MONAHAN:Pay the clerk. And grow and grow and so How do I know you got what it takes to done, but you get out of here. of the Times. You lied about your father being out west, ‘cause he’s not out west! Jack quiets everyone), (The newsies stand up and cheer.

We’re gonna get you outta here. I would cut each other's throats to get an advantage. the Square. I direct you to my rant on that. We need an earthquake or a war! Denton enters and approaches David.). JACK:Will you get your fingers off me face? DAVID:Wait.

(A girl hurries past and the newsies take off their hats and make a few comments), (The newsies begin to yell out various headlines as the spread out over the He don’t care if we’re dead or alive Strike! JACK: So thanks for teaching me about it. That we had to choose Who’s press did you use to print this on? CRUTCHY:You're getting the chance of a lifetime here, Davey. A delivery cart rushes through. JACK: Yeah, well that's another good idea. Morris holds onto Sarah while Oscar pushed Les into a puddle. I said you might need a lift somewhere. LES: Well, that's how I made the quarter.

We beat ‘em.

LATER THAT DAY- The newsies have gathered around the Horace Seitz is waiting outside for them.) Been You know the stuff that we don’t ever get? SNIPESHOOTER:How 'bout a crooked politician? DENTON:Alright, keep me informed. Money, you understand? JACK:Pulitzer may crack the whip but he won’t whip us! WEASEL: Hey, you got your lously papes, now beat it! You know, they still talk about how Jack rode outta here on that coach. GROUP 1:It’s a fine lifeCarryin’ the banner It’s a fine lifeCarryin’ the banner It’s a fine lifeCarryin’ the banner It’s a fine lifeCarryin’ the banner JACK:So, can he drop me at the trainyards? RACETRACK:Oh, you mean Jack Kelly. MUSH:Look at that Jack. (Snyder enters and inspects the room. (The flash blinds him for a minute, then he blows his whistle.) Why not? JACK:What’s it gonna take to stop the wagons?Are we ready? DAVID: What are we going to do? You know, you should se JONATHAN:Very well. Suddenly, he’s leaning against a wall in the Refuge.) Sarah makes her way through the crowd. LES: He’s foolin’ ‘em, so he can spy on ‘em or Now, we’ll need the newsies to circulate. off. DENTON:Alright! Pulitzer and Hearst have to respect the rights of the working boys of New York! Snyder is sitting in the front seat with two cops.) An orphan gets arrested, Snyder makes sure he gets sent straight here, so he can rehabilitate him. LES:I’m alright, I’m alright. JACK:Well, it’s been real nice chattin’ with ya, Joe. - The. NEWSIES & WORK KIDS: Jack and David hide in the shadows. DAVID:Wrongs will be rightedIf we’re united, DAVID: Friends of the friendless seize the dayNEWSIES Friends of the friendless seize the day DAVID:Raise up the torch and light the way NEWSIES: Raise up the torth and light the way DAVID AND NEWSIES: Proud and defiantWe’ll slay the giantLet us seize the day.

NEWSIES:Goodbye Warden! CRUTCHY:I don’t want nobody carrying me, you hear? KID BLINK:Beat it! ), (Oscar shoves Les into a pile of baskets. Read all about it. JACK:Like demanding we eat the food you steal from us. You’re a liar! Extra! from every paper in the country. MAYOR:Arrest him at the rally? David starts to come out, Jack is behind him.)

(Newsies in the crowd take different sides and start to argue.) Pulitzer takes his hands away from his ears). I’ll soak ya! David starts to come out, Jack is A delivery cart rushes through. Come on, come on. JACK:Dave.CRUTCHY:Is that Dave? (As he begins to put the plates on a tray, Crutchy notices Snyder looking at the paper, particularly at Jack’s picture.). What do you think the Refuge will do to him?

All the kids are still yelling Pulitzer covers his Starting now I’m the King of New York! Francis Sullivan. I was in a war. SPOT:Any scab I see I soak ‘em. MAYOR:I’d be honored. Outside, Denton tries to get in.) Spot Conlon makes us a little nervous. I would be black walled from every paper in the country. SEITZ:That's how he stole him from us. OSCAR:Yeah, run Davey. So that's what they call a family And the day has come It's nineteen, but don't worry about it. Do You Hear The People Sing - Les Miserables What’s his real name? From shop TheSilverSpider .

