I am an avid crafter but sewing is about my least favorite task and the handicraft I am probably least adept at (especially with the machine). With the handle glued together trim off the sides, sand it, bevel it and burnish it. Thank you! This has off course never happened to me as I am very careful and never make mistakes.

Scribe lines and sew it together making sure that the front side of your stitching is also the front side of the bag. 10 months ago, Yes the straps got dyed on the back side. Boxing the bottom corners to give a bag a flat bottom to stand on ‘steals’ from the width and height, changing the size of the finished bag. The straps are long so there is plenty of time practicing your burnishing skills! Make sure that the partition board goes all the way out to the gusset. First the straps need to have the edges done. Without the buffing the dye could rub and we don't want that. Almost nothing if you ask me, so naturally I have included the pattern. I was just trying to figure this out for a bag to hang on the rail of a hospital bed. I chose the first. If I fail, the girls won’t know and if I succeed, wow, so many applications.

Now this was well explained. Sure some of the line will be covered by the top straps but underneath the handle you will be able to see it. Decide on your size and shape of your cushions. continuous strip end pieces need to be sewn together and if using If not it will make the bag look "handmade" in the bad meaning of the word and we do not want that. I just got into sewing, I’m a real rookie and I find this tutorial extremely helpful! Thank you very much for the information, I just needed a little shove in the right direction. After a lot of experimentation with how to apply dye, I came across the Molotow transformer markers.

The metal bar cover is simply a piece of leather with the edges beveled and burnished without dye. 10 months ago When I look back it wasn't really that hard to make this briefcase. Use a old rag for this and spend some time buffing the leather. Apply contact cement to the lock cover and front piece and glue in place.

Thank you. Bag with gusset Darted Corner You can make a curved bag bottom by adding darts to the bottom seams. in half to get through the gap that had been left. Two and Three make the same corners. If not you are on your own. Sewing on the the pencil holder is done in two steps. Small changes in the size of the corner cuts make a big difference in the finished size of the project. The gusset piece was cut oversize which turned out to be a very good idea. Thanks. When you come to stitch the curved corners slow down as you make need to smooth fabric bumps with your fingers as you sew. Using a piece of 1"x 4" knotty pine, they set their chop saw to 45 degrees and make the first cut. I don't have a skiving machine so I made my own very primitive one. I belong to the latter……lonnnnnnnnng time sewer..kd. is also a downside to using separate gusset pieces with seams at the I’m so linking to this! If I left something out or if you have any questions about how to make the briefcase feel free to ask. Sew it in place and attach the metal bar. Lay your assembled bedspread on the bed so the sides fall evenly and cut a diagonal line from a bottom corner up to the top of the mattress.

I try to divide the piece into smaller sections and take one at a time. Sewing square corners on bags can be done 3 ways and they’re all super simple, easy and quick but make such a huge difference in the way your bag looks, feels and functions! Damn! have found that making boxed cushions can be a bit difficult and it I use a conditioner that consist of Vaseline, neatsfoot oil, beeswax and sap. Now the holes are marked with the pricking iron 4,5mm from the edge. They make great wine bottle gift bags. Match up the two sides of the dart and stitch.

They will come sooooooo handy. Before sewing can begin you need to glue the front piece and the gusset together. I never even thought of the width of the bag being affected, just the height. If you want the final width of your bag to be 43 cm then you should not make your gusset 43 cm wide ( I'm talking about the distance between the two lines that was scribed across the gusset 43 cm apart) I should be maybe 42 cm instead.

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