"Abhirami" hates Gunaa for his weird nature and tries to escape, but fails every time. Previous Photo. Priyanka Sharma photoshoot stills in floral Bloom Lehenga photographed by Mahankali Uday. [38] Siddharth's de-glamorised look from Enakkul Oruvan (2015) was inspired by Haasan's look from Guna. One of them dies when the car crashes, the wounded survivor seizes "Abhirami"'s car and starts driving it, with Gunaa also joining. Guna is shunned by his neighbours when he is released.

Landlord Ismail sees the financial reward in the newspaper for the safe return of "Abhirami". Guna repeatedly causes his phone to malfunction to see Geetha, who works at a phone store.

[13] The film was later retitled Gunaa after its protagonist due to commercial reasons and belief that the original title will give negative impact to the film. Use the HTML below.

Haasan and John initially planned to make a film set in Sri Lanka during a time of insurgency, but the project was dropped over story concerns. ", "Production Controller Sathy speaks about his experience working in the production field", "Kamal Haasan pays tribute to Dilip Kumar", "ராகயாத்திரை 21: ஆனந்த ராகம் கேட்கும் காலம்", "அபிராமி... அபிராமி... அபிராமி...!

Comedy. Anil Kadiyala and Tirumal Reddy produced the film under the banner "SG Movie Makers". They are caught by officials but manage to escape with some jewels and flee with Gunaa via car. Share; Tweet; Previous Photo. Rosy, one of the brothel girls, loves and desires to marry Gunaa, but he does not reciprocate.

Guna calls his father to tell him that he will go back to jail for what he is about to do to the Sashi gang. [4] The soundtrack was composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj, who also composed Kartikeya's RX 100. Vijayan. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gunaa&oldid=985325168, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 09:00.

Guna finds an online photo of Sashi, who attended school with Butta. [19] According to Santhana Bharathi, Haasan insisted to have a dummy used for climax portions similar to his face and physique. The trio met Cho Ramaswamy to learn more about the various issues in the country, but he criticised their decision to tell such a story, resulting in the project being dropped. Back to Gallery. In a comedy scene from Ullam Kollai Poguthae (2001), Arivu (Vivek) imitates Haasan's style of rounding from Gunaa revealing the difficulties he faced due to water, he utters "Sivagami" in the same way which Gunaa utters "Abhirami". "Abhirami", who first hated Gunaa, understands his deep love. A man disguises himself as a nanny to be with his daughter after his divorce. Guna brings Radha's men to Radha’s mother, where he explains to her that he did not kill her son. His mother Manonmani runs a brothel for a living after his father deserted her. Gunaa is an expert at breaking open locks, and Chitappa regularly takes his assistance for stealing. This FAQ is empty. He visits Geetha's house, where he and his family are attacked by Radha’s henchmen. Previous Photo. But his wife has other plans. Guna 369 is a 2019 Telugu film written and directed by Arjun Jandyala and stars Kartikeya Gummakonda and Anagha. Guna goes to Geetha’s house and learns she died while he was imprisoned. While riding a scooter to attend to his B. I need not make mention of how good kamal hassan is at acting....you actually cant call it acting.It can be called getting under the skin of the character and portraying a realistic look on the role.Kamal draws parallels with the late Sivaji Ganesan...who is admired now even after his sad demise some years back.I get the opportunity to watch GUNA only on television nowadays...as i was too young to have watched it in theatres.Kamal's acting was way too awesome in the movie...and as another IMDb user suggested,films of such high caliber rarely meet commercial box-offices success.The failure of this movie to rake in money does not deter us from appreciating the performance delivered by Kamal.Of course he has given awesome performances in other movies like devar magan,mahanadhi,hey ram and many many more movies....this movie stays close to my heart.The song KANMANI ANBODU is still a melodious song to reckon with now...15 years after the movie was released.The only two things to talk about in this movie is Kamal's acting and Santhana Barathi's acting!!! Seeing "Abhirami" again, he goes after her, accidentally locking Chitappa's men inside. Fearing the consequences of the video’s release and the potential for blackmail, Geetha committed suicide. [23] Haasan compared Gunaa to the poet Subramania Bharati, "who to his contemporaries was mad and to some a poet". [31] The Indian Express wrote "One comes out with the impression that Kamal Haasan of the film is such a curious blend of Sylvester Stallone, Raj Kapoor and Dustin Hoffman. [7], Neeshita Nyayapati of Times of India gave the movie a score of 2 out of 5 and wrote, ″With every story of Karthikeya different from his last, Guna 369 is one such attempt where he tries to pick a script and character that he hasn’t done before. Radha's mother gives Guna one week to bring Sashi's gang to her. When he takes Gunaa for a rehearsal, Gunaa spots a wealthy woman in the temple. Was this review helpful to you? Arun (Ramesh Arvind), bored of his wife's (Leelavathi) looks and weighty appearance, meets Priya and develops an affair with her. Lost, she ends up trapped at a brothel before being rescued by a lonely school teacher who falls in love with her. It revolves around a recently released psychiatric patient (Haasan) who kidnaps a … He does not like his father and his mother is a moll in the house that they live. With Kamal Haasan, Roshini, Rekha, Varalakshmi S.. A neurodivergent individual escapes the family he despises and the … Instead of advising her, Butta and Sashi recorded all of them raping her. [41], Gunaa was parodied many times in various films. [16] For the scenes near the climax, his makeup included many cuts and burns on the face, along with the appearance of a protruding eye. [17] Santhana Bharathi listed it as one of the favourite films he has directed. The man succumbs to his wound, and the car falls into the sea. Guna believes that Sashi may be a good romantic match for his sister. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Next Photo . John later developed a new story Mathikettan Solai (which would be renamed Gunaa), inspired partly by a mentally-ill person he knew. [27][28], Gunaa was released on 5 November 1991, that year's Diwali day,[29] and faced heavy competition from another Diwali release, Thalapathi. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? An innocent man is framed in a financial scam and imprisoned. Title: Rohini informs Moovendhar that they are fine, coming out and decides to report SK's crimes. She assents to avoid being killed, but SK tries to kill her anyway. Roshini's performance and the dubbing given by saritha were very perfect. "[21], Gunaa acquired cult status in Tamil cinema,[17][34] and inspired similar films about mentally obsessed lovers such as Kaadhal Kondein (2003),[35] Chinna (2005),[36] and Kadhalil Vizhunthen (2008). Telugu Actress 5 days ago. [24], The music composed by Ilaiyaraaja, and the lyrics were written by Vaali. [42] In Arul (2004), the title character's friend (Vaiyapuri) sings "Kanmani Anbodu" which results in him getting whacked by Kanmani (Jyothika). His cellmate tells him a story, whose protagonist Abhirami gets registered in Gunaa's mind; he believes and dreams that she is an avatar of goddess Abhirami who would marry him on a full moon day. Guna is a non-violent man who works with his closest friend Butta at a granite factory. [30], On 24 November 1991, Ananda Vikatan appreciated the film and mentioned that Haasan had expanded the boundaries of his acting and had achieved a landmark success in this film, concluding that only Haasan could play this role effortlessly. Although Guna prevails, his father is injured and ends up in the hospital. She acted only in Guna After Guna I don't think she acted in any other films. Guna surrenders to the police but is praised for killing the rapists. Gunaa is an asylum inmate. A neurodivergent individual escapes the family he despises and the asylum he is kept in by creating fantasies. "Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan" became a milestone in Tamil cinema for the way it mixed dialogue and lyrics. Next Photo. At a dhaba, Sashi and his gang get into a brawl with Radha; they flee when they realise it is Radha. The soundtrack was composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj, who also composed Kartikeya's RX 100.The film is based on a true story and was released on 2 August 2019 to mixed reviews from critics.

