These lizards are known to eat cat and dog food as well as processed canned food. With calm, confident handling on a regular (but not necessarily frequent) basis, these monitors learn to tolerate and even enjoy human interaction. When I first got my Ackie, he was 6 months old and 12 inches long. Once your Ackie Monitor reaches 12 months of age, you can begin offering them a pinkie mouse as a treat several times per month, typically once per week is acceptable. Again there is a problem with roughage. Unfortunately all live roaches are illegal here in Canada.

I haven't tried giving her hard-boiled eggs yet. You’ll get there eventually! This will help spark their appetite and help with digestion. Young monitors can be kept mainly on crickets, mealworms, and small roaches, while adult monitors can be fed the entire range of possible food items. However, they tend to be much less spiky. Whenever possible one should offer whole prey rather than If they are starting to gain weight, reduce the number of insects that you offer each day. They seem to be never ending eating machines. But rest assured, this Ackie Monitor Care Sheet will provide you with a thorough overview of how to properly care for your new or prospective pet! Mice can get hungry and start to bite your monitor. There is no roughage in dog food and this leads When this happens, the lizard may whip its tail or snap at you. As their name suggests, Ackies belong to the monitor family of lizard. Since Ackie Monitors aren’t big climbers, their tank won’t have to be very tall. This means owners will need to take special care to ensure they are providing their Ackie with great UVB and changing out bulbs every 6 months. This can be provided by placing a UVB Bulb at one end of the enclosure. For the cool side of the enclosure, you’ll want to establish a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. insects, of appropriate sizes, until the monitor no longer shows interest Instead, it’s best to create a temperature gradient. Yet, unlike their intimidating Komodo Dragon and larger monitor lizard relatives, Ackie Monitors are relatively gentle and can be downright quirky at times! Hello everyone! This is especially true with larger enclosures. This is just West of Alice Springs. impactions in the digestive tract of the monitor. Live mice and rats can easily injure the animal they are intended to feed, resulting in lacerations, infections, or abbesses. During this time, you may observe them locked in the mating position for extended periods at a time. Their mild mannered temperament and ease of care couple with their awesome appearance makes their appeal a no-brainer. Since they move less in captivity than they do in the wild, this can cause them to become obese pretty quickly. my monitor in captivity? Be sure to place it all the way to the warm side so they can absorb UVB while basking. However, new owners should be prepared to allow their new pet plenty of time to adjust and warm up to them. This can include substrate and cage decor. We find that a custom build enclosure is the way to go, as it allows you to build a large enclosure to your own specifications without breaking the bank. The tail is noticeably darker and features bands instead of spots.

Whilst growing Ackies should be fed insects daily, adult Ackies can survive on being feed several times a week. Ackies Monitors are a popular monitor species to own because they are inquisitive, active, and have great colors and patterns, and relatively small size. Both the Yellow and Red Ackie are regarded as the same species, despite their color differences. Fertile eggs are generally white in colour and oval in shape. © Reptile.Guide.

For hatchlings I recommend feeding enough crickets or other insects, of appropriate sizes, until the monitor no longer shows interest eating. In ON at least, I've heard that I can get them freeze dried, but to get them live, if ever reported I'd be given a fine per roach. Juvenile Ackies should primarily be fed insects.

Like any other reptile, Ackies monitors are directly affected by their environments, diets, and overall level of care. If you purchase a tube style bulb, you can mount it up high inside the enclosure on the back side. It is also important to select a soil that is loosely packed for easy digging. If the monitor continues to eat and does not spend the time immediately after handling buried beneath the substrate, avoiding you at all costs, increase the handling time slowly but surely, until the monitor does not mind being out for extended periods of time.

