Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach wurde er von damaligen Stämmen aus Tonerde erbaut, um einen zeremoniellen Zweck zu erfüllen. They bury amulets and crystals in the mound and destroy the site. [2] 2008 wurde der Great Serpent Mound von der Bundesregierung für die Aufnahme in die Liste des Weltkulturerbes der UNESCO vorgeschlagen. [3], 39.016666666667-83.433333333333Koordinaten: 39° 1′ 0″ N, 83° 26′ 0″ W, Artikel des Metropolitan Museum Of Art über den Great Serpent Mound, Weitere Informationen zum Great Serpent Mound,, Archäologischer Fundplatz in den Vereinigten Staaten, Denkmal im National Register of Historic Places (Ohio), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. There is a large oval on the head, which some scholars believe is an enlarged eye and others think is an egg or prey being swallowed by the snake. The site has become popular with New Age groups who believe it is an intergalactic portal. Das Wort Serpent im Namen bezieht sich auf die allgemeine Vermutung, dass er eine Schlange darstellt. 1848 erschien das Buch Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, dem eine detaillierte Karte und eine Beschreibung des Mound beigefügt wurde. Der Mound befindet sich auf einer Klippe, von der man aus das Bush Creek Tal überschauen kann. In a previous post, we discussed the Mississippians and their mound city at Cahokia (, )

Der Impakt hat nach dem Oberkarbon (Mississippium) stattgefunden. The Great Serpent Mound has also made an appearance on Ancient Aliens (which is the best unintentional comedy out there.

Dessa jordarbeten hade dock byggts av den tidiga Hopewellkulturen (200 f.Kr. The head is oriented to the east and the tail points west, with seven winding coils in between. The mound was first excavated by Frederic Ward Putnam of Harvard, who found the mound damaged by significant erosion and treasure hunters. There are also serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are similar, but none this large. ), who said it was a landing site for “ancient astronauts”. The mound was built on this plateau in the shape of a large snake with a curled tail. In dieser Bohrung konnten auch weitere, bis zu 17 Zentimeter große Strahlenkegel entdeckt werden. However, later radiocarbon dating in 2011 places the age of the mound much earlier, being built around 300 BCE. Serpent Mound crater, also known as the Serpent Mound Disturbance,[1] is an eroded meteorite impact crater in Ohio, United States.

It has also been theorized that the mound was created to mark time or seasons. Die Schlange sieht hierbei so aus, als wolle sie sich gerade entrollen, um davonzugleiten.

The Great Serpent Mound has also made an appearance on Ancient Aliens (which is the best unintentional comedy out there. It lies largely in Adams County, with the northern part mostly in Highland County, except for a small northeast part in Pike County. offer schools a special opportunity to learn more about the American Indian cultures that have existed in southern Ohio for thousands of years, as well as learn about the native forest ecosystem that richly supported these cultures. Surrounding the serpentine mound are eight oval or round mounds, often described as the “serpent’s eggs”. Radiocarbon dating in 1991 determined the mound was approximately 900 years old, which would count out the Adena culture as they were primarily in the area much earlier. This date pointed at the mound being the work of the Fort Ancient culture. Serpent Mound is visited by a wide variety of groups, and serves as host to many different events, both public and private. Der Mound ist 380 m lang, 6 m breit und 1,2 m hoch.

It is believed the native cultures in this area attributed supernatural powers to snakes, as many snake artifacts have been found made of copper sheets.

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