The film won a Tamil Nadu State Film Award, a Filmfare Award, and two Cinema Express Awards. The reiterating of dialogues by the heroine of how her choice is always the best irks us.

He then warns nearby villagers that anyone who disrespects him will suffer the same consequences. [37] Malayalam director Sathyan Anthikad said that female character Kanmani from his directorial Rasathanthram (2006) was inspired from the song "Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan". After the visit, Guna is convinced that Sashi is a good man and a perfect match for his sister. Recent Posts. Guna gives Geetha compliments, who eventually reciprocates his love. Guna 369 Movie Heroine Anagha Maruthora Photos. Unbeknownst to Guna or Radha, Sashi’s gang had planned to kill Radha in an ambush. Reprised Tamil old song – Kalyanam aaha kalyanam... "18 times 'actor' SP Balasubrahmanyam wowed Kollywood buffs", "Remembering Girish Karnad the director, the actor", "பிரபல வில்லன் நடிகர்பிரதீப் சக்தி மரணம்", "Santhana Bharathi talks about going in circles for 'Guna, "Kamal Haasan has a tremendous experience of cinematic life" – Sab John | Guna | Kamal Haasan", "Writer of Kamal Haasan's Chanakyan emerges from obscurity with online screenplay class", "கமல் நடிப்பில் உருவான துரோகி, டாப் டக்கர் படங்கள் என்ன ஆனது என தெரியுமா? [7] The dilapidated church where Gunaa initially keeps Rohini captive was a set designed at a forest named Mathikettan Solai. Recent Posts. Priyanka Sharma photoshoot stills in floral Bloom Lehenga photographed by Mahankali Uday. Next Photo . Suave and scintillating, this fast-paced action thriller follows the adventures and investigations of a group of honest police officers, who go undercover to bring down a terror network.

Her brother-in-law, addressed as "Chitappa", is her aide.

Gunaa is a 1991 Indian Tamil-language psychological romance film directed by Santhana Bharathi and co-written by Sab John.The film stars Kamal Haasan, Rekha and newcomer Roshini. The Hans India described the film as average. Near the spot, both men are surrounded by numerous policemen led by Moovendhar; Gunaa accidentally shoots a policeman before retreating to the cave where the doctor treats Rohini. [30] Despite receiving critical acclaim, it was above average at the box office due to its experimental nature.

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