I must say, I've been in a few hotels and I have to say your shower was the BEST so far!!!! What is the best part of working at InterContinental Hotels Group?

Could you send us a DM with…, @sawpgh We apologize for the experience you encountered, Scott. To me when you inspect the rooms are to be right before guest check in. didn't notice rest until she returned to front desk best of knowledge only worker in bldg, this was late evening. I am 480 out of pocket at the minute, I am also a member of the IHG Rewards club thats why I contacted them and to get the same disappointing response every time. There was no food available and both guests and staff were NOT wearing facemasks from the manager on down. Management is always ahead with scheduling. I also didn't realise that my booking and money was tied directly to the hotel and not the group. We would like to look into this further. No te ven como empleado,más bien eres visto como esclavo,no hay ambiente cordial más bien es un ambiente de terror hacia el empeado,muchos abusos por parte de los jefes. Do the offer overnight / part-time hours? What a joke.

InterContinental Hotels Group Reviews by Job Title, See more InterContinental Hotels Group reviews by job title, InterContinental Hotels Group Reviews by Location, See more InterContinental Hotels Group reviews by location, Explore popular careers in InterContinental Hotels Group, Average salary at InterContinental Hotels Group, Discussion topics at InterContinental Hotels Group, Great managerment team, fun place to work great location,security all around,great place to grow in your career, free parking free lunch and great package of health programs, Free lunch, free parking, good healthcare. Despite the IHG Policy stating that refunds for stays cancelled due to Covid will take up to 90 days, both the Intercontinental in Bali and Singapore have not honoured this policy, despite them both committing to this in writing when they informed me my stays were cancelled. Their priority is the well being of their eomployees. They cancelled all my 250K plus points, worth about £2k to £3k because I failed to have any activity for one year. This is even though they quoted me in pounds so both were in pounds?????

Very nice work environment. If you were in charge, what would you do to make InterContinental Hotels Group a better place to wor…. Todo el trato en el loundry de el hotel fue excelente nunca tuve ningún tipo de conflictos con ese trabajo mi razón por la cual lo dejé fue por motivos de viaje pero no tengo ningún tipo de quejas con el hotel intercontinental es un excelente ambiente laboral . So much for 15 years of loyalty and being a Platinum member for much of that time. Personnel very pleasant and helpful. Terrible company with hidden terms and conditions to try trick you in to book with them at inflated prices and pretentious last room left to draw you in. Read her story here . It's already been months, will we have to wait years?

I was a fresh high school graduate with zero working experience.

also close to rm 109 had problems with dogs barking didn't know what rm coming from. IHG has over 742,000 rooms and 5,028 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Like others I am waiting for promised refunds.

trouble with tv that rm, also carpet stained overall appearance not clean looking.

We have the right hotel brand for both our guests and owners, whatever their needs. She was a very sweet, sympathetic and lovely young lady. Excelente en el área de compañerismo todos se ayudan unos a los otros, Fun and Family oriented in a luxury setting. I even offered her $20 for all her help and she refused. We've already extended the free night certificates expiration date to Decembe…, @princegeorges1 Since most of our brands include hotels that are individually owned & operated this is something th….

I broke my foot and the Night Auditor, Tiffany was extremely helpful. I started at a line-level position and with the support of all my managers, now work as a department head to this day. Bummer as I did not get any warning as the email address was my old work address! What i do have is the knowledge that IHG is nothing more than an organization that does not meet its obligations. I would be very reluctant to use this hotel group again. let's say 3 am to 9 am? Was this review helpful? Neither the hotel or IHG head office was willing to help and said they cant offer a price match and agreed their website was misleading. I also had to go back to front desk for linen for the sleeper sofa bed. I still remember the day I was introduced to IHG. I had a queen suite for 3 adult disabled.

When running a corporation dealing with multiple issues as a manager, supervisor, or lead person should talk to the employees with respect. Shelly started as a fresh high school graduate with no experience.

It sounds like a broken "white noise machine".

