Club members have use of a cabin We also have "family" dues for spouses and dependents 18 and under. NO QUAL HUNTING IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIMEMembership includes the cost of time, fertilizer and seed (variety to be determined by Club Management) for all food plots.Members receive an identification card and windshield decal upon payment of dues in full.Members must have their member identification card at all times while on the property. We do go by Georgia Hunting Seasons Regulations. property. We also have "family" dues for spouses and dependents 18 and under.

Garbage is not to be disposed of in fire pit or left behind for other members to clean up. A well established private hunting, shooting, and family club, it now also operates a large organic farm.

We are one of the largest hunting clubs in North Georgia. CCC Hunting Club is located in Kingston Georgia very close to Barnsley Gardens Resort and Golf Course. We hunt deer, turkey, dove in season and all small game. The club was established in 1988 by the late Frank Pritchard for the sole reason of harvesting the best possible bucks the area and existing genetics will allow. No littering in any form is allowed. If you drink ANY alcohol during hunting hours, either go home or stay in camp. Hogs, Coyote & other While not intended to be exhaustive, the following rules are set forth by Steve Seals (henceforth know as Club Management) to provide order and structure by setting the expectations of ANYONE granted the privilege of access to the leases (for camping, hunting or any other reasons). Membership information located on the membership information page. Use COMMON SENSE in this, a stand DOES NOT hold an area. These are planted by the Club.Any member wishing to plant a food plot on a vehicle access road should expect the food plot to be driven on.

Georgia Hunting Club And Land Lease has 21,980 members. We have a three (3) doe, 90lbs rule this season and a four (4) on one  side, with a 12 inch spread rule on our bucks. Vehicles (Including ATVs)Vehicle use will be kept to a minimum during prime morning and evening hunting hours during deer and turkey season.Vehicles may be used while traveling to and from hunting areas to hunt.Vehicles may be used from 10 am – 2:30 pm for scouting, stand maintenance and setup.Vehicles will not be parked in a manner that blocks any road or gate.Vehicles may be used anytime to retrieve a harvested animal, however on a cool/cold morning in consideration of other hunters try to wait until 10 am.Joy riding on any club maintained road is not allowed during deer or turkey season. Enforcement of the rules is solely the responsibility Club Management.Any questions or concerns pertaining to interpretation or application of the rules should be directed to Club Management.Any situation arising that is not specifically addressed in the rules will be addressed at the sole discretion of Club Management and incorporated into the rules as necessary. Cobb’s Legion Hunting Club RulesStatement from Club ManagementA rigid set of clearly defined and consistently enforced rules is a crucial cornerstone to any good hunting club. From the beginning, his vision was to establish an infrastructure of club stands, food plots, and fair & balanced bylaws that permit “new” and existing members to have equal hunting access to all available terrain types. Dues payments are non-refundable after July 1st BUT hardship cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis and refunds and/or adjusted payment schedules if any will be made solely at the discretion of Club Management. We are all adults and should work to resolve any differences in a civilized manner. wild turkey, hog, waterfowl, bobwhite quail, rabbit and other small game species. available for member use.. Club members may CONTACT US

AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU SHORTLY. Our dues this year are $650 per person. We offer a strong food plot program. Stands placed in any area by a member may be used at any time without the member’s permission; however, rules for hunting areas as list below apply. This combination makes for perfect hunting grounds. Big Track camp life is no different than it would have been 100 years ago: hunt, swap Other DependentsNo small game hunting or any type during deer season. predators are hunted year round. If no one pins in feel free to pin in for a second hunt.Members can hunt any areas on a first come first serve basis at anytime during the season. We offer a strong food plot program. Members will be held accountable for the actions of their spouses and children.Rules are effective August 15th of each year through May 15th of the following years.To be eligible to hunt, each member must sign the signature page of the rules and submit it to Club Management prior to hunting.Upon joining the club each year, each member will be provided a copy of the rules.If any changes are made to the rules at anytime, an update of the changes will be provided to members.In addition to the paper copies distributed, current rules will always be maintained and available on our website www.cobbslegionhuntingclub.comALL rules apply to ALL members and member dependents (for the purposes of this document, “member dependent” is defined as a spouse and/or minor children under age 18) of Cobb’s Legion Hunting Club. It is leased and does not belong to us so treat it the way you would want your own person property treated.Only dead and down trees may be taken for firewood.No cutting of trees (especially pine trees) is allowed.No items (e.g., nails, screws, etc.) We obey all state hunting rules and regulations. At no time is ANYONE allowed to use or be under the influence of illegal drugs while on the club leases. All images & videos, including back grounds, contained on this web site were taken on Big Track Hunting Club!!

If you are looking for a "its brown its down" club, good luck in your search. Any member may pay their dues in full anytime, but the incremental payments schedule must be met at a minimum or we will seek to fill the hunting sport from the waiting list. A deer killed by a dependent of a member does not count toward the member’s deer kill limits.Two (2) buck per season is allowed for anyone with the privilege of hunting the club lease. We are one of the largest hunting clubs in North Georgia.

All hunting areas are hunted on a first come first serve basis.

Our photos page is up to date and if you are a members and would like to have a picture posted, please email them to [email protected] This is evaluated on an annual basis. If a stand is not marked, then it is considered abandoned, if it is marked then please use your stand close to it.This rule applies to deer season only. Well ALMOST, except for the satellite BIG SCREEN TV, high speed wireless internet, hot showers, porcelain thrones, and central HVAC. Many factors influence dues such as lease improvements, lease cost, and number of members. We've adopted many of the QDMA ideas and suggestions and conformed them to benefit  our herds. We maintain feeders Member is responsible for his/her dependent(s).c. We are a well-established, safe and friendly hunting club. New members will be accepted based on availability of open membership slots after April 15th of each year.Cobb’s Legion Hunting Club has a Guest Policy.Member and Member Dependents ConductLoud, boisterous or otherwise offensive behavior is not allowed. with all the amenities which can be used year round. ​​​​Welcome to our webpage! There are also well We do not allow people from foreign countries to join our Georgia based page! When in doubt, apply common sense or ask Club Management. Such issues will be addressed at the discretion of Club Management with actions up to and including eviction form the club with no refund of dues.

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