Badminton, as we know it today, was, according to most sources, invented and developed by the British in the middle of the 19th century. After learning the principles for moving around the court, we are going to list here all the badminton shots that exist. As for the score, it is the same for both males and females and for both singles and doubles. Being such a fast sport, sometimes you have to shoot in uncomfortable situations while keeping yourself standing up. What are its origins? Below we have listed the most relevant for a beginner. Among the Asian nations, the Chinese have been winning the most Sadly, no copy of the book is said to have survived in recent times. If you win a point, you score a point in your scoreboard. These countries have won the gold medals at the Olympics since 1992 to 2020: Indonesia, Denmark, China, South Korea, Japan, and Spain. coach? The name, as the precise origin, is not clear either. Earlier, the game was named Poona or Poonah after a small town in India, as it was very popular, and the rules of the game were created in the year 1873. Battledore was a term for racquets in olden times. Everything we are using now (rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, pants, dresses, socks…) is so different than the old days, I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing these clothes to play at all. During that period, when the weather is windy and wet, instead of a shuttlecock, a woolen ball was preferred by the upper class and hence invented “, Uber Club (World Team Championships for Women), World Championships (BWF World Championships), Sudirman Cup (Mixed Team Badminton Championship takes place every 2 years), World Junior Championships (BWF World Junior Championships), World Grand Prix Finals (BWF World Badminton Grand Prix Finals, only the top 8 players in the year-end world rankings were invited). A shot is called a net lift shot when you hit the shuttle from the front of your court to the back of your opponent’s court with an upward direction. In 1873, the Duke of Beaufort held a lawn party in his country place, Badminton. Below you can find the main principles summarized. During that period, when the weather is windy and wet, instead of a shuttlecock, a woolen ball was preferred by the upper class and hence invented “Ball badminton”. This tactic is very dependent on the skill of your opponent, as you are exploiting a weakness from the other player more than your own strength. Currently, China has the strongest team of men and women competitors, followed by Indonesia, Denmark, South Korea, and England. This is the farthest the game’s exact origin can be traced back, but its original version has been ancient times. You can purchase a decent tube from Yonex on for around $15 in the US (check the latest price on or in the UK for around £8 (check the latest price on Therefore, by practicing badminton, you will develop your physical agility. badminton! Interested? This involves hitting the shuttlecock over the net, generally using an underhand motion. You need to know who serves first and, most importantly, you need to know how to keep the score. The environment is, in general, very controlled, and the umpires do not have such a big impact as they can have in other sports such as soccer or basketball. The first division is horizontal. If you are playing and your opponent manages to hit you with the shuttle, it will be considered as your fault and the point will go to him or her. Are You Tired Of Getting Nowhere In Badminton? If the scoreboard reaches 29-29, the player to score the point 30th wins the set.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thebadmintonguide_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',192,'0','0'])); Apart from the scoring system, there are a few extra important rules in order to play badminton. Another important part of footwork is to keep a good body balance so that you can hit the shuttle in a consistent way and you can also recover to the base point as fast as possible. We take as a reference the chest because it is roughly the height where the net is and, therefore, the height where shots change from being more defensive to being more attacking. badminton. Battledor; Shuttlecock Badminton appears to be an evolution of a game called battledore and shuttlecock, which origins go way back in time. In it, we have started with a brief history of the sport, the basic equipment you need in order to play, where you can play and the basic rules to play a badminton match. The doubles court is wider than the singles one, but both are the same length. The name Badminton was coined from the Duke of Beaufort’s Badminton House in Gloucestershire, but the reason behind the name is unknown to date. “A fast-paced game with a few service smashes is also very useful for working through any type of stress you might have.”. If you want to know a bit more about badminton grips, have a look at our badminton grip post, where we explain, between other things, how to hold your racket in each grip. The shuttles used in competitions are called feathered shuttles and they are not cheap to buy, especially because they do not last that long. In this case, the fault is called instantly and the point goes to the opponent. The competition, called All England Open Badminton Championships, included gentlemen’s doubles, ladies’ doubles, and mixed doubles. Badminton also has level four tournaments, that encourage the young players to participate and compete against top players from around the world. The video above brings you the 1964 All England Badminton Championships final. Badminton is a sport that can be played either individually or as part of a two-person team. Why is that? The players’ movement on the court were less organized. Where to Learn More about the History of Badminton? Open. They While the principal concept of badminton was likely established nearly 2,000 years ago, the aforementioned version from India came about between 1870-1873, with the latter date marking the creation of the first official set of rules for the sport. Besides this, players also have the ability to dive and defend smashes. In other words, if one player makes contact with the shuttlecock and fails to hit it over the net, the next person to hit the shuttlecock (if playing doubles) must be a teammate.

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