It is better to risk getting injured yourself than having your teammate get chaired again and sent off faster, loosing a player in your team. If carrying a male, both survivors will take damage once. The Mechanic can control the deployed doll when incapacitated or when placed on a Rocket Chair, but at a higher cost. Carries around a syringe and can heal herself when wounded. How to use: Everyone has an identity. The Mercenary's excellent technique makes it so elbow pads lose less durability and can be used more times. Carries around a life-size doll, which can be destroyed with a single strike. In remembrance of fellow comrades, movement speed increases by 5% whenever a teammate is on a Rocket Chair. The Cowboy can lasso balloons or a survivor on the rocket chair to rescue them, which expends a large amount of durability, but hitting anything else only subtracts a small amount. There are three locations on every map where the. He is undetectable by the hunter's radar after shrinking, but cannot perform most actions. 1 Overview 2 List of Survivors 3 List of Survivor Items 4 List of Survivor Traits 5 Jobs 6 Tips The Survivors' task is to try and escape from the Maps in which they are trapped.

This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 06:26. Identity V is NetEase’s first survival horror game. The chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 30% and scope of success decreased by 30%. Physically weak. All teammates' healing speed is increased by 5%. Can detect and heal even the slightest injuries. Hunters cannot pass through the Ultra-Long Passage. The Survivors' task is to try and escape from the Maps in which they are trapped. Explore and learn information about the maps or locations available in Identity V. A 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by. The Hunter will guard the dungeon if the know where it is, so be sure to form a strategy before going to the dungeon, dashing head first towards the dungeon will result in the hunter hitting you easily. As the maker of this perfume, she can use this item more than other survivors. Carries around a toolkit that is used to destroy Rocket Chairs. Do not save a survivor immediately after reaching the rocket chair., The optimal visual and social experience on this wiki is available with a. Military trained. Can hardly control his curiosity and tends to attempt risky operations when decoding. Escape immediately if your win is assured.

The Mercenary has tempered his spirit through battle. Sculptor Abilities Sound Leaks | IdentityV | 第五人格 - YouTube The energy spent when using the lasso depends on what is lassoed. Struggling speed is increased by 10%. Scarred by the effects of war, the Mercenary panics when he hears the noises of cipher machines and his decoding speed is decreased by 25%. Do not hang around the exit gate, especially if a teammate is asking you to leave. Out of Good proffessional practice, the Laywer records key points while decoding a Cipher Machine. Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's lasso. Possesses elbow pads, which triggers upward Dash Hit boost when he propels himself off a passing wall. The maintenance of articles and creation of. Athletically gifted and monstrously strong. There are other editors who can improve what you contribute - don't be afraid to jump in and start it! His reaction to normal attacks is delayed by 15 seconds. Decoding speed is decreased by 10%. Thanks to him, all members' chest opening speed is increased by 100%. Try not to have two of the same characters in your team. Therefore, no other items can be carried. This can be the difference in a tie and a win or a tie and a loss. Using the skill will allow players to know the Hunter's location on the enitre map and will reveal moving teammates and primed cipher machines to The Mind's Eye. When a teammate answers the call, the Priestess will create an Ultra-Long Passage between the two of them, which takes a while to complete. The time they remain is determined by the length of the portal. Survivors entering the portal will be quickly transported to the other side after a few seconds. Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 20%, and pallet pulling speed is increased by 50%. Warfare has also left the Mercenary with refractory wounds that will be aggravated by new wounds. Years of indoor work have exacerbated the Mechanic's timidity. The chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 20%, and the scope of success is increased by 20%. This effect will be lost when attacked by the Hunter or when the duration ends. Once the proccess reaches 100%, the decoding speed of the Lawyer in possession of the map will increase by 20%. When operating a doll, its decoding speed is also increased by 25%. Gardener will also leave Rocket Chairs with irrepairable damage when destroying them so that their Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%. If the hunter is knocked into other objects, they will be stunned for a longer period of time. If the exit gate is open and one survivor is chaired and the others are at the exit gate, do not go and save the survivor on the chair. Now that he's free, nothing is stopping him from completing his greatest invention. Long pressing the button will cause the Priestess to send out a call that lasts a few seconds. Players can choose to turn it "On" and "Off", and running over a wall while in "On" will trigger a Dash Hit. His tracks last for 1s less. The Mechanic's teammates also learn some mechanical skills from her and become 3% faster at decoding cipher machines. When he hits a hunter with a pallet, it is stunned for 20% longer than normal. Healing time is increased by 20% and can reach 100%. Her proficiency in machine manufacturing and various mechanical traps increases her cipher machine decoding speed by 25%. Learn information and get to know all about your favorite characters in Identity V. Explore all about the costumes of various characters and its rarity. The damage incurred and special effects are transferred to the Survivors. A residual image of Survivors that use the Ultra-Long Passage will remain at the entrance of the passage when using it. Wishing for an item before you open a chest will significantly increase your chances of receiving it. Vaulting speed is increased by 10%. The Cowboy is good at using the Lasso. Continue to shine the light on hunters and they will lose the ability to move. Hunters are able to repair destroyed Rocket Chairs. When used he will become invisible for several seconds. Do not all go for the rescue. Due to his love for books, this item is not depleted when used. Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's lasso. Due to the Magicians's proficiency in magic, his movement speed is increased by 40% when invisible. Feel free to help us by editing our articles. The chance of triggering a calibration for all teammates is increased by 10%, and the scope of success decreased by 10%. Identity V Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Doctor can heal fatal wounds quickly. If hit by the Hunter while carrying a female, his strong protective instincts will kick in and the Cowboy will take damage twice (the teammate won't take damage). Clumsy and terrible with machines. Carries around a map that can be used to check the locations of Cipher Machines that haven't been decoded, Exit Gates, Survivors and Hunters. The toolkit has a 12 seconds cooldown after each use. Welcome to Identity V Wiki!A wiki dedicated to the "Identity V" developed and published by NetEase. If the Hunter is lassoed, the Cowboy will fly past the Hunter's head and land on the other side of the Hunters. With the memories of the past, the Gardener is able to block one incoming damage during the first 50 seconds of the game. The Priestess carries the Holy Key around (she can't carry other items) and can choose to generate either a Straight Passage or an Ultra-Long Passage. Passages entered by Hunters will be destroyed after they squeeze through. Due to the Gardener's basic repair skills, Toolkits are not depleted when used. The Perfumer often wears Euphoria. Get information about the new season essences.

