Why do guinea pigs exhibit dominance behaviours? Well, guinea pigs are no exception with carrots being … I hope that is enough for you there as far as lists go. I love answering questions and general feedback from you guys. Make sure you cut the ends of the cucumber and simply place the whole thing within easy reach of your little guy. Unlike my other recommendations, you can pretty much feed your guinea pig as much of these as you like.

Suggest blog. Try offering some of our herbs and herbal blends for a tasty surprise or cut straight to the chase with Belinda’s favorite - healthy snackers.

Once you create a dough, you can use a cookie cutter to make shapes. While guinea pigs tend to like similar foods, their preferences can be slightly varied.

A guinea pig’s teeth, unlike a human’s, are always growing. This week we are making cutout cake, in this, The is captivating, in-depth, enthusiastic, imaginative, and open to new ideas. Being low in sugar means that this treat is a nice, no bad side effects fruit (unlike my secret stash of jelly donuts).

Well, guinea pigs are no exception with carrots being a very healthy and delicious addition to their diet. *If you don’t have a blender, you can soak pellets in a cup of water until softened. You don’t need to be a kitchen connoisseur to whip up some healthy DIY guinea pig treats. Guinea pigs love red pepper. Guinea Pig Breed Guide: How Well Do You Know the Baldwin?

(matcha chiffon cake with blueberry fillings), heavenly cake baker's - orange-glow chiffon layer cake and devil's food cake w/midnight ganache, short and tweet challenge 20: sophia loren cassata cake, saffron peach cake & butterscotch banana cake, tres leches cake [three milk cake] – mexican cake/400th post. Be sure to cool for at least 15 minutes before serving and store in the refrigerator. I recommend a chew stick that is able to provide some nice dietary benefits as well as some nice ‘teeth wear.’ It’s two birds with one stone really. Red peppers are naturally rich in vitamin C and are an all time favourite of guinea pigs. Carrots. In saying that, I have tried to encapsulate as wide a ranging list as possible for the even most diverse guinea pig pallet! Simply grind, grate, or chop your ingredients and combine in a mixing bowl. Everything You Need to Know! Squeeze out extra liquid as you mold into coin-sized shapes, grape-sized balls, or the shape of your choice. Keep in mind one guinea pig’s treat might be another guinea pig’s… well ‘meh’.

Me: “Hey sweetie, would you mind trying Silk, With a population of just 676, 000 - making it the 166th biggest country in the world, Equatorial Guinea, Today I am posting the recipe for Tutti frutti cake. Please spread the love and share this with your friends!Every little bit helps.

Apple seeds have cyanide inside them which is simply terrible for your little guys. It is a snack cake  made with tutti frutti, 31st March 2013We have one week break last week. What are those behaviours?

Tagged with: extra stuff. Important note with this treat, make sure you remove any and all seeds before you give it to your guinea pig. ), Red, yellow, and green bell peppers, diced.

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