Whilst growing Ackies should be fed insects daily, adult Ackies can survive on being feed several times a week. This makes them a medium-sized lizard, and is a far cry from the massive size of the Komodo! I feed my Ackies roaches with tongs, making them chase them all over their enclosures. A humid substrate is vital to keep Ackies hydrated. The Ackie Monitor is native to the dryer regions of North-Western Australia. This is especially important for gravid females. There are a number of commercially available substrates that fit these requirements. Since Ackies Monitors come from Australia they should be provided with a basking zone of around 120 degrees with the cooler side getting no lower than 65 degrees and no warmer than 80 degrees. In addition to being fascinating and hardy captives, Ackies Monitors are relatively easy to handle. Ackie Monitor Housing. Young Ackie Monitors can be given a small rodent occasionally as a treat. as much calcium supplementation as those on an insect based diet. Keep the cool side in the 70s and the enclosure squeaky clean. digestion. As an Ackie Monitor owner, you’ll need to do your best to replicate their natural environment. Don't worry, the majority of her diet is gut loaded and dusted crickets. If the monitor becomes dehydrated its urates will become large and These lizards require a normal day/night cycle. It is very difficult to provide the correct thermal gradient in a large glass enclosure. You can also provide multivitamin supplements weekly. Adult Ackies can be fed a similar diet to juveniles. All going well, babies should emerge after 90-120 days. Ackie Monitor Housing. This is usually the most popular choice when it comes to large custom-built enclosures.

You can build a custom PVC enclosure the same way you would build a wooden enclosure, but there are added benefits. Since they are not nearly as active in captivity as they are in the wild, they simply don’t need the extra calories. Owners would also be wise to dust feeders with calcium in accordance to the recommendations in the diet section above. The back of Ackies is dark brown. You can feed small meals every day. I would take a look at FT silkworm larva. Generally, the only way to tell the difference is to analyze their length. I tried can o'snails, but she isn't a fan. Others keep a trio together and some decide to keep a pair together during the breeding season. You should give the Ackies as much privacy as you can while mating. These bulbs are notoriously dangerous as the UVB they produce is too strong for reptiles, often times burning them. Living near rocky outcroppings, they will retreat into crevices and puff up their bodies to wedge themselves between the rocks when frightened. While dusting food is important, it should not be considered a replacement for a good varied diet. These cold-blooded creatures are quite hardy that can adapt well to life in captivity. Ackie monitors have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The most important part of a healthy diet is variety. At the very least, we recommend going with an enclosure that measures 48 inches long, 24 inches deep, and 24 inches tall. Ackies Monitors like most monitors can live a long time with average life spans of 15 to 20 years if properly housed and maintained. This will allow your Ackies to thermalregulate its temperature and still feel secure. Give your monitor some time to acclimate to their new home. As your monitor begins to slow down in growth, feeding should also slow down so I'd love to get her Dubia's, but as I said they are illegal where I am. Dust those treats with a powdered calcium supplement a couple of times a week. This way the monitor can move away from the source of the UVB if it wants to. If you purchase a regular bulb or Mercury Vapor Bulb (not recommended for first time reptile owners – they require more caution), you can mount it on a far side of the enclosure. We carry Zoo Med ceramic heat emitters, as wells as Exo Terra, and Pearlco ceramic heat emitters which can be found on our website and in our stores. Ideally, the humidity level should be between 65 and 85 percent. However, this issue is pretty easy to prevent so long as you keep a close eye on your pet’s size and make proper feeding adjustments when needed. Ackie monitors have a temperament that’s pretty well suited for captivity. Again, the occasional rodent can be thrown in.

Not only will your Ackie monitor get more enrichment, they’ll also be much more comfortable and less stressed (which is good for their lifespan). These taxonomical changes are still being disputed so it is likely that more changes will occur in the future. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve heard! If you’re thinking about getting one of these cool pet lizards, be prepared for a long commitment. UVB lamps go out after about six months of use, but many owners don’t realize it! I will feed my Ackie the occasional pinky rat (never more often than once every two weeks) or hard-boiled egg but the majority of time it should be insects, insects, insects. This results in brittle bones, deformities, and a range of other problems. Humidity is very important for Ackie Monitors.

Cheap ones can be inaccurate and cause you to make poorly-informed adjustments to the humidity in their enclosure. This is a good time to get your incubator set up. While there are a few different color morphs available, the most common you’re going to see is brown. Insects should make up 90-95% of an Ackie's diet, so the answer is: not often. So, if you’d like to learn more about proper Ackie Monitor care, simply keep reading! Some will even trust you almost immediately and will need very little persuasion to come out for a handling session. You’ll learn how to set up their enclosure, what their size is when fully grown, what diet is best, and much more!

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