Use ScamPulse to, Increase visibility and credibility of your review by. 1 January – 31 December 2020. Is the grant for business or personal use?

Victim Location 37932

Let’s take a look at both and see how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how you can report it. I began filling out the online form to report scams and realized I may need more information from the scammer so I started asking questions. But my best friend sitting next to me suggested I do more research on it. I am not sure what to do other than report it here.

*The eligible spending of a Master Member & Affiliated Member is counted individually. Best High Yield Savings Accounts for November 2020. They conned me into giving personal info including debit info inconveniencing me they were a good preacher friend. What do we do? We particularly offer our deepest compassion and commitment to the members of […] Victim Location 77084 Serial Number: 776562016.

a friend on facebook messaged me saying if I heard about a grant, that she saw my name on the list and she recieved unclaimed money that she didnt have to pay back.

I went to get the money, but more red flags started coming up after talking with friends and associates. you pay $700.00 and get $30000.00 That fee for me was $1500 because I "qualified" for $100,000. Recipients of the Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program have included various types of organizations such as community and faith-based groups, public libraries, and adult education and literacy organizations. Victim Location 43112 They said Target & Walgreens. I told them that I don't have any of those so they gave me other options.

Resource Alliance Statement on IFC 2020 and Coronavirus (or Covid-19) STATEMENT FROM MARCH 2020 – Please revert to update here First, policy issues aside, our hearts and thoughts are with all the individuals, families and organisations impacted by the Coronavirus around the world.

Stated she was given a grant and then gave a number to text. Receive bonus Lane Crawford gift cards as you spend with Citi Credit Card and accumulate ifc Points to reach designated level by the end of 2020.Terms and conditions apply. If you know any contact information for IFC, help other victims by adding it!

I did not hear from him again.

Type of a scam Government Grant Exclusive Complimentary Parking for Lifetime, Black and Platinum Members. Official websites use .gov

Note: The specific types of funding opportunities may change during each new funding year. Lifetime, Black members:Enjoy 3 hours dailyPlatinum members:Enjoy 2 hours dailyPresent your CLUB ic membership card and the ingress Octopus Card / MasterCard / VISA at Concierges on Podium Level 1 (one near Shop 1033 and another near Shop 1090) from 9:30am to 9:30pm daily to redeem.

I would have to give him $1200.00 to make the deliver.

Victim Location 16502 Delightful rewards for Citi Credit Card holders! And sent that number (406)551-1906. I was sent a phone number (302-244-0431) by a high school classmate and said if I would text this number and ask for IFC Grant money, I could get $55000.00, so I did text him and she ask me for name, age, sex, address, occupation, yearly income and if I owned or rented. Shop with Citi Credit Cards and enjoy special rewards.

Turns out to get the free money, $55,000 one would need to send $700.00 first. I sensed it was a scam so I looked it up and found an article from about this very scam. Received message on messenger saying to be able to get free money as the sender had. Batch number: 18506640602/ifc Application number: 88930ifc-0753465657000UF.

They said that the fee from the gift cards was for a "clearance fee". A cousin supposedly told me about money she got from a gov. Type of a scam Government Grant NOTE: Any false or misleading information given may result to discharge or disqualification of your grant. For 1.she knows and usually calls me by my first real name. One person reached me on Facebook, I didn't know him, he said he got $85,000. I feel so stupid. - Dawson Kerry Victim Location 18109

I told him to cancel. I received a message from someone through Facebook Messenger that I thought I knew from church. My "classmate" sent me a message asking why I do not take the money. They had reached out to me to see if I could qualify for a Grant. Type of a scam Government Grant Type of a scam Government Grant you pay $500.00 and get $20000.00 He said if I qualify that I would get cash money, and they would deliver it to my home. Type of a scam Government Grant I was sent a phone number (302-244-0431) by a high school classmate and said if I would text this number and ask for IFC Grant money, I could get $55000.00, so I did text him and she ask me for name, age, sex, address, occupation, yearly income and if I … I have many people to attend to". The Government Grant Scam has two variations: one coming from people you know, one from people that randomly contact you on Facebook. Total money lost $600 They said that we have to buy gift cards in order to get the grant. I immediately knew this was that same scam and told them I was glad I didn't give them my info that u had seen the report on BBB. Type of a scam Government Grant I was contacted by my "friend" who said she was just given 40,00.00 by the IFC.

I sent this to him, then he replied he was running me through a database and would get back to me.

She went on to explain about the IFC and gave me a number to a LAWYER. He said it's legit, it's not a scam.

gave me the information and when I contacted the guy he asked for only my I'd so I didnt think anything of it, it wasnt my social or bank account information.

I gave them my info (nothing extremely personal though), they said they would give me the grant.

Type of a scam Government Grant I lost 600.00 sending the 1% then i realized it was a scam when i started to research and found this web.

I did and i sent 1% of the grant money by gift cards to this number 916-520-0547..and after confirmation of funds recieved they were sending adelivery team to my address with cash moneyin a bx..but then the IRS delayed delivery until i payed 4,780 in taxes before they released the bx to the delivery team for delivery to me. Type of a scam Government Grant

The person, used a friend's f.b.messager , telling me about ,this IFC grant you don't have to pay back I told him I would do the $55000.00 and he said to give him $1200.00 He said "You have to be very fast about this. One redemption per day. Victim Location 83605

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