Much less common are instances of a Transformer turning into an overscaled real-world object. There's also no known reason for (e.g.)

This problem isn't just limited to the Generation 1 combiners either: Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Constructicon Devastator has a massive mining excavator form the lower portion of the torso, with your everyday type of cement mixer truck that's almost the same size forming the upper portion of the torso. For example, the first wave of Classics Deluxes featured Autobots Bumblebee and Rodimus, two cars, as well as Decepticons Starscream, a modified F-15 Eagle fighter jet, and Astrotrain, a Triple Changer who turns into a bullet train locomotive and a modified NASA Space Shuttle orbiter, all roughly the same size in robot mode but obviously not the same scale in their alternate modes.

When interacting with the Autobot technology of the Ark and the Autobot shuttle, the Maximals are often dealing with equipment grossly oversized for them (standing on the chairs to reach the controls, turning knobs the size of their heads); yet the Ark also seems to feature some human-sized control panels, such as the computer in Master Blaster.

Thank you, Jump-Cut! However, it's hard to begrudge Hasbro not offering us a Primus toy the size of an asteroid.

This is sometimes reflected in the choice of vehicle or the design of their robot mode.

The direct—and indirect—successors to Alternators (Binaltech, Binaltech Asterisk, Kiss Players, Human Alliance) also maintained a mostly consistent internal scale with their car figures. The Mini-Cons scan normal vehicles and then resize them to fit, retaining now-useless passenger compartments. These changes in scale are usually attributed to size-changing by that portion of the fan base who like to find explanations for things. Therefore, Rattrap is a monstrously huge rat, the size of a medium-sized dog such as a Labrador (indeed, the writers stated that Season 1 Rattrap was 5' (1.5 m) tall[1]). Starting with Beast Machines, many franchises have released multiple versions of the same character in different size classes, most often the leader characters.

Without any height booster, Blackarachnia can interface well with these controls. His brain module, for instance, is consistently depicted as being only a few times bigger than Windblade as opposed to the city block-sized machine it would "realistically" be.

massive To Ilovedinobot: Nice satsuma icon There's simply no positive evidence that size-changing is so widespread. He'll .

Combiner characters are often depicted as far larger than the sum of their parts.

However, thanks to the scaling up of the arthropod characters, it is relatively safe to assume that the Transformers generally scanned only animal forms and then rescaled them to fit their own size - additionally, they were not so much attempting to disguise themselves, as to protect themselves from an excess of Energon. Seekers, most notably Blitzwing (who later scans an Earth-based fighter jet) are mostly the same size as bots like Optimus, who maintains his truck mode.

Robot mode Lockdown is pretty much the same size as Optimus, at most only a few feet shorter than him, even though Optimus is a massive Western Star Truck concept. Dinobot is considerably larger than a real velociraptor, closer in size to a Utahraptor.

If some of your content was shared by accident. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now. Thus, in the context of Transformers, "city" is perhaps better read as "building" or "fortress". So, at least in that micro-continuity, they were human-sized or Powermaster Optimus Prime is the size of Devastator. The Voyager class isn't that much bigger than the Deluxe class, resulting in quite a few scale problems such as the lankier characters like Deluxe Blackaracnia being almost as tall as stubbier but technically much larger characters like Voyager Bulkhead, and the very lanky Deluxe Lockdown taller than nearly any Animated Voyager class toys. Yet when Skywatch discovers Laserbeak at the end of the story, his head alone is suddenly the size of an adult human.

This is purely for dramatic effect. This problem was magnified when the Generation 1 characters cameoed in the series. Assuming no size changing occurs during his transformation (and really, what possible reason would he have to become smaller? Mini Vehicles Warpath, Seaspray, and Powerglide are usually depicted as smaller than other Transformers in fiction, even though their alternate modes should have them towering over other characters. A few pages later, Laserbeak picks up Soundwave out of the human's hands, being barely able to hold the tape deck in his mouth, making Laserbeak about the size of a large dog (not counting the wings).

Though different stories have compared Cybertron/Primus and Unicron to drastically different real planets, the fact remains that they are planets, and yet are shown in such insane scale to characters as to suggest they are the size of a very small moon (or space station). The problems of describing citybots as "cities" is a thousand times worse if Unicron is supposed to have a planet alternate mode, and Cybertron is in turn supposed to be of similar size. anime, music, transformers, computers, baseball, british comedy, sci-fi, My Wife and Family First A rare exception is live-action Blackout, who came with a tiny (and correctly scaled) version of Scorponok. The Alternators toyline, where every toy is a 1:24-scale representation of a real car, and thus in perfect scale with each other, was the first to buck the trend.

Contact ENI | There are still minor scale issues to be found, though. However, with the increasing prevalence of multiple toys of the same character in different size classes, particularly enforced by the live-action film series, it is technically possible to have somewhat more accurate scale combinations.

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