Physically weak. to increase the chance of winning. Hardened military training. Hunters have their Abilities, Survivors have their Items, which they can equip pre-game or find in Chests during the game, giving them an edge over the hunter: It is perfectly natural for someone with nothing to rely on luck. An ample power supply allows him to use the Flashlight for 50% longer. The Priestess has sworn to guard the Holy Key for eternity.

We currently have 18,028 edits to 1,385 articles and 3,556 images on this wiki. If the Magician is struck when invisible, he will be Terror Shocked. With a gothic art style, mysterious storylines and an exciting 1vs4 gameplay, the game will bring you a breathtaking experience. The hunter is likely to have detention and having a three escape win is better than risking a win to save one last teammate. Identity is defined as an awareness of self. Carries around a wand that can be used to create an illusion. His flexibility allows him to vault over obstacles quickly as he runs. If you see these messages from your teammates, focus on decoding. *NEW* Sculptor Gameplay preview (Skills show-off) l Identity v His strong physique makes it easier for him to escape the hunter's clutches. The speed of healing others is increased by 60% and self-healing speed increased by 20%. Have characters with different abilities so that at least one character can be assigned to every task (decoding, rescuing, kiting etc.)

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tapping the Holy Key skill button will create a Straight Passage to the selected location. Duo Hunters Mode: A single Password Page will only grant 35% Decoding Progress, and up to 6 locations with hidden treasures will be generated on the map. Due to her familiarity with the structure of Rocket Chairs, Gardener is less scared and is able to locate Rocket Chairs nearby.

Carries around a flare gun that she uses with deadly accuracy. Whenever the syringe is used to heal herself, her Fear is reduced by 25% and the time required for self-healing is reduced by half.

Due to her medical background, syringes are not depleted when used. They might be at the dungeon and be able to escape if everyone leaves. In order to do so, Survivors must complete the following tasks: Meanwhile, the Hunters will be trying to locate, catch and tie up Survivors in order to send them back to The Manor. Survivors are Characters in Identity V . Always body-block your teammate after rescuing them to buy more time for them to escape. The rocket chair countdown is decreased by 10%. After plenty of rest the Explorer is ready to Dash Hit. The hero on horseback is both brave and tough. Also, vaulting obstacles will not alert the hunter. You can click Jobs in game for it. The Forward's superior physique allows him to knock the hunter off balance after dashing for a short distance. Maps generate up to 3 locations with hidden treasure. How to use: You can also circle around the rocket chair and juke a bit and lure the hunter to hitting you or the rocket chair. Rescue time is increased by 60% when rescuing the Magician from a rocket chair. Vaulting speed is decreased by 15%. The recovery time of hunters stunned by the Forward is decreased by 15%. Not good with machines. This effect can multiply. If she has a blackout and fails to calibrate a cipher machine, calibration progress will be reduced 3 times as much as normal Survivors. Identity V Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Has extremely dexterous hands. Welcome to Identity V Wiki!A wiki dedicated to the "Identity V" developed and published by NetEase. The mechanic becomes scared when a teammate is wounded or placed on a rocket chair, therefore her decoding and gate-opening speed is decreased by 45%. In order to do so, Survivors must complete the following tasks: Decipher 5 codes with Cipher Machines to find the password to the Exit Gates. Hitting a teammate will drag them towards you and bind them to your back; whereas hitting a hunter will drag you towards them.

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