He groaned, and Hermione was glad that she'd been aroused to the point that the intrusion wasn't painful, just a slight pinch. "Well, if all of the French girls are as pretty as you are, I understand why he didn't give the good, English pureblood girls a second look."

That's when she realized she'd been so blind to his manipulation, and that she'd walked right into his trap. Horrible witches, both of them.

"Oh, just that Bel was worried you might be looking to get your hooks into the Black family fortune...that that was the reason you agreed to take the position." Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. He asked. Hermione was excited for it, she hadn't been on a vacation in over five years. Hermione Granger could object, but Hermione Millefeuille could not. Silently, the now kidnapper, decided that it wouldn't matter. Sure, he could be a little bit brusque sometimes and he wasn't quick with affection, but he was invested in his children's lives and wanted the best for them.

Fifty Shades of Hermione Granger Chapter 4: Cygnus Black, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Cygnus Black was walking through the front garden, past the pool, towards the house.

A finger trailed down the flushed newborn's cheek. ", He gave her a look that put Sirius' puppy-dog eyes to shame. Cygnus looked over, eyes widening in disbelief. I still don't understand why you picked me. The dark witch turned on her heel and marched farther into her home that she shared with her husband and his younger brother. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

She watched as her sister paced like a caged animal, thinking. Something was wrong. I can give you whatever you want, Hermione." A/N: Huge huge thank you to everyone who favoited, followed and reviewed after last chapter! No, this would be good for her, and most importantly good for Tom. When Cygnus asked her if she would marry him, she had been shocked, and nearly dissolved into tears in front of his whole family thinking about how devious he'd been. Reminding herself that she didn't marry him for love, she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I could have had a girl like you, Miss Granger. A mindset that proved difficult for Bellatrix to keep, anger and frustration came naturally to her, and she always tended to act on it. He'd held her in the parlor after his family had left via floo, all the while her mind was spinning with thoughts and questions. I'm hoping to pick up updates again soon. Hermione closed her eyes tightly, before rocking her hips back against his experimentally. To Hermione's surprise, it was a pearl ring surrounded by tiny emeralds and diamonds. Narcissa... well, a man has a right to sleep with his wife, even if she is his cousin's whore!

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