Thunder Hoof� Black Rider

One syllable names are definitely hot these days, and we love how they pack a punch in a small amount of time. Roger Leo Otter Belt Big Steam Dancer� Wyatt moved to California and married Josephine Marcus in 1882. Bears Belly

Kermit Maynard Little Cub� Pixie The name was originally a last name, but it's been used for first names for decades, although not all that often. Good Feather� Running Bull� Ben Hur Red Blanket Wyatt Earp They may not have dressed like Clint Eastwood, with a holster slung low on the hips, but these gunmen made names for themselves nonetheless. Slim Sherman Hummingbird� Duke Townkoniewjim George Sky Eagle Tim McCoy Cowboys are most known for pioneering the Western United States.

Wolf Robe Hungry Bear� Running River� Lori Martin (National Velvet) Chief Beaver Dog Running Wolf� In Hickok’s hand when he was killed were aces and eights, later known as the “Dead Man’s Hand.”. Hero Chief Gall We found one that comes from the Old Testament that is also great for little cowboys.

Two Wolves� Shane is a twist on the more common Sean that means "God is gracious." Chief Thunderbird Bonnie

In the 1880s, Horn was popular as a tracker and a bounty hunter; he was hired by the Pinkerton Detective Agency but was forced to resign after he was associated with the murders of 17 men. Falcon

Of course, the person who caused us to place it on the cowboy list is Ty Murray, who has been hot on the rodeo circuit for a long time now. Tall Oak� This masculine name derives from an old English last name, and it means someone who uses a saw to cut wood. Johnny Mack Brown Western Legends | Starbrite� Wade is a great name for a kid whose going to keep you on your toes but will always have your back. Black Coal� This name comes from the good guy category of the Old West cowboys.

Big Moth� Little Blue Feather� A lot of the names that we've talked about on our list are pretty tried and true. Wild Bill Hickok Free Spirit� He was abused by his father, which motivated him to leave home at 16. Sport Billy Bowlegs One thing the Old West didn’t lack was men who were ready for a gunfight. Two Leggings Dick Foran In 1858, he became a constable in Monticello Township, and several years later he joined the Russell, Waddell & Majors Freight Company, the owners of the Pony Express. Sacred Bull If you happen to not like the name displayed, just click again and a new one will be displayed.

In 1900, Miller began offering his services as a paid assassin, committing over six murders. Dark Hawk Chief Kills Alone

Chief Rotten Belly At first, this name was used to signify any inhabitant of La Varenne in Normandy. Short Change Vic (died at LBH) It's another place name, although the town looks very different today than it did in the Old West — Reno. Midnight White Feller Born William Henry McCarty, the famous gunfighter had a rough start at life, and that lead to a life of crime. Love Bird� Chief Osceola

Ben Hur Gentle Blue Bird�

Howling Dawg� Later that year he was deputized during the Lincoln County War and joined lawmen searching for a group of men who had murdered a rancher. Big Wet Bear� No Heart Wild Pig� Colonel Richard I. One of the proud bearers of this name is the renowned scientist Alexander Graham Bell. Talking Eagle� Chief Dahteste Thundering Moose Thunderstar� After several such robberies, Bass and his gang decided to rob the Union Pacific gold train from San Francisco, collecting more than $60,000.

Hoot Gibson Dandy Chief Little Hawk Little Big Man Chief Satanta

While it definitely brings us back to the last turn of the century, the name has surged this century, reaching 33rd in popularity in 2016.

Rainbow Warrior� Chief Running Antelope Buffalo Bill Rigel Little Tiger� While we understand the allure of the names North, South or East, it's West that gives a real rugged and brave quality. But James doesn't need any help these days. Tiger Lily� It's a great nickname name, and it works if you like one-syllable nature names. They captured Billy once, and he was scheduled to be hung, but he escaped. Bright Lightning� He was wounded several times but stayed in service until the end of the war. We think that it blends the old-fashioned and the modern. Chief Kicking Bird The group went on a killing spree–killing three people within three days, including a sheriff and a deputy. Magnolia He's become a bit of a legendary cowboy in modern times, which is why his name is perfect for this name list. Legal Eagle� His father was an ardent abolitionist, and their home may have been a stopping point on the Underground Railroad.

Big Nose Kate When he was 15, he attempted to join the Confederacy to fight in the Civil War, but he was discharged when his true age was revealed. That's why we think it's entirely possible for Billy to become the alternate. For this next one, it takes just a few letters to actually give a couple of cowboy connotations, so we think that this one is high on a lot of lists — Colt. It's a name that evokes the image of a sunset over the Rockies, and it makes us want to pick up a guitar and sing by a campfire.

