He was head of a special intelligence unit for the NKVD (predecessor of the KGB).

Roza Shanina.

She is most famous for her shooting accuracy and ability to precisely hit moving enemy targets.

Take the girls.

She was an amazing honorable lady. Wheatcroft Collection’s S130 – The Last Survivor Has New Home, The USS Arizona – 5 Facts You May Not Know and 30 Photos. I moved along.

Tairov, Got trophies, NZ [emergency rations]. I got a letter from Blokhin, saying, I am now in charge, go. Yes, it’s hard to live in such a situation!2.

Tairov said: “When the attack begins, remember where you are, and what lies ahead, and how very much you have gone through.” Tairov and Solomatin quarreled. She walked one hundred and twenty miles all alone, at last reaching a train station. Tired, I had to go through the mountains, I lay down. Was with Kaleria Petrova, ate general’s dinner, they wanted us to pay for it, but we would not.

Shanina was later sanctioned for going to the front line without permission, but did not face a court martial. Invitations, guys: “sugar,” and “sweetheart,” and hell. Met Kazarin. One starts feeling bold, and asks their question: “Good or kaput?” I say, “will be good”7 – and they all turned to look at me. I brought Colonel Novozhilov my letter, in which I asked to be sent to the front and criticized our officers. I would like to have a girlfriend. He came to apologize for what he did, but there were a lot of people around, and he said nothing, and seemed sad. He is in love with me, but he’s not very tall, and I don’t like even a little shorter than me, and so I suffer for it. They see that our fate is not easy. I blame this scum that comes with army life, wrecking everything, not caring about a girl. A kick wakes me up. Despite this policy, the women went where they were needed, and more than once this meant going into action against direct orders. This was strictly forbidden and, as such, it is one of only a handful in existence. He joined the Bolsheviks while still recovering in a Moscow hospital. And lots of children, but my heart does not trust anyone. Breakthrough of the German border near the city of Naumiestis, Lithuania. There are imaging tricks that can be used to enhance old photos, and it also is not unreasonable to believe that this national heroine was photographed with the best camera available. In villages and towns, ridges, valleys, forests and open plains, vicious fighting took place, and always the Russians crept forward.

Under heavy shelling and machine-gun fire, two Russian officers found her broken body slumped over that of a wounded artillery officer. Suddenly a German plane strafed the ground 100 meters from us. Roza enrolled first in the Vsevobuch basic training program, then in the Central Female Sniper Academy. She had set out alone, without the permission of her parents, carrying only enough food to keep her on her feet for the long march. We crawled back and took the house, expelled Fritz. It was a dangerous walk.

One by one, the fortified positions still held by the Wehrmacht fell. Roza’s brother Mikhail died during the Siege of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in December, 1941. I fired, and successfully. I’m a sniper. Secured weapons, watches, grenades, binoculars, etc. Ah, my enigmatic nature. No, I don’t think about marriage, even just in the documents, it would just make more gossip. Spent the night by Vovik Emelyanov with Sasha and Kali, but also accidentally got left behind, and was found.

There I met Sasha Schekachikhin, who likes me. He disgusted me, and he acted very badly: wanted to get drunk on the 6th and take advantage.

I share with you all that is in my soul. What good, delicate guys. The romance of flight was strong i... Hanna Reitsch, Unrepentant Luftwaffe Daredevil, Color Photos of World War II Part 10: Soldiers, Joachim Peiper, Ruthless Waffen SS Leader. Everyone says: he’s not good for the good girls, and not just a “womanizer.” I remember Gorodovikov,5 no comparison, how difficult…. Sidenote: in Russia, all women are referred to as “dea-voch-ka” (girl) until they are clearly elderly, at which point they immediately become “babushka” (grandmother). Thanks for the kind words!

Next time.

