Propagation is by spores and division and, in the case of A. bulbiferum, by plantlets that form on the leaves. Dawson, and J.J. Rochow. As soon as new growth commences in spring, the plants should be repotted if necessary, in slightly larger pots. Apply to hold a special event on a Yukon highway, Get reproductions of Yukon Archives records, Find out how much alcohol you need to buy for your guests, Access Yukon archaeology collections for exhibits or research, Apply for an archaeological sites permit or register a site, Apply for funding for projects that promote Yukon's heritage, Protect heritage resources during land development and mining, What to do if you find an archaeological site, Book a meeting room at the Whitehorse Public Library, Register your child for a free book every month, Find artifacts of Yukon First Nation origin around the world, Find support for Yukon museums and cultural centres, View or submit work to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, Apply for arts funding to tour outside Yukon, Apply for event funding to support new Canadians, Apply for funding to train in the cultural industries, Apply for operational or ongoing arts project funding, Apply for professional artistic development funding, Use the Art Adventures on Yukon Time guide, What to do if you're granted arts funding, Apply for Yukon Sport for Life funding for sport governing bodies, Apply for a Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee Grant for Yukon Sport Governing Bodies, Apply for a Yukon Recreation Advisory Grant for Yukon Special Recreation Groups, Apply for a high performance athlete assistance grant, Apply for a high performance officials grant, Apply for funding to improve community recreation facilities, Apply for the athletes and coaches in-territory travel claim, Find more about major athletic games for Yukon athletes, Find out about the Respect in Sport program, Apply for a conservation summer camp (CAT), Apply for your child's first birth certificate, Find employee information for statutory holidays, Apply for a comfort letter for a filming project, Apply for a permit for your film or series production, Apply for funding for film-specific training, Apply for funding for visiting productions, Apply for up to $35,000 to develop a production in Yukon, Apply for up to $500,000 for film production in Yukon, Apply for up to $8,000 funding for emerging and senior filmmakers, Request a fam tour to scout Yukon locations for filming, Apply for a STEP subsidy to hire a summer student. Information is summarized from MNFI's database of rare species and community occurrences. Asplenium viride Green spleenwort. 1998. Among those which remain are A. platyneuron, the Ebony Spleenwort; A. viride, the Green Spleenwort; A. Bradleyi; and the Maidenhair Spleenwort, A. Trichomanes. Yukon rare plant information sheet for Green Spleenwort (Asplenium viride). Ferns which are great favorites for cultivation out of doors and under glass. Inventory of rare and endangered vascular plants of California.

The chief cool greenhouse kinds are Asplenium bulbiferum, A. Colensoi and A. dimorphum. Flora of North America, North of Mexico. Maintenance is not an issue as little special care is required. Van Nostrand Reinghold, New York. It performs best in a humid climate. Nelson, J.R. 1987. This pretty fern is ideal for gardens - plant it in sloping rockeries, crevices or walls for attractive cover all year-round. A systematic survey follows transects as a guide to provide the greatest coverage possible of the area. Goff, G.F., G.A. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It spreads by means of spores, so new 'crowns' should establish themselves naturally. Get information about Yukon groundwater and wells, Get on the list of registered oil-burner mechanics, Register to install or maintain an elevator or fixed conveyance, Apply for funding to help cover heating costs for seniors, Calculate funding for senior's home-heating with the pioneer utility grant (PUG) calculator, Developer loan to build affordable housing, Loan to build or purchase home in rural Yukon, Apply for a permit to use pesticides around your home, Apply for funding to preserve historic properties, What to do if you think you have mould in your home, Apply for a rebate for installing ENERGY STAR® windows for your home, Apply for a rebate for installing a water-saving toilet, Apply for a rebate for super-insulated new homes, Apply for a rebate for your drain-water heat-recovery system, Apply for a rebate for your heat-recovery ventilator, Apply for a rebate for your insulation upgrades, Apply for a rebate on your ENERGY STAR® appliances, Apply for a rebate on your home-heating system, Apply for a rebate to install a renewable energy system for your home, Apply for a rebate to install a solar hot-water system for your home, Get reimbursed for your surplus renewable energy, Retire your old fridge with us and get a $50 rebate, Appeal a decision on your land application, Apply for land for an outfitter's camp or airstrip, Apply for undeveloped land for a residence, Apply for undeveloped land for an institution or non-profit society, Apply for undeveloped land for your business, Find land status maps for Yukon communities, Find land status maps for property along highways, Make a payment on your agreement for sale, Terminate your agreement for sale for land, Housing agency rules for rent increase, sublet and end-tenancy, When to get the police involved during a tenancy, Apply for a loan to get a water well at your home, Apply for a loan to get power, phone or internet to your rural home, Apply for the seniors' property tax deferment, Apply for assistance to pay your rent (social housing), Apply to have a pet in your