Shes in another.

Please would like to talk with you…?? The second time I visited several months later, my husband said I could not come and spend those three weeks with him in Warri, and also visit the family, we had to rent a hotel and stay in Lagos.

Judge this matter with your heart and brain maturely I believe God will lead you through. With my extensive trips to North America and over 15 countries in Europe; The man in question is only looking to use the woman to get his papers. In a lot of cases I doubt the church would marry you. Wow Donna, I hope we are not talking to the same Nigerian man. Any other relevant contact information such as a telephone number. Over the year my gut was telling me something was not right, things didn’t add up. Be careful!! But I am having doubts about everything now. But they are few in number considering the large population of the country. I’ve also met his younger brother, he wanted to introduce me to his older brother & his wife that he lives with, but I refused as that is disrespectful on my part, him as well. He may have children but may not be married.

op, its all in your head.

Sometimes ago, I visited Nigeria and I saw one of my high school friend who was over 40 years old and has never married and I asked him how about your wife and kids?

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / How Can I Tell If My Husband Is Married In Nigeria Or Was Married Before? If court or RC church wedding marriages are registered traditional is not. March 30, 2016 – How Do I Know If My Nigerian Boyfriend, Husband-To-Be Is Married, Has A Wife Back Home – Jamaican Lady Asks NG. With ZoSearch, you can find someone's civil status as well as other relevant personal details. Disclaimer: BeenVerified’s mission is to give people easy and affordable access to public record I knew something was wrong and still proceeded with the paperwork because I wanted to do the right thing as a “wife” with the children I regrettably made with him. He then told me he did know the woman he had sexual intercourse with her but the child is not his and he is not her husband.

I kept digging and digging and someone how found a number that i recorded from his phone early on when i found the other numbers. I asked her how long has he been in America and she stated for 7 months. Hey this is Robin I so much would love to talk to you , I also have a bf in Lagos Nigeria have been in a long distance relationship for 16 months now That would be bad. That woman above gave you many things that I’ve experienced with the scammer I married. Still something didn’t sit right with me. While he was in Nigeria he left me his bank card so i can retrieve his money for him and transfer it to him in Nigeria when he got paid which i did not problem. Wish we could have spent more time getting to know each other. So I don’t think he is involved with his son’s mother, but something just does not seem right. This experience has broken my spirit deeply. Keep asking questions. From what you said, you  married him when you came to visit him in Nigeria possibly both of you were fascinated by love that you could'nt hold but decided to be in union. any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. I don’t really want him but started to like him too soon. He had also not told her he now had a girlfriend. On my part, I’m a single Nigerian man, looking for a good white lady for a relationship that may lead to marriage. After I left from that visit the communication really slowed down, it seemed that there would be entire weekends I did not even hear from him, like Friday through Sunday he never even answered my WhatsApp chats or phone calls. Take care. We have been having sooo many arguments lately. Internet "friend" goes to Nigeria for business and gets into trouble. Ⓒ 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. I said we should call this person to confirm whether what he was saying was the truth, however, we were unable to get through to the number. There is a saying that says “you can take a horse to the river, but you can never force the horse to drink from the river. And am thinking to fly over but am scared . Posted on by Through our partnership with USA Trace delivers our Customers Industry-Leading data by combining over 43 Billion Verified Public Records giving you the most comprehensive Background, Criminal, People, Marriage and … The rules vary per country. He has a new female here, abandoned us and going after my assets in the divorce. He came down several times doing the pregnancy because I was a high risk pregnancy, we didn’t engage in sex. Every man is completly different no matter where you are from. That was a fairly good time, however; he also took a class with a guy at the hotel and had his wife stay with me in case I wondered out of the hotel compound, she would go get my husband. I married a nigerian and now found put he has a wife and kids back home.

We had several fights and many ended with me saying I was going to get an annulment, he would talk me out of it and offer excuses why there was no communication from him. Why is it a good idea to use ZoSearch to find out someone's marital status? Marry traditionally followed by a Church as this means the community and church will fight for your marriage. How Can I Tell If My Husband Is Married In Nigeria Or Was Married Before? In his phone there was a photo of him and a woman who he told me was his sister and I laughed in his face on how stupid that sounded because of the situation of the photo no one unless it’s incest will be in that situation with his sister. I still have my guard up the only thing that worries me is

what is the point marrying and then staying apart? Best thing you can do is go to his village and ask to marry in his village church. Are the marriages registered somewhere? I told I thank you for your truth; but he had the nerves to request I help get his citizenship. In images and social media profiles, look for any signs they’re together with someone else. You deserve to be happy and only you can choose the way you want to live. Details of any and all previous marriages or registered partnerships must appear on the document. His middle name is Boboola, where is he from, is it possible for a Nigerian man of his age to only have a girlfriend in his life. Yes, I very much agree that there are a number of unscrupulous Nigerians who tarnish the image of the country every now and then. I then proceeded to ask her why she fell out with the family and she stated it was because my aunt husband who got him a job when he first got down here was mistreating him with hours and going to see some woman down the street on his lunch break so she told my aunt all this and she felt like my aunt could have did something about it. Him for the first time which turned out to be amazing. Here's an overview of all the information a typical full background report contains: Depending on the report you opt for, you can find all sorts of information about someone. not a consumer reporting agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. My advice would be to enjoy your relationship, stop digging for dirt coz you may end up building a perfect false story based fictitious/mixed up social media jargon.

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