Walked on a bridge, casually I looked to the side in an overgrown ravine. The cinemas, the lights, the people and the bustle were worlds away from the isolation of her early years. Getting the next three required moving to the town of Bereznik, 12km away. Soldiers, the boys and commanders, are pleased by my bravery. In one action, their position was stormed by the enemy, and they fought hand to hand with bayonets and even shovels, killing many of the enemy and capturing the survivors.

Sasha Ekimova, my friend, and a fellow sniper. Good guy. But Nikolai did not want me to leave, and did not tell me that I was called.

Saw 30 Fritz run up and overtake the scouts. Though they tried to save her life, there was little that could be done, and she died the next day, on January 28th, 1945. You write: “What would I tell his child, when he asks “where’s Papa?’” But what answer will Claudia give her son, who already knows his father well, when after the war he asks: “Why did Papa not come home?”. 4 times the town passed from hand to hand. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: Thank God, finally we are back in the fight.

Flashed my dagger. On this blog, we look at a lot of unsavory characters from World War II.... V-2 rocket, Ultimate Vengeance Weapon The V-2 rocket (German: Vergeltungswaffe 2, "Vengeance Weapon 2" or, literally, &quo... Soviet sniper ace Roza Shanina gives some tips to her commander A. Balaev with her personal Mosin-Nagant. One mumbled something I did not understand.

And I know that our training company will not go on the offensive, and will stay behind. “Attack”… Break through the border.

[4 killed, 1 wounded] I want to avenge them. What happened to the military officer she died protecting?

Often, she would return to her college dormitory after the doors had been locked, entering with the help of a rope of tied bedsheets let down by her friends inside. She writes that, given the chance to go back, she would not change a thing. I’m happy I went AWOL. And afterwards captured 3 … these fascists are strong. Even if you have a man, absences will happen and always be unpleasant. Met the artillery guys, who saw 5 of our girls killed at the Neman [river].

Before the eyes of the two machine gunners from my training company. It’s unclear how serious it was, but she mentions it several times in the diary. I take advantage of his gifts when I don’t love him. Met Kazarin.

The German retreat is going forward, to the left. Then called out everyone from dinner.

From the shtrafbat company1 one man returned alive, unharmed; the rest were killed. I could not find a place then, I can’t calm down, and now I’m returning to the front. Regards, James. Stayed with Solomatin.

I really like Nikolai Shevchenko, lieutenant in the artillery, brother of the pilot Shevchenko, who is a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Featured article candidates/Roza Shanina/archive1 ; Featured article candidates/Roza Shanina/archive2 ... (Mikhail, Fyodor and Sergey) died in the war.

And we finally retreated. I went to the front. He disgusted me, and he acted very badly: wanted to get drunk on the 6, I received a letter from the preschools in Moscow and Arkhangelsk.

Fritz, 15 of them, crawling. On the morning of the 7th I met with the generals, and they scolded me for not coming. Was with general Kazaryan2, and the political commissar, sincerely cried when I was not allowed to the front, how to explain?

Why is it that in this mass of boys I’m always alone?

I only occasionally respond to his letters, and he just wants a photo. But when we occupied the village, where Fritz was, the horse was found again.

Everyone says: he’s not good for the good girls, and not just a “womanizer.” I remember Gorodovikov, It is said that the girls won’t be allowed in to Germany, Before Blokhin, Solomatin. From the shtrafbat company, I myself fought for a place under Pillkallen. It was the enemy manpower.

We spent the night with the head of the Political Department. And will I actually get there? She holds the rank of staff sergeant; lance-sergeant = старший сержант) (colorized).

Next time. Roza Shanina (left) with Evdokia Fedorovna Krasnoborova and war correspondent Fridlyansky. When the dust settled after the revolution, Yegor was made a party organizer and director of the Bogdanovskoy commune.

Spent the evening of the 6th with Nikolai Fedorov, fun, but unexpected.3 A photographer came from Moscow.

I take advantage of his gifts when I don’t love him. They smashed the artillerymen, who had heard, being near the house, in the barn. I had long treasured a blue scarf made of silk which, like a memory, is lost.

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