Not unlike war games, replay sports gives us a chance to see how things could have been different. Are the Knicks sliding or can they simply not beat the Hornets?

Grade: D-  Not much here. Still, the Pacers start three Hall of Fame players and bring another of the bench thanks to their ABA ties. LeBron James’ Cleveland version is one of the league’s top players, averaging 30/6/5 after six games, but he will need more help. 22. Upgrades: Tom Owens, LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews. The most important of these important links is CardMarker by Bob Standage (Warning: Download).

Dr. J’s Nets version is certainly as good as anyone else in the league. But the Jazz aren’t scaring people with their center options and their bench has been horribly disappointing. Big wins over San Antonio and Atlanta have Kansas City believing they can contend all year. They’ve played two tough teams, getting blown out by San Diego while also handing St. Louis its only loss.

8. This team has struggled early, but these two will surely help. Rolando Blackmon and Mark Aguirre have certainly been fantastic, but Dallas front court has struggled to keep the Mavericks competitive. After two straight losses, the Trailblazers took their frustrations out on the hapless Jazz, scoring 81 first half points in route to a lopsided win. He’s not liable to see anytime. Anytime you want to create your own Statis-Pro cards - whether they be for and Asian or Western league or college or historic teams - or current new players as we created here - you can plug in just a few stats on the google sheet at.

Julius Ervin’s 41 wasn’t enough to give the Nets their first win.

The Hawks have long had good but not great teams.

A pitcher with the average number of hits and one balk number, who also had the average number of strikeouts on card (11) would have a range of 24-37 for strikeouts in most seasons. Because of the uniqueness of this season I have included an additional feature that allows you to "Replay" the 2019-20 season either as the season was actually played with the 4 month disruption or as the season would have been played with a regular 82 game schedule ending in April.

Horford doesn’t solve their problems in frontcourt depth as much as Boston would like, but Irving will pair nicely with Dennis Johnson while Brown and Tatum bolster the bench. Offense was never going to be an issue with this team, but the defense has been better than expected. Previous #21.

35 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 blocks per game set him apart from the league. Well, in a super start league, the Bulls really lack any real depth. The biggest problem facing the Nuggets is finding time for its two biggest scorers, Alex English and Calvin Natt. 27. The back court gets a much needed upgrade, and the front court depth is bolstered. Isn't that twelve? New Additions: Kevin Martin, Andrew Wiggins, Grade: D  Wiggins’ can’t shoot but plays decent defense and rebound.

New York (2-3) Tendex: .642 — Week: L vs. Char, L @ Char. The older James is a better passer, three point shooter, and rebounder. 13. I have admittedly played few games over the past year, but the NBA playoffs have renewed my energy. This weakness came through when James Jones got into foul trouble against St. Louis. More. The Braves have yet to put together a winning performance. His season high 14 assists pushed the Jazz offense to new heights while Adrian Dantley scored most of his 23 points in a 43 point Jazz third quarter, turning a 13 point deficit into a 6 point lead heading into the final quarter. Everyone knew the trifecta of Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard, and Marvin Barnes would be a force, but the front court has gotten great support from its perimeter players who are averaging 43 percent from beyond the arc.

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