Just as you do, she did had a good time. 12 people who survived the plunge over Niagara Falls At least 12 people have survived going over Niagara Falls before the latest incident on Tuesday. A tour guide did die trying to rescue a tourist who fell in the river, but it was not at the Devil’s Pool.


If you want to book directly with Tongabezi, they now accept bookings that can be made online directly on their website. Your email address will not be published. Victoria Falls is one of the three largest waterfalls in the world (Niagara & Iguazu being the others) and this is the only one of the trio that you can swim on the lip of.

You can see the picture below that shows the Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls location in respect to Livingstone Island.

Our guide told us he’s never seen any crocodiles in Devil’s Pool itself, but the Zambezi most definitely is their habitat. I am imagining huge rocks or are they more flat? Ok. Thanks Patrick! Hope you have an incredible experience at Devil’s Pool in September! Locations, Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is trying to stop Florida from obtaining his psychiatric records so they could take his guns away, Single foster dad adopts 5 siblings to keep them together: 'I had already experienced it myself', The Cast Finally Admit That The Show Is Fake, Judge rejects moving trial of ex-officers in Floyd's death out of Minneapolis, British student reveals most ‘confusing’ things about going to college in America: ‘No one understands’, Bill Belichick subpoenaed about alleged conspiracy in messy lawsuit between Bret Bielema, Arkansas, Try To Guess Which First Lady Wore A $46,000 Dress, The Revenge Porn Guy Was Just Elected To Office In Kansas, Trump campaign spews lawsuits to stop the clock on voting, Kabul reeling after gunmen attack Afghan university, killing 35, United States: Knee Surgeons Losing It Over These Knee Sleeves, Eric Trump Busted For Fake Video Of Someone 'Burning 80 Trump Ballots', Carl Lentz, Hillsong pastor and spiritual adviser to Justin Bieber, fired over 'moral failures'.

I want to capture the best photos with me and my partner in the devils pool with rainbows behind.

10th time lucky I hope lol! September should be a good time for water conditions.

In Devil’s Pool itself, there is a rock lip that protrudes upward which keeps you from falling over the edge.

Great job describing the tour. It is like pre-booking it but without paying, apparently they don’t send the shuttle without knowing for sure someone will be taking it (or at least that is what my hotel told me). While traveling the world non-stop for 6 years and 80+ countries, we have been on a search for adventure, fun, and value! This shuttle from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is timed to coincide with the Devil’s Pool tours.

No thanks…, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Has Anyone Ever Fallen Off Victoria Falls?

Glad you found this helpful! Seriously injured, he surfaced in the lower Niagara River basin near the Journey Behind the Falls observation platform and managed to make it to shore on his own.

Authorities did not release the man's name.

Phone and/or Camera – If you’re going to Devil’s Pool, be sure you have a way to document it. Really the tipping simply depends on you and your experience. It can always be a little unnerving to leave such things, even if just for a few minutes.

This double-entry visa to Zimbabwe costs $45, which is $15 more than the $30 single-entry for most nationalities.

We walked it ourselves without any problems. The Devil’s Pool tours depart strictly on time, so you don’t want to risk missing it. My husband is definitely going to do it and he is so excited about it! All Rights Reserved. Check Victoria Falls helicopter flight reviews, prices, and availability for your dates here. It also is not safe when the waters are high. There are guides that will instruct you. With a price over $100, Devil’s Pool is an expensive excursion for backpackers and those traveling on a budget.

You can safely leave this bag on Livingstone Island while you’re swimming in Devil’s Pool.

This blog shares our discoveries & aims to inspire your next trip while maximizing your travel budget!

Money – You’ll want to have some cash on hand to tip the guides. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Sometimes we travel faster than we can write about it. Water flow is low in others. Livingstone Island and Devil’s Pool is not part of the National Park, so no admission fee is required. We traveled to Victoria Falls as part of an Oasis Overland tour across Africa, and Devil’s Pool was an optional excursion during our 56-Day Coast-to-Coast Trip. An earlier version incorrectly said the Kariba dam was upstream from Victoria Falls. Alternatively, you could walk part of the way and take a taxi for one of the segments.

Thank you! This is not actually correct.

. Definitely something to consider when booking a time slot for this tour. I thought at the time that a miscalculation would be fatal, but perhaps the kids knew there was a ledge there and were only swimming above the “Devil’s Pool”? Once on the Zambia side, pay your $20 entry fee and get stamped into the country. You can walk in the water which will come up to about stomach-level, depending on your height.

Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side of the river, is the tallest of the three main falls, higher than the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Thanks so much for all the added info and thoughtful feedback!

