Bayonetta towers over Luka with the benefit of her beehive hair-do, but if we were to at least go by eye-level (or if Bayonetta lets her hair down completely), Luka is taller than Bayonetta. In the sequel, Bayonetta retains the use of a skin-tight black suit, though the designs of the previous suit have been radically altered.

Claire: a brown cat with a red ribbon, Trish: a black cat with a yellow ribbon, Silvia: A blue cat with a purple ribbon.

Bayonetta asks whether she'll see him again the boy replies that they may do so in the future when he is reborn again. The diamonds on her default Bayonetta 2 outfit were slightly darkened to avoid showing too much skin. Don't forget that Luka is also lanky, Rodin is also very tall, and Jeanne has the same slenderness as Bayonetta. Clan I'm pretty sure she approaches, if not meets, Barbie proportions.

Born March 3rd 1977, Luka accompanied his father as a boy twenty years before the events of the game to unearth the secrets of a strange coffin resting at the bottom of a lake. As he escapes with the girl in a jeep, Jeanne makes Bayonetta believe them to be both dead after the vehicle is destroyed in mid-air. Her earrings have changed to golden crescent moon shapes with red jewels at their tops and the medallions hanging from her 'sleeves' of hair have been removed. His wavy hair reached his chin and was a warm universe of auburn & chestnut browns. He also wears cowboy-black leather pants with fringes on the bottom. As the creator is resurrected and both Bayonetta and Jeanne fight the goddess, Luka can only watch from the ground as the remains of the statue burn up in the atmosphere. Luka returns in the sequel, sporting a new look and offering to provide new information regarding the Trinity of Realities and the truth of the gods if they can help Bayonetta in her journey to help Jeanne. Bayonetta uses exaggerated proportions after all. According to, Bayonetta's ability to weave her magic through her hair is a reference to an old European belief that women with long hair were more likely to be targeted by.

She is also not immune to displaying outright anger and hatred, having done so for both her father[1] and Alraune. If Bayonetta shoots idly at a wall, she will start writing her initials and hearts with the bullets. Bayonetta's appearance is based on the first game and she wields Scarborough Fair, featuring her exact moveset from the first game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Bayonetta is portrayed as a beautiful woman with a slender yet curvy bewitching figure, possessing ample breasts and a set of round, plump buttocks. The demon has taken Jeanne's soul for her own in order to become more powerful and eventually rise up through the struggle for power that rages in Inferno.

While she looks super tall, she's one of the shortest human characters in the game aside from Enzo, and she's wearing heels. Comparing heights to child Cereza, she is roughly 250 centimeters. The hybrid kicks at Loptr, propelling his physical body out to the ocean where a Jeanne-summoned Gomorrah lies in wait. Luka commandeers a military vehicle in an attempt to beat Bayonetta to Isla del Sol, the metropolis of Vigrid and home of the Ithavoll Group, which holds many secrets and ties to the Lumen Sages and Bayonetta's past. Bayonetta also has a red hair ribbon wrapped around her hairdo that extends down to her legs, covered in demonic language. Ignoring the figures they give you and just using standard real world values, the average UK/US female is 5 ft 4.5 inches tall, by head to body ratio: 7.5 heads tall. However, several months after the game's release, Bayonetta was made available for purchase on PSN and Xbox Live. Rodin was added as a new Assist Trophy. Shortly after that, Cereza lets Luka borrow her glasses in order to make sense of the explosions around them. When her friend doesn't initially wake up, Bayonetta falters and pleads with her to open her eyes. The colours intermingled in a hairstyle that was half up and half down.

When Rodin says that he will be without a source of information if he doesn't, Luka notes how Enzo should be doing this instead before almost crashing his car. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Main Universe, Bayonetta (real name Cereza) is the eponymous main character of the Bayonetta series. [1] In the animated movie, she goes even further and blames him for the death of her mother believing him to be responsible.

Following this revelation, Luka narrowly escapes being killed in the same way thanks to Bayonetta.

Several days pass since the events at Fimbulventr and Bayonetta and Jeanne are enjoying another shopping trip to take advantage of the after holiday sales. Umbra Witches [2] She also possesses great speed, being capable of keeping up with the likes of Balder during his younger years [2] and well as fighting on par with the Umbra Witch, Jeanne, whom was stated to be either just as strong as her or stronger. For details of her moveset, see the DX2 Wiki page here: Bayonetta tends to enjoy using her sexuality as a means to an end in more instances than not, often using it to tease or intimidate the likes of Luka. The hat has two strings hanging on each side of the brim with two beads, one blue and the other red respectively. Claiming he now remembers everything, Loki pleads with Luka to take him to Fimbulventr before passing out. He also wears cowboy-black leather pants with fringes on the bottom.

Her earrings have changed to golden crescent moon shapes with red jewels at their tops and the medallions hanging from her 'sleeves' of hair have been removed. Kind of weird since Luka is around her height but if you discount him, it would make sense. Weapon(s)

The HEAD. Bayonetta mostly finds him to be an annoyance and would never fall for a guy like him. He now has his hair loose, adorned a hat with a blue pattern around the circumference. Compare her with someone like Cloud or a FE character. His last name is implied to be Redgrave due to his father, Antonio, having the last name of Redgrave. This is common sense. His son, Luka, looks beyond and, due to being unable to see into Purgatorio, mistakes her for being the one that killed his father. After Cereza is returned to her rightful place in time, he can only watch as Bayonetta is overcome by the power of Jubileus, becoming the Left Eye. Bayonetta pleads her father not to do this and Balder reveals that he knew she was Cereza all along. Cereza found by Antonio shortly before his demise. In her final test to become the leader of the clan, she chose Cereza as her opponent due to being perhaps the most powerful witch in the clan despite the Umbran Elder's insisting that it was forbidden. In the first game, Luka is portrayed a tall, light skinned young man, shown to have shoulder length wavy brown hair, with its upper layer tied with two side bangs. Luka later appears near the top of the Catherdral of Cascades. Comparing heights to child Cereza, she is roughly 250 centimeters. Cereza Though he attempts to catch her and take photos, she outwits and startles him before vanishing again, leaving him to shout after her that she only runs because she has him to fear. As the two witches fight on, Bayonetta places a bud of rosemary behind her ear and remarks how it signifies remembrance and also now suits her. 500 years ago, a law between the Witches and Sages compelled them to stay separate as the intersection of both light and dark would bring destruction.

Bayonetta asks about whether the real entrance to Inferno could be used to save her.

He also wears a black unbuttoned black jacket and dons a long blue scarf, with diagonal white and orange strips going down and fringe on both ends. Loptr explains that he and Loki are two halves of the same soul and that together they were originally Aeisr. The name Luka can be found in three languages; Slavic, Japanese and Old Norse. He also wears an unbuttoned black jacke…

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