Trombone. Size – A second difference between the baritone and euphonium is found not in the tubing, but in the overall size of the instrument.

PAYMENTS Paypal is the only method of Payment we, accept. , Andy.

Over that time.

The open wrap has fewer bends in the tubing, "opening" up the feel and sound of the trigger. There is a second set of tubing for each valve that opens only when the fourth valve is engaged. The rules of" caveat emptor" apply to all my listings. It is approximately 24" long x 9"wide with a 8" diameter bell. CMUSE-Feb 8, 2019. Waterkey: Nickel silver Please let us know.

Click an Image to Enlarge BUYER PAYS SHIPPING-WE SHIP VIA FEDEX OR UPS; IF SHIPPED TO NYS WE MUST CHARGE NYS SALES TAX. Notes: Please see photos for additional detail and feel free to ask questions. These added options and better workmanship make these baritones more expensive. Kanstul: I like this one best. You will commonly find one of two finishes on a brass instrument such as the baritone horn: lacquer or silver-plating. This baritone is in very good condition relative to its age.

Vintage Frank Holton Euphonium Silver Plated Tuba like instrument Made In Chicago in early 1900's I believe it is a Euphonium. Open 7 days a week. This also applies to combined orders. Good Ready to Play Condition Description Vintage Holton euphonium baritone horn in good ready to play condition. USA, serial no.

The horn tunes to A=440.

YAMAHA built this euphonium for Holton and it is equivalent to the Yamaha YEP211 euphonium We have meticulously restored this fine instrument in our Pro Restoration Shop where we have been rebuilding musical instruments for discriminating players since 1946.

Valves are missing. Refurbished Holton B470R Student Euphonium, Holton Student Model B480R 3 Valve Euphonium, Vintage 1950's Holton 185 3-Button Euphonium Baritone Horn Serial # 229414, Vintage Holton Baritone Euphonium, Good Ready to Play Condition, Vintage Brass Collegiate 3-Valve Baratone Euphonium by Holton with Original Case, Vintage Holton 185 3-Valve Baritone Euphonium Serial Number 225556 1951, Vintage FRANK HOLTON Euphonium Tuba For Parts Or Refurbishing, Vintage Brass Collegiate 3-Valve Baritone Euphonium by Holton with Original Case, HOLTON EUPHONIUM - B601R - RESTORED VERY NICE!! Piston: One-piece precision-machined tapered rotor and bearings for a smooth, airtight fit U.S.A.

You are bidding on a Holton Baritone(not sure?

All items must be paid for in 3 days. No case. Unlike electronic instruments, brass instruments are inevitably loud and they may need to be... Not too much clarity on the best ones for Marching.

Make: Holton Model: EUPHONIUM B480R Condition: This item will have normal cosmetic wear from use. This insturment is for sale as is, for parts or repair like all other used/vintage items. Attachment: Open wrap ALL ITEMS ARE EXPERTLY PACKED TO ARRIVE IN GOOD ORDER.

Bell: Upright, 279.40 mm (11") Coming with a case and mouthpiece, this baritone horn is a bargain price in the mid-$2,000s. What is an F attachment or "trigger" on a trombone?

It has a .562 bore diameter, giving the instrument more resistance and a better sound quality. The Holton B490RS euphonium is the same as a Weril H980, just made for Holton by Weril. We can work with just about any schedule. Braces: Tubular nickel silver Serial#292182. Someone will be very proud to own this horn. Powered by The free listing tool. For example, play a first position middle F, add the trigger, and you can now play a C below the F in first position. Available in … This makes the instrument more compact, thus easier to carry and handle. with a hard case that needs some major TLC. Pistons: 4, Nickel-plated This style of bell also projects the sound of the instrument further and stands up to the test of time much better if used in an outside setting. Holton Trombone - TR160 And back side of the horn and medium dent wear across the rest of the horn. The engraving is crisp, even after 100 years. This sale is for used vintage C.G.Conn LTD naked lady Baritone or Bb Euphonium. I am not a brass pla yer and cannot offer a professional assessment that is why the open ing bid is so low. A silver-plated yellow brass baritone horn, this instrument has a bright, vibrant sound that stands out in bands and orchestras. Excellent intonation. Intonation’s not that solid.

However, silver-plate gives the brass instrument a warmer tone that many players like. Garage sales, swap meets, etc. Top Pick: King 2266/2268 Please browse through and bid on our items with confidence. Cylindrical bores, on the other hand, maintain the same diameter until the bell piece, when it finally flares out. EUPHONIUM PERFORMANCE & MUSIC RESOURCES PLEASE. I am retired and my recent one month stay in the hospital has reminded me that I had better start thinking of thinning out my collection so my family won't be left with horns they don't know what to do with. Payment must be received within 3 days of the auction's end. I do not know how accurate this information will be or how to convert European sizes to U.S. sizes. We will then either accept. With a plastic shell case and mouthpiece, this baritone horn is a steal in the $17000s price range.

How well an item will work after extended periods of time. The 11 bell helps provide a big, focused sound that projects well. Friendly statement for buyers: due to nature of used musical instruments. It has a yellow brass bell, red brass leadpipe, nickel-plated slides, and three stainless steel piston valves. Please see pictures and use the enlarge/zoom feature to see condition of this Euphonium in more detail.

Some items are well over 30 years old and have sat around in someone's attic. By placing a bid on my auction item(s) listed on eBay. The old case had seen better days, so I purchased a new traditional case and the horn fits snugly by removing, the small bell and nesting it under the body of the main horn. Both the Holton and Besson are terrific euphoniums!

WE NEED CONTACT WITHIN 48 HOURS WITH PAYMENT INTENTIONS& Payment is expected within 4 days of invoice. is not related in any way to current manufacturer of Holton instruments; the Conn Selmer Company. Major dents and dings in many spots. As you likely guessed, fixed-upright bells are fixed in an upright position; this means they face the ceiling. The King 2266/2268 Artist Series Baritone Horn has the best balance of sound production, responsiveness, durability, and price. If not the item will be relisted and buyer will recieve non paying strike. C.G.Conn Naked Lady Baritone Bb Euphonium w/Holton double bell euphonium Case, HOLTON BARITONE? It comes with a hard shell case and a mouthpiece. Slight silver loss.

Even though the bore size is the same on both instruments, the Holton sounds and plays much more like a compensating euphonium. Email us for more info. With a 11 inch bell. Mouthpiece: 6 1/2 AL Look no further than the King 2266/2268 Artist Series Baritone Horn, which has the right balance of sound production, responsiveness, durability, and price that every serious player should look for. We'd like to make the buying experience as carefree as possible and want your positive feedback. Now that you know what the baritone horn is not, let’s look at what it is. Holton stencil of Yamaha YEP 201- well used but sounds & plays great! The Monel alloy of the four pistons gives it an extra durability and the valves are in the traditional layout of three on top, one on the side.

We accept PayPal, payments via mail or cash at pick up. Garage sales, swap meets, etc.

Which may be consistent with pre 1900s.

Please inquire for more info. Two of the tuning slides move easily, but one is stuck in place. This is a 3 valve, the second valve is very stiff/sticky, if pushed all the way in it wont freely pop back out. Take Route 520 East all the way to the end(Landmark- Dunkin' Donuts) Make a left turn onto Broad Street and travel approximately 1 mile.

Action: Top-action So. Like all Yamaha instruments, this baritone horn comes with a plastic shell case, mouthpiece, and five-year limited warranty.

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