No, of course not. The waters here are fairly shallow and I’d like to think that such a large creature like a croc or hippo would be clearly evident. “If they become more frequent, then you can start saying: OK, this may be climate change.”.

I used the public restroom at the Royal Livingstone Hotel (you’re right, it’s very posh!)

The swim/wade across the river takes perhaps a minute or so, depending on how fast/slow you go. Livingstone Island is isolated and only accessibly to those who are on the tour, so there’s little threat of someone coming to steal your belongings on Livingstone Island. So glad to hear that we’ve inspired you to visit Devil’s Pool!

As far as I recall, there have been deaths from slipping on wet rocks from the Zimbabwean side. Bring extra cash for incidentals, a drink, or anything else you may want to buy.

So I’d suggest going and judge your comfort level of going through with it once you’re there and can really gauge it. Required fields are marked *. A reader confirmed that the Kaza Uni-Visa was indeed available at the Zimbabwe-Zambia border, as of November 2018. It’ll then take about an hour or so to get back to Zimbabwe, depending on how you choose to get there and back. Bring a waterproof camera like a GoPro. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

. Children must be at least 12 years old to go into Devil’s Pool. We’ve done the Angels pool and that was so scary but awesome! I would probably lose my mind if suddenly a hippo popped up.

trying to see if I can fit this in the morning with an international flight out in the afternoon!

So the morning Devil’s Pool tours are a better deal. But don’t dismiss the lunch or high tea tours. It is our opinion that Devil’s Pool is a relatively safe experience. And daring visitors can actually swim in this pool straddling the edge of Victoria Falls! Afternoon Devil’s Pool tours: So if you want to indulge in a few drinks after the harrowing experience of visiting Devil’s Pool, those tours can provide value. The river above the falls is deceptively wide, shallow and peaceful.

Even so, as a father, the second picture down on this page gives me the serious willies.

Have a great trip to Vic Falls!

Supposedly, it is quite safe, and there is a ledge of about 2 foot width, from the drop.

What a terrifically informative and detailed post about this experience! Just let the guides know. For the latter half, you transition to swimming across and down current.

Devil’s pool is terrifying but congrats you’ve made it! Many people don’t realize this. It definitely made it more difficult. This is a great post! as mentioned in the blog post Canadian’s can not obtain a multi-entry visa into Zimbabwe.

1) This depends on your nationality.

There are also other occasional Victoria Falls deaths, but there are no casualties on record of people plunging to their deaths at Devil’s Pool during the Livingstone Island tour, which remains the only tour to access Devil’s Pool. A different type of terrifying.

The Devil’s Pool tours sell out almost every day. It would be very difficult and improbable to naturally be carried over the edge by the water. You’re literally on the edge of one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It’s not enough to draw blood, but it will definitely make you jump a bit.

Hey Runner, thanks for the comment and question!

Devil’s Pool is a death-defying feat that even the most casual of thrill seekers must add to their travel bucket list. Ladies, be sure to have a tight-fitting bathing suit so that you prevent an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the event that the current grabs hold of your top. You should also consider this experience includes a very nice meal too! The camera-holding guide really does a good job and holds tightly on to the devices with two hands. The Launch Site is about another 1-km beyond the hotel. I was more wor ride about crocs, hippos abd a 100 meter drop – seemed like a good question. My main goal is to do Devils Pool, so I have two questions, if you don’t mind. The videos you see on YouTube show the people quite relaxed…but I don’t know-has anyone been swept over the falls? Perfect!

You can get to Devil’s Pool by either: This takes the most time to get there. We’re thrilled that you found our article helpful Ian! SEATTLE, -Oct. 18.-fJ.-Ga.ndo,, a laborer,..trying: to „ cross* the j Sttoqualmie river in a boat»todiy i war swept over • the falls land dashed 'to death; on: the ' rocks 268 : feetbelow. Certainly if they did, they didn’t go and sit in it. Between the shale and the boulders, and everything is wet and slick. The guides were so wonderful and patient, they made sure everyone was comfortable including the non-swimmers during the river crossing.

Niagara Parks Police said witnesses reported seeing the man climb over a railing 20 to 30 feet out over the Horseshoe Falls at 10:20 a.m. and "deliberately jump" into the Niagara River. It tends to get pretty hot in the dry season during the midday. I don’t care if it’s two feet thick, if that wall were ever to give way, and it could, everybody in the pool at the time would be instantly & unstoppably swept to their deaths.

Just be sure to leave yourself enough time between activities to get from one side of the Falls to the other.

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