I've saved as a favorite for later! In many martial arts, such as hapkido, movements should originate from the dan jun area for optimum effectiveness. The initial movement of this technique is similar to basic technique #1 where the opponent’s wrist is grabbed and first pushed away from the body and then back.

Due to the advantage of greater strength, the opponent may be able to resist the pull and neutralize the attack. Hapkido contains both long and close range fighting techniques, utilizing specialized Hapkido kicks and percussive hand strikes at longer ranges and pressure point strikes, Hapkido joint locks, and or throws at closer fighting distances. Hapkido techniques appear to be flashy and at times, choreographed or even staged. Another key point is to grab and push the opponent’s arm away from your body then to immediately pull it against your chest. Weapons techniques include the knife, cane, rope/belt, club/short stick and sword. Hapkidowon World Hapkido Headquarters, About Hapkidowon. There are also some techniques where falling may seem premature and truly staged, but in reality, the fall is in expectation of an imminent and dangerous attack such as a strike. Aikido | BJJ | Karate | Krav Maga | Muay Thai | Shotokan | Taekwondo | Other Styles, Flexibility | Karate Kata | TKD Forms & Patterns. It is extremely difficult to time a fall at the exact moment before being struck, as well as trying to pull back a strike at the exact moment before impact. Advanced forms of this technique include control and restraint using the wrist joint lock.

Mastery of these techniques will yield tremendous benefits for joint lock, striking, and throwing techniques. Weapons taught as part of the hapkido curriculum include the short stick (dan bong), sword, cane, rope/belt and staff. While stepping forward, grab the opponent’s wrist with the right hand grabbing the wrist on top of the left hand. Follow up can be to trap the opponent’s wrist on the ground and placing the left hand on top of the upper arm with the right hand free to attack or restrain the opponent on the ground. There may be cases where due to error in execution, environment (e.g., thick clothing), or other factors, additional techniques are warranted. This concept is derived from the water principle: redirecting the force of an attack rather than meeting it head on, much the way water flows around a stationary object. To properly understand these techniques, you need to learn them from a martial arts instructor who can provide you with an in-depth explanation of the technique, help correct your mistakes, answer your questions and detail how the technique should be utilized. Students of hapkido learn dan jun breathing exercises from the very first class to help them locate and become aware of their center. The Korean name for this technique is “Sa Bang Kuk Ki” – 사방꺾기. It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters. Our complete line of instructional video content is now available on streaming video from Amazon.com (Amazon Prime members watch free). As an Amazon Associate, this website earns from qualifying purchases. Worldwide, hapkido is the second most popular Korean martial art behind taekwondo. By focusing the energy originating from the body’s center, techniques become fluid and synchronized. Won means moving in a circular pattern. Common mistakes include allowing the opponent’s arm to drop as the knife arm is applied. If you try to pull the opponent’s arm directly in, they may resist.

Yu means flowing like water. According to the Korea Hapkido Federation USA, “Hapkido is a system of unarmed fighting and weapons techniques to defeat both armed and unarmed opponents. As with technique #2, the pressure point on the back of the opponent’s hand must be attacked in addition to placing the little fingers tightly inside the opponent’s inner wrist. Each group of techniques can be further categorized as offensive or defensive. Also, the right thumb is used to attack the pressure point on the back of the hand below the opponent’s ring finger while the left thumb is placed over the right thumb forming an “X” while executing the throw. As a Hapkido student advances through their studies at their chosen Hapkido School (dojang), they will learn how to employ and defend against various weapons. Weapons techniques include the knife, cane, rope/belt, club/short stick and sword. kata & forms). The goal of the technique, as my first instructor Master Song Ho Jin said, is “one strike, one victory” – Il Kyuk Pil Seung (일격필승). By harnessing their ki power, students can create maximum results with minimum physical exertion.

The hapkido curriculum also places great emphasis on nakbup or falling skills. It literally translates to “Four” joint lock as the opponent’s arm is locked in a figure four stressing the elbow and shoulder joints. Another interesting aspect is the tremendous learning potential of being the receiving partner in a technique. Making a home-based dojo? The late GM Myung Kwang Sik developed the 10 Hapkido Basic Techniques from the thousands of techniques in Hapkido. Advanced form of this technique is a restraint and control of the opponent with the wrist in a stressed lock position. There are currently over 1.2 million hapkido black belts training in Korea plus millions more students in over 50 countries throughout the world. Material on this wiki may not be copied or reproduced. This is an extremely dangerous joint lock which stresses both the elbow and shoulder. In Korea, the Presidential bodyguards and the Seoul Police SWAT Teams all train in Korea Hapkido Federation style Hapkido.”, According to the World Hapkido Association, Hapikdo was founded by Yong Sool Choi. This martial arts was started in America by John Pelligrini in 1990. Combining these three principles is the foundation of hapkido's power. Unlike the Korean martial arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido generally does not use forms & patterns as part of its training. The technique is completed by stepping forward and throwing the opponent to the front. Stuck at home? Without respect and morality, one will not be allowed to practice in a school and run out of partners very quickly through injury.

Hapkido students are trained to use and defend against these weapons and to also defend against common weapons such are firearms, broken bottles etc…, Hapkido has long been popular with various special operations military and police organizations throughout the world because it provides both lethal and controlling Hapkido techniques so that an individual can employ only the amount of force needed for the situation.

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