Focus on having fun, even while you trying to learn more about what’s going on with your stream. Remote play is your key.

Surprise – I’m a native PS4 console streamer.

For now, let us know.

There’s different leaderboards for the people with the most loyalty points from watching or who’ve donated the most bits, they have a schedule app that lets you update your schedule as you go – take a look at what’s available. I highly recommend editing your stream title, game, going live notification etc. Also, while on the topic of extensions – there’s more than just overlays. I know the PlayStation gives you the option to title your stream and list what game you’re playing after you hit the share button, but it doesn’t always work reliably.

It’s perfectly normal to only see a few viewers at a time in new Twitch channels, and follows can be few and far between sometimes – making it hard to stay motivated and keep coming back to stream the next day. within OBS – …

It can also seem impossible to add certain features to your stream when you’re not using a PC to capture with recording software like OBS (open broadcaster software for those who are new to the term).

Are you feeling a little more confident about streaming? Edit your game info on Twitch, not PS4 each time you go live.

What games are you audience interested in? A couple months ago Obilisk launched a Twitch community, and I found myself returning to Twitch after a long hiatus.

Where do you views come from?

And of course, feel free to stop by a Team Obilisk stream over on Twitch – just look up our community to see who’s live. Adjust the angle of the camera up and down by holding the right end in place, then gently twist the body of the camera until it's at your preferred setting.

Place the PS Camera on a level surface with the camera facing the play area. Getting started on Twitch can be an intimidating task. Before we dive in, I just wanted to tell you why I’m writing this article. Now that’s it for the broad advice – time for the targeted advice for new PS4 streamers.

In fact, I believe there’s quite a few capabilities that Sony should seriously consider adding to the PS5 to make their next generation of consoles more streamer and social media-friendly – but that’s a topic for another article that I’ll write at a later date.

First you’ll have to download PlayStation remote play onto your computer and link it to your PS4.

And while there’s plenty of advice out there on the internet targeted at new streamers, I just wanted to put together one consolidated guide for PS4 console gamers who are new to Twitch. Did you find this article helpful? You might also want to give some channel guidelines or chat rules for your viewers, as well as make it easy for them to find your list of commands – but more on that later. We’d be happy to have you! Again, do NOT get discouraged by low viewer numbers. But for now, here’s some tips on how to add some nice touches to your channel and your streams: Alright, that’s a wrap for now – hopefully this answered some of your questions or gave you some ideas for future streams of your own!

From there, so long as you have a PS4 controller plugged into your computer, you should be good to go – just initiate a window capture from OBS to stream your PS4 via remote play. You should consider giving a little blurb about you as well as list some of the games you play, your social media links, and an approximate schedule (doesn’t have to be exact). You’ll obviously also need to download OBS.

You can add in a mic, facecam, overlays, etc. Favorite game of all time ...FFX.

What time of day did your viewers spike?

In the section that appears below the video for your streams on the Twitch app – either desktop or mobile – you’ll want to include some helpful panels for the people are trying to learn about your channel.

Now, that being said, a lot of the basic tips and pieces of advice that are listed here will apply to all new streamers – so no matter what your setup is, you may find the answer to a question you had about streaming here. So if you’re here to get answers to questions like “How can I make my PS4 stream look more professional?” or “Can I stream from my PS4 to a laptop or PC without a capture card?” you’ll find all that under the header Making PS4 Streams with Polish down below.

Unless you’re that one in a million who starts getting a lot of views and an active chat right away, it can be slow going. As I said earlier, I’ll be working on an article on how Sony should consider updating native streaming for the PS5 somewhere down the line, but keep an eye on this space because who knows, we could come back with more advanced tips on setting up and improving your streams. from your dashboard on Twitch. To make it easy to navigate, I’ve separated the article out into two halves: Basic tips for all new streamers and targeted advice for native PS4 streamers (meaning you stream straight off your PS4). I'm a life-long lover of RPGs and you can always find me as RedxMaude. There are several extensions that you can put into the informational panels on your channel’s page that can display all sorts of information. Connect the PS Camera cable to the PS4™ system via the AUX port located on the back of the system. And while a lot of people are worried that streaming right off their PS4 isn’t fancy enough or they don’t want to hear negative comments about their setup, I’m here to say PS4 streaming can be done in a way that looks good and engages viewers without breaking the bank. I think it’s important for people to have a source where they can get answers about streaming straight off their PS4 because for a lot of new streamers, it’s an affordable alternative to streaming off a gaming PC or buying a capture card. And speaking of your dashboard, while you do NOT want to obsess about viewership numbers, Twitch does have a decent analytics page for you (as do many streaming bots) that can be useful for giving you information about how your streams are going.

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