Persphone Theater. They imagined that the gods lived together, as a family, up on the top of Mount Olympus. There is a company that sells quality gift merchandise called Pandora's Gift Boutique. Modernly there is a common travle agency known as Posidion Travel.Posidion Seafood is also a national brand of seafood products. Athena International is an award program for successful woman owns businesses. Imagine you have become a Greek god or goddess. Achilles was a great warrior who was unstoppable in the Trojan War, however his only weakness was his Achilles heel. Delphi is also the name of an international Automotive Group. Modernly, Saturn is the name of a famous car company. This man was a very powerful warrior in the Trojan War. Roman for Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. Better known today as Argus Security, specializing in comertial business protection. In the Greek myths the gods argue, fall in love, get jealous of each other and make mistakes.

Ancient Greeks: Everyday Life, Beliefs and Myths. is a the name of an internet chess club. modernly, the Atlas travel helps lost people get around. How to deal with video conference fatigue; Aug. 20, 2020 Now that you know what an allusion is, let's take a look at some allusion examples.. 11 Allusion Examples + Analysis.

This roman messanger god is better known as a model of a ford car.

Demeter Ampilfication designs and manufactures professional audio equiptment. Venus Razor is a popular women's shaving accessory (works great :-)).Venus Beauty Salon is found in most any city or town. In modern day New York City, there is the famous misic hall called the Apollo TheaterAnother allusions to Apollo is the Apollo, which was a rocket. They met in Athena's temple. This relates back to why they used the God to name their music studio. Therefore, the website changed the process of shopping to online just like the amazon woman changed society. 18 Everyday Expressions Borrowed From the Bible. The Oxford English Dictionary credits The Wycliffe Bible, a … It is a very good chocolate cany bar if I may say so myself.Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. The Greeks had a different god for almost everything. In the cartoon Micky Mouse, his dogs name is Pluto.Pluto is also the ninth planet from the sun.Pluto Books publishes labor offers background info of bands, their gigs, and music samples. Instead of the men being dominate the woman were. Demeter.

Athena got very offended, therefore she punished Medusa by turning her and her sisters into the gorgons. KS2 resource on how the Ancient Greeks lived using real artefacts, Illustration of Perseus cutting off Medusa's Head. Saturn is also the 6th planet from the sun. They were often used to teach people about events that they could not always understand, such as illness and death, or earthquakes and floods.

Some of the most important Greek gods were: There are many famous Greek myths and legends.

Homer Simpson is a popular cartoon character.There is also a town in Alaska called Homer. Neptune is the Roman name. Hestia is the greek goddess of the sacred flame.

A shield is now an insurance company....funny.

Diane knew Sam had asked her not to get involved in his personal life, but she couldn't resist the urge to play Cupid and set him up with Rebecca. Rebecca loved how the combination of the same mark in two shades created a graphic statement. Trojans were the inhabitants of the mighty city that was destroyed by the Greeks. He was considered the perfect guard and his duty was to guard Io.

The company name really fits them. This is also the name to the fifth planet from the sun.Jupiter Research is a business and technology bases research company.Jupiter is also the name for a brand of band instruments. The story of Taurus is Zeus in disguise as a bull. There is even an Odyssey Golf club line.

Posidion is the Greek God of the sea. Remember the Greek myth about King Midas? There is a Persphone Theater. Gordian knot: According to Greek legend, King Gordius tied a wagon to a column with an extremely complex and intricate knot, which many tried and failed to undo. Calypso is a nymph, and the daughter of the titan, Atlas. to help give you the best experience we can. There is a moth called the Polyphemus. Persephone is the name of a band from Albuquerque, NM.

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