3. Refrigerator sensor malfunctions.

Has there been answers to the questions… Because mine started displaying H for my freezer side and it stopped freezing at the bottom, still works on top. Freezer temperature display area. Compact double door refrigerator (15 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Refrigerator Hisense RF15N1BSD User's Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RB14N1ASD User's Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-11DC4S Service Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-19DL4SQ Service Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RB403N4EW1 User's Operating Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RT33D6AAE Owner's Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RD-65WR4SY1 User Manual, Refrigerator Hisense H610BS RD-60WC4SZA User's Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-34WC4SIA User's Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-15DR Service Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RB296F4AW1 User's Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RD-44WC series Service Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-11DC4SAB/CPA Operation Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RD-31WC4S series Service Manual, Refrigerator Hisense RS-36DR series Service Manual. © 2018 Hisense, inc. all rights reserved, Hisense Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.

Is the refrigeration system blocked by ice or dirty, please stop the unit and restart after 10 minutes to see if the compressor can start. Is the setting of the temperature appropriate? Have you had a reply? Hisense fridge freezer new but not cooling, temp set at _18 and 2, can someone help me out plz. b, higher temperature of discharging tube. the forefront or the middle cabinet heats. If too much Gas was charged into the cycle system, the extra gas will occupy some space of evaporator, so that the area of heat exchange becomes less, unit will work not well. The freezer chamber Tem. Hisense’s 453L Black Steel Refrigerator – 5.5 Energy Star Rating. Is the food with special smell sealed tight? c, much noise, General when a compressor works for many years, some parts of compressor were wear, so that compressor discharge less gas out, unit does not work strongly. It may take up to four hours to reach an optimal temperature. 1. 1. The receive communication fault between the main electrical PCB and the display PCB, 1. Is there a problem with the fridge? Ice maker sensor malfunctions. There is air in the liquid cycle system. I bought hisense HR6TFF222 a month ago, and then week later there's a problem occurs on the fridge part (the lower section), it's not working very well, it's warm as in room temperature wh Ive just had the same issue as the op with the same model fridge. Communication sending malfunctions. These cookies do not store any personal information. Ice maker malfunctions. Check the unit’s user guide for full maintenance instructions. Phenomenon of failure: a. lower pressure of liquid cycle system b. high temperature of copper tube of discharging gas, hand feels very hot. Here are some quick tips on how to fix a refrigerator that’s on the blink: 1. We are also having water occasionally leak from the bottom freezer area. Replace LED light and snap it removable parts. Sensor is open circuit or short circuit, 1. As fridge Anti-condensation tube is placed here and caused the above phenomenon, which is normal.

There will be a cracking sound in the cabinet ,when the cabinet or cabinet accessory contracting or expanding, this sound will be made, which is normal. 4. Check that the compressor is running.

The larger the unit, the longer it will take. Don’t pack the unit too tightly. The Evaporator Defrost Sensor is open circuit or short circuit. c. much noise, sounds like “ZZZZZ”, comes from outlet of capillary. Freezer temperature display area. Double-check the unit is still plugged in to the power socket. Hisense Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use | We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. My hisense fridge with French doors is new but it’s not making cold at all I suspect coding pls help, What does F1 mean on the freezer display side and freezer not cooling anymore. Does it have long time storing food or degenerated food? Whether the internal cabinet needs cleaning. If the problem persists after you have made the checks mentioned below, contact a qualified electrician, authorized service engineer or the shop where you purchased the product. Freezer temperature display area. 1. Make sure the temperature settings are correctly set and haven’t been adjusted by accident. There should be a full seal around the door that prevents the cold air from escaping. If some gas leaked unit will work not well. Large items like trays, plates and drink bottles can sometimes keep the door ajar. First stop unit for several minutes, and then open charging tube, discharge all of gas. Dual-tech Cooling* also helps prevent food from drying out. Using a Multimeter with the ohm switch to measure the resistor of sensor or checking the connecting is well or not. 7. e, when gas is too much, some gas liquid might goes back into compressor, compressor will be damaged by liquid. Fridge/Freezer lights are working and there is a faint motor sound when you put your ear to it. 6. Thoroughly dry all surfaces 4. Clean out any dust from the rear of the unit. 1. Note: If you find oil on somewhere, it is possible that leakage point is there. Is this in ‘Demo’ mode? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The Fan motor is open circuit or short circuit. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ade171de7d3622b1a81c80487cdac095" );document.getElementById("abf85a7f2a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Is the electric parts on good condition, specially the thermostat wich will cause the unit non-stopping.

Freezer sensor malfunctions. Refrigerator Display Reset Method 4 – Press the “Freezer” and “Ref” buttons at the same time for 8 seconds and the reset should work. The noise sound likes Water flow inside the refrigerator ,in fact ,it is normal, which is caused both when refrigerator start and shut-down; in addition, frost-dissolving causes this sound, too, which is a normal phenomenon. As condensation tube is placed here and caused the above phenomenon, which is normal. Defrost sensor malfunctions. Change a new filter, and then recharge gas, finally sealed the system. Don’t pack the unit too tightly.

If the compressor runs but the … Is there enough space around the refrigerator for rejection of heat?

my hisense new american fridge freezer was working for 2 weeks then started flashing 88-88 and bleeping. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. If the noises are prolonged or overly loud, that could be a problem requiring further investigation.

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