(b) To retain possession of the Lot; (l) £250000 and up - in minimum increments of £20000 Lot Descriptions: all Lots are offered 'as seen' and 'as is' and are available for inspection. 3kg, 87cm (34 1/4"). Ichthyosaurus was a dolphin-like reptile up to 75 feet long. Buyer's Premium - the percentage of the Hammer Price payable in addition by the Buyer. Signed - a work bearing the signature of the named artist; Probably 6th century AD - an item that is likely to be of this period in the light of similar pieces; 14. Clients are advised to check concerning any Regulations applicable in their country of residence regarding importation.


(e) To be paid interest on any monies due to TimeLine at the annual rate of 8% per annum from time to time to be calculated on a daily basis from the date upon which such monies became payable until the date of actual payment; TimeLine does not insure property in transit but can arrange insurance at a cost of 6% of the total invoice value or minimum of £10, whichever is the higher; cover being limited to the to the invoiced amount paid for the Lot and subject to a £200 excess on any claim. The name ICHTHYOSAUR literally means "fish lizard". 38. Restored - may be repaired or otherwise reinstated; possibly with some areas replaced; In the event that the accrual of storage charges reaches 50% of the Reserve Price or after the expiration of three months from the transfer date, whichever occurs first, Timeline reserve the right to re-sell any and all lots stored without notice and in any manner at their sole discretion and to apply any proceeds in defrayment of such costs. Reserve Price - the minimum Hammer Price at which a Lot may be knocked down. TimeLine shall have absolute discretion to refuse entry, decline bids and expel any person from the Auction whether present in person or by agent or proxy or attending by way of any electronic media or telecommunications. Buying at TimeLine Auctions A deposit may be required. Hammer Price - the amount of the winning bid when knocked down by the auctioneer to a Bidder. (a) The Seller shall agree to pay 1.5% of the Reserve or low estimate, or of the Hammer Price if sold, whichever of them is greater, to TimeLine for payment of insurance; Date of Sale - the date on which the Auctioneer knocks down the Lot. (f) To sell the Lot without a Reserve Price at the Auction and apply any proceeds against the amount owing by the Buyer to TimeLine; They lived during the early Jurassic to the early Cretaceous periods. The name ICHTHYOSAUR literally means "fish lizard". A museum-quality reproduction of a complete juvenile Ichthyosaur skeleton (Jurassic Period, 150 million years BP) from Holzmaden, Germany.

Estimates: estimates are for general guidance only and Lots may sell outside their range. (b) Any alleged or actual infringement, whether or not under English law, of any third party's Intellectual Property Rights or other rights arising out of the Auction or sale of the Lot. TimeLine offers this as a free service for live Auctions but no liability is accepted for any errors in bidding or in the event that a bid is not placed. (j) £50000 to £99999 - in increments of £5000 29. Ideal for museums, galleries and collectors. In the event that the accrual of storage charges reaches 50% of the Hammer Price paid or after the expiration of three months from the transfer date, whichever occurs first, Timeline reserve the right to re-sell any and all lots stored without notice and in any manner at their sole discretion and to apply any proceeds in defrayment of such costs. TimeLine will have no liability to the Buyer and Seller after a period of 14 days as then TimeLine will release monies and make payments to Sellers in accordance with these terms and conditions. I use my experience as a professional palaeontologist to bring you authentic fossils, accurately described and at the Archaistic - an item made in the style of a much earlier age; Complete and impressively large, 8.7 feet. 40. Manner of - a work executed in the style of the artist but of a later date; and

(b) £100 to £199 - in increments of £10 Title, Risk and Insurance: Title to any Lot is retained by the Seller until the Purchase Price and all other sums payable by the Buyer to TimeLine have been paid in full in cleared funds to TimeLine; at this point, Title will transfer from the Seller to the Buyer. Delivery by TimeLine: at the absolute discretion of TimeLine, TimeLine may, on request, directly arrange delivery of certain Lots to the address registered to the Buyer, on payment by the Buyer to TimeLine of any advised handling and delivery charge.

The buyer will be entitled to receive any credit balance above the amount of the costs on request but will remain liable for any deficit. TimeLine does not hold property insured after the Lot has been knocked down.

These marine reptiles gave birth to live young. Rights to Photographs, Illustrations and Documents: the seller gives Timeline full and absolute right to photograph or illustrate any Lot submitted for sale and to use such photographs or illustrations and any photographs, illustrations or documents provided by the seller at any time and at TimeLine's absolute discretion (whether or not in connection with any Auction).

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