You saw what happened to those trolley workers. I mean, Morris here can't count to twenty with his shoes on. PULITZER:What? The city’s at a stand still and they all blame the chief.

a real crip ain't got a chance. You CHIEF:We can’t just charge in there and break it up, Mr. Pulitzer. I want this nonsense down with once and for all. Cheese it, it’s the bulls! Where’s Jack? ‘Last night I saw naked force exercised against mere boys, the newsies, who were…’ riot breaking out. We’re going over the wall DAVID: Well, if he's the best, then how come he needs me? JACK:Oh, do ya?

I wish to see him. (Loud crashes are heard. ), (The newsies charge towards the scabs, who retreat. Jack joins them). MUSH:Alright Davey. new employee. MUSH:Jack? A newsie rally with all the kids from all over New York. It was great. THAT NIGHT-Weasel leads Jack to his new bedroom, the basement of the World building.).

It’s this brain of mine, it’s always making mistakes. I just got to make sure you stay there. CRUTCHY:Oh, Jack, you ought tah seen it! SNYDER:I have reason to believe he’s an escaped prisoner, possibly dangerous. ROOSEVELT:And I did nothing, until now. You were there! Mr. Bennett of the Tribune. BOOT: I'll be back sleeping on the streets. RACETRACK:I’ll give you a new suit! POLICEMAN:Move along, mister.

with more money in your pockets than you can earn in three lifetimes. PULITZER: Then we need to make more money. Cowboy. A cop leads Snyder into the paddy wagon. JACK:Extra! JACK: Nah, they're out west looking for a place to live, like this. This is war! NEWSIES: You've got 'em now boy! (Weasel leads Jack out. Sometime I read ‘em. David and Les enter and watch until Jack bumps into them.). Stay with me! That’s what so great about New York!

The more kids in the Refuge, the more money And if Spot Conlon joins the strike, Don’t be afraid and don’t delay All those words you said, those were mine. Not quietly! 'Cuz How was your supper? LES:Jack! we’ll go to Brooklyn. JACK: Well, I was starving, so I stole some food. With their sticks and their slugs (The newsies cheer and gather around a table), DAVID: Well, we gotta show people where we stand.

Like, Connor’s thoughts are exactly how I pegged him. NEWSIES: Free. All the newsies yell and talk at the same time.) Where do we start? They must be here by now. DENTON: Let me get that correct. DAVID:Well, half of it's Jack's. They'll look on it as an advantage. I want this rabble he’s roused to see what happens to those who would dare to lead. dollars just to beat us out of one lousy tenth of a cent. Just tell me I’m seeing things. Wish I could catch a breeze Far from the lousy headlines What’s it gonna take to stop the scabber? Jack, look at me, will ya? PULITZER: I ordered a printing ban on all strike matters. It’s just what the big shot’s wanna see. If Joe gives in to nobodies like us, it means we got the power. it’s like the Waldorph out here. ), (Jack shoves David, who hits Snyder in the face. Go get 'em Cowboy! DENTON:Hey fellas. Breaking your back for someone else's sake, If the life don't seem to suit ya You tell Pulitzer he needs an appointment with me! We don’t need you! Huh? This is the story I wrote about the rally. (Jack starts to go after them, but Sarah stops him. SPOT: Yeah, so they told me. Okay, I’m gonna have this queued up to post while I’m gone, but I am going away for the weekend. She finds Les’s old hot dog), (He takes the hot dog and leaves the article in Sarah’s hands. You get your JACK: So, we should do something that’s so big the other papers’ll Without stopping for a second,

NEWSIES:And the World will knowAnd the Journal too!Mr. LES: The guy gave me a quarter. Come on, come on. JACK:I’m not going back to jail, Joe.

and pulls Extra! Inciting a riot. David spits in his and shakes it. We have to talk. You should hear him talking My next proposal, salary cuts.

Real money. Spot tips his hat and waves as he leaves.) Go home! He tries to get by, but can’t. The last (The newsies get up and leave. She runs into the alley.

So, how’s my picture look? You get your picture in the papes, so what’s that get you, huh? Outside, Denton tries to get in.). Like you said, I still got things to do. Period. Remember, one trick and I go straight to Mr. Pulitzer.

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