social housing unit, Ask for permission to leave your housing unit for a period of time, Ask for priority social housing due to a health issue, Ask to change locks or keys in a Yukon Housing Corporation unit, Change the number of tenants on your social housing lease, Find housing income limit thresholds, rules and policies, Submit a complaint about another social housing tenant, Submit a notice to move out of your social housing unit, Tenant responsibilities at the end of a tenancy, Tenant responsibilities at the start of a tenancy, Apply to run your own business in Yukon (foreign entrepreneurs), Find eligibility requirements to apply to run your business in Yukon (foreign entrepreneurs), Learn about the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Apply for funding for a project that supports victims or prevents crime, Apply for women's community projects funding, Apply to the Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women fund, Book an American Sign Language interpreter, Report a suspicious property or activity in your neighbourhood, Find out about the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC), Find out about the Maintenance Enforcement Program, Find out about the Yukon Family Mediation Service, Get mediation when going through divorce or separating, Find out about the Indigenous Court Worker Program, Access information held by the government, Apply for or renew a notary public enrolment, Change a personal vital statistics record, Find out how we protect your health information, Apply for a low-income senior's income supplement, Apply for an allowance to supplement your social assistance, Get help: a senior or adult is being abused or neglected, Supports for inmates, their families and visitors, Apply to become a member of the inmate discipline panel, Bring personal items to an inmate at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Find out about First Nation programs and services at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Get in touch with an inmate at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Provide First Nations programming at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Provide money to an inmate at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Visit an inmate at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Volunteer at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Apply to get money from an offender (restitution), Ask for a presentation from Victim Services, Find out about Domestic Violence Treatment Option (DVTO) court, Find out what happens when a charge is laid, Find out what happens when you report a crime, Find support for families of missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls, Get an order to keep someone away from you, Get emergency financial help for a victim of crime, Get help: you were attacked or threatened, Get help: you're in an abusive relationship, Learn legal terms used in the criminal justice system, Learn the key roles in the criminal justice system, Find programs for youth-at-risk or youth in the justice system, Find respite care if you have a child with a disability, Find support for your child with autism spectrum disorder, Helping your child after they've been charged with a crime, Learn about youth sentencing and probation, Travelling with a child who has a youth record, Find an assessor for a guardianship incapability assessment, Find out about applying for adult guardianship, Find the Public Guardian and Trustee fees, Give someone the ability to make decisions for you, Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park, Tombstone Territorial Park - Grizzly Lake, Hike and camp at Tombstone Territorial Park, Rules and safety at campgrounds and recreation sites, Apply for a special guide licence to guide a non-Yukon resident Canadian on a hunt, Find Registered Trapping Concession map data, Get a Yukon trapping concession or licence, How to buy or export wildlife parts and products, Register for a Yukon trapper education workshop, Register for the Yukon hunter education course, See up-to-date hunting rules and regulations, Ch’ihilii Chìk (Whitefish Wetlands) Habitat Protection Area, Devils' Elbow and Big Island Habitat Protection Areas, Explore Yukon parks and conservation areas, Find park, protected and conservation area map data, Ni'iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park and Habitat Protection Area, Nuna K’óhonete Yédäk Tah’é (Horseshoe Slough) Habitat Protection Area, Tsâwnjik Chu (Nordenskiold) Habitat Protection Area, Van Tat K’atr’anahtii (Old Crow Flats) Special Management Area, Yukon territorial parks and protected areas, Take a walking or driving tour of historic places, What you can do to keep yourself and wildlife healthy, Find out about the garbage and recycling problem in Yukon, Find out about tipping fees in rural communities, Learn how to reduce your garbage and recycling, Find Yukon First Nations Traditional Territory map data, Find out about Yukon's symbols and emblems, Advisory Committee on French Language Services, Advisory Council on Women’s Issues (Yukon), Arts Centre Corporation Board of Directors (Yukon), Assessment Review Boards (Central, Centraleast, North, Southeast, Southwest), Carcross/Tagish Renewable Resources Council, Council for the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon, Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Board of Trustees, Dawson District Renewable Resources Council, Development Corporation Board of Directors (Yukon), Find an annual report from Yukon's Police Council, Fish and Wildlife Management Board (Yukon), Hearing Adjudicators under Corrections Act, Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees (Yukon), Housing Corporation Board of Directors (Yukon), Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators (Yukon), Law Foundation Board of Directors (Yukon), Law Society of Yukon (Discipline Committee), Law Society of Yukon Complaint Dismissal Review Committee, Licensed Practical Nurses Advisory Committee, Licensed Practical Nurses Discipline Panel, Mayo District Renewable Resources Council, Private Investigators and Security Agencies Review Board, Registered Psychiatric Nurses Advisory Committee, Wilderness Tourism Licensing Appeal Board, Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board, Get the latest Science Community of Practice news, Get the latest information on the Dempster Fibre Project, Give feedback about continuing care services, Make a complaint about the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Make a privacy complaint against the government, Who to contact regarding your ATIPP request, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Find a government department or corporation, Yukon Lottery Commission and Lotteries Yukon, Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board, Find a Compliance Monitoring and Inspections office, National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Find out about improved relations between the RCMP and Yukoners, Find out how the government helps to make electricity more affordable, Find out what legal services groups are within government, How we manage Yukon's government infrastructure, Learn about Labour Market Framework initiative, Learn about our work on offshore oil and gas, Learn about the Joint Education Action Plan for Yukon First Nations students, Read Yukon Housing Corporation annual reports, Étude sur la prévalence des TSAF dans le système correctionnel, Find Celebration of Sport Excellence award recipients, Find out about the Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame awards, Nominate a miner for an award in environmental stewardship, Nominate someone for a Minister of Justice — Community Safety Award, Nominate someone for an Excellence in Education Award, Nominate someone for an Outstanding Youth Achievement Award, Nominate someone for an emergency management award, Nominate someone for the Council of the Federation Literacy Award, Nominate someone for the Farmer of the Year award, Assess your First Nation government’s capacity, How the government consults with First Nations, Learn about the Mining Memorandum of Understanding, Find out how the government protects your privacy, Make a request to correct your personal information, View ATIPP Access to Information summaries, 2020–21 Supplementary information and statistics, Find Government of Yukon internal audit reports, Find Yukon Liquor Corporation annual reports and performance expectations, Yukon Liquor Corporation annual report for 2013 to 2014, Yukon Liquor Corporation annual report for 2014 to 2015, Yukon Liquor Corporation annual report for 2015 to 2016, Yukon Liquor Corporation annual report for 2016 to 2017, Yukon Liquor Corporation annual report for 2018 to 2019, Yukon Liquor Corporation protocol agreement for 2015 to 2016, Yukon Liquor Corporation protocol agreement for 2016 to 2017, Yukon Liquor Corporation protocol agreement for 2017 to 2018, Yukon Liquor Corporation protocol agreement for 2018 to 2019, Protocol agreement between Government of Yukon and Yukon Liquor Corporation 2019-20, Find Whitehorse Correctional Centre admissions statistics, Find Whitehorse Correctional Centre criminogenic program statistics, Find Whitehorse Correctional Centre separate confinement statistics, Education statistics, evaluations and reports, Find out how we report on labour market programs, Learn about student enrolment and assessments, Read the program evaluation for the Department of Education, Find topographic maps for Yukon and surrounding areas, View Yukon aerial photos and satellite images, Find government datasets, maps and reports, Find tourism and visitor statistics and reports, Use research to promote and enhance your tourism business, Report a key wildlife habitat observation, Species conservation and biodiversity research, Apply for a permit to cut firewood for your home, Find a timber harvest plan for Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay and Beaver Creek, Find a timber harvest plan for Dawson City, Find a timber harvest plan for Haines Junction, Find a timber harvest plan for Old Crow and Peel, Find a timber harvest plan for Ross River and Faro, Find a timber harvest plan for Watson Lake, Find a timber harvest plan for Whitehorse, Apply for the Bradshaw memorial geology scholarship, Book the Yukon Geological Survey’s core library, Find the latest Yukon Geology Survey news and updates, Learn about the types of geology the Yukon Geological Survey studies, Submit a mineral or placer assessment report, Carmacks Copper mine: licensing documents, Find Yukon Mineral Exploration Program reports, Find out how the government manages Type II abandoned mines sites, Keno Hill silver district mining: licensing documents, Learn about quartz mine reclamation and closure, See where Type II mine sites are located in Yukon, See where major mines are located in Yukon, View mining notifications and mining land use approvals, View the licensing documents for Sä Dene Hes mine, Apply for a Scientists and Explorers Act Licence, Find Yukon maps at the Energy Mines and Resources Library, Find current Government of Yukon scientific research, Find scientific and natural resources books and articles, Search the Energy Mines and Resources Library catalogue, See Yukon state of the environment reports, See where renewable energy data has been collected in Yukon, Visit the Energy, Mines and Resources Library.

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