Hardin walked away but was later confronted by Bradley, who shot at Hardin and missed. Pearl Heart Wild Bill Hickok

Chief Garfield Man Packs The Eagle Two Hatchet Audie Murphy, Afraid of Hawk No guesses about who made this name popular, celebrated French author Jules Verne, who wrote several science-fictions like Around the World in Eighty Days. One thing the Old West didn’t lack was men who were ready for a gunfight. Painted Horse

Joker Thunderhawk Shooting Star� Arkansas Tom Sunset Carson Little Manatee� Thanks to a lot of legendary stories and plenty of John Wayne movies, cowboys are synonymous with lots of things other than cows. Evening Star� Flint Knife� Little Blue Eyes� We think it's a great authentic cowboy name that will give a little boy a great start in life. And while it's an old name that has bene around for centuries, it's fairly uncommon for parents who are hoping their little cowpoke will stand out. Partner GA_googleFillSlotWithSize("ca-pub-1082817881769985", "lowchensaustralia_com_names_728x15_top", 728, 15); GA_googleFillSlotWithSize("ca-pub-1082817881769985", "lowchensaustralia_com_names_728x90_top", 728, 90); | Legends & Horses Glowing Moon� Wind in Golden Hair�

The Rifleman Red Armed Panther� Rex Allen Biting Python It's Levi, the name of one of Jacob's sons who also shares his names with the most popular brand of blue jeans around. Here are 10 of the most well-known. Chief Brave Bear Walking Buffalo Because Union soldiers occupied Texas at the time, his father advised him to hide. White Pearl� Chief He Dog Chief Tall Bear Moon Sliver� Bill Friday It's Biblical — it's the name of King David's father, which means it is in the lineage of Jesus.

Squanto� | Indian Chiefs | But we think that it is ripe for a comeback. Dancing Star� Golden Sunset� In this famous shootout, Wyatt Earp, together with his brothers Virgil and Morgan as well as famous gunslinger "Doc" Holliday, took on the McLaury and Clanton brothers.

Rosinante People come to visit for the casinos, but they stay because its a great Nevada town close to the mountains and Lake Tahoe. Black Bull He was buried on his ranch, and later his remains were moved to Pioneer Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas. Hardin Senior was a Methodist minister who settled his family in Trinity County, Texas, in 1859. General Ulysses S. Grant

One of them is definitely guns. Night Flower� Tonto Super Eagle� Starlight Little Horse The name was fairly popular 100 years ago, but it dropped off the charts in this century. Amber Waterlilly� Chief White Antelope Chief Big White Stoudenmire was shot from behind by James Manning and died instantly. James B. Hickok, in the 1860s, during his pre-gunfighter days.

Little Running Behind Plenty Coups� Don Vito Corleone Doit Comanche It gives us the impression of a Southern or Southwestern gentleman who will hold the doors open for all the ladies and tip his hat and say "Yes'm.". In 1884, Fisher and his friend Ben Thompson attended a play at the Turner Hall Opera House in San Antonio. Little Lion� Blaze Tracey Tyler and Tyson were really popular a couple of decades ago — probably a little too popular — so this gives it a modern edge in a simple setting without much fuss. While he served his time, Hardin studied religion and law, but he suffered from bad health. Black Bart Cowboys are men of the outdoors. No, it's not John Wayne, although he sure did his part. Chief Swift Bird Little Twig�

It comes from the Anglo name Ruadh, which means red.

Hickock was an expert shooter at a young age and built up a good reputation in his hometown. Lucky Silver Star� That's because it's a one-syllable name that gives a lot of character. In 1865, Hickok and David Tutt had several disagreements, culminating in a shootout in which Hickok killed Tutt with a single bullet from 75 yards away. There's something about cowboy culture that we all love.

Pat is mostly well-known for his pursuit of Billy the Kid, who was robbing and harming so many people that the community was terrified. Tarzan You won’t see all your favorite men, women, and guns on this list. Captain Jack Chief Two Hatchet Ice Dancer� Screaming Scorpion� Indian Feather� Wyatt's famous showdown with the Clanton brothers in Tombstone, Arizona has been the subject of many movies, and he's been portrayed by hunky actors like Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner, which may be why the name stands out as masculine and handsome. 6th Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And avoid? Mad Bear

Eagle Eye� Tom "Bear River" Smith Screeching Owl Little Beaver

Night Owl� Rattling Hawk Spring Tulip� It’s an English name, and the meaning is burning fire. Stardust

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