I have given up they aren't worth the effort. Shout out to jazzy , she gave us water bottles and quickly had towels and cups sent to our room. Sincerely, William Jordan. As a military veteran who had the honor to work here. I called and asked her if she could please run out to my truck to retrieve my insulin and she was so sweet shr dropped ehat she was doing and ran straight out and brought me my insulin. Yes No. Good culture, generally good people to work with, Management for the most part genuinely cares about the employees, Management treats IT employees as interchangeable parts, Still trying to run like they're a pre-internet hospitality company. Trustpilot should have a Zero star option.

The constant drone made it very hard for me to sleep. The fact that IHG offers an assurance to customers based upon carefully considered cleaning and control methods only puts them further up in my estimation. clerk did clean fridge. How many vacation days do you get…. Tweet. My account is locked again they asked for all my details via messenger then told me to call anyway. The hospitality transpires throughout. No training no help. Company makes little effort to retain good employees. My success and development professionally and personal has alot thank to been part of this great company. It also provides guidance on where to go if colleagues are faced with a difficult issue and need further help. Could you send us a DM with more details of your concerns and…, @UnfunniestComic Hi, Dave. I also spoke to the Lady that was working laundry and she told me that she inspects the rooms, and would make sure after we checked out she would make sure the room was right.

checked in later that evening and as you've seen my reviews rooms still weren't cleaned. 3rd rm same problem with toilet moving, carpet stained. Seguro médico para familia, cobros semales, Hotel is beautiful and easy to sell and promote. What is the work environment and culture like at InterContinental Hotels Group? Explore skills and training, pay raises and promotions and management and culture.

I am currently employed for IHG @ Intercontinental and I do enjoy my job. It is very short-sighted of the brand to help themselves to interest-free loans without my consent and of course I will never stay at one of their hotels again. She then proceeded to load all my heavy luggage into my truck and waited until I got into my truck before she left for home. Generally a good culture, but company was hit hard by the pandemic. Report. I called her again for a soda and she was nice enough to bring one straight down to me. Booked hotel and later found another quote for same room for £609 (was not too concerned as booked so could cancel). Often gave multiple instructions and failed at correcting errors. It is a great pleasure to be working with the staff .

Just called their customer service team to be told they can't give me a refund as the hotel is now insolvent, I asked for them to send me this information in an email but told they can't do that. Sara came up to the room and cleaned the blood on the wall. It sets out the principles we must all work by at IHG, wherever we are in the world.

I was also amazed at the guests cleaning out the trash from their cars and leaving it in the parking lot. Compare InterContinental Hotels Group with, Questions about InterContinental Hotels Group. Could you send us a DM with your full reservati…, @Nick_Searles It depends on the hotel, Martin. Initial complaints should be directed to InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) directly. I’ve been offered opportunities to help out at different hotels including one in a different state and have greatly enjoyed it. Sara.

© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. How are the working hours at InterContinental Hotels Group? If my mother wasn't already set and having lunch I could have changed rooms, if available.

Its brands include Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, Even, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo, Hualuxe, InterContinental, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts and Staybridge Suites. First the back of the sleeper sofa , pillows cushions, front of sleeper was badly stained with something dark or greasy stain. Look up what they did to Sonesta properties...Millions!!! IHG has a great service and brand culture. We recently stayed at the hotel in Henderson Kentucky and I couldn’t have been more satisfied . Out of curiosity, I walked into one of IHG’s recruitment events. Can you send us a DM with the details of your experience? Pay is good, benefit package includes health and 401k plans. Truly loved working here pay and benefit package is amazing.

I did take pics, Absolutely dreadful call centre took almost an hour to reset password and they deleted my original account. If you were to leave InterContinental Hotels Group, what would be the reason? What are t….

Could you…, @annalisekaylor Hi, Annalise. The front desk was extremely friendly . I recently spent 3 nights (9/20-9/23) at the Holiday Inn in Tinley Park, IL; currently undergoing renovations. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at InterContinental Hotels Group? Only care about money not people or the future. The work environment is not toxic and I truly feel valued.

Management doesn't value internal IT, all the focus now is on outsourcing. We would like to look into this further. Complaints Department is not affiliated to, linked with or otherwise endorsed by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). Would you give the your card details? Like others I am waiting for promised refunds. The guests included many work men who spent their evenings drinking and smoking outdoors leaving their trash for the maids to clean up every morning.

Laundry Attendant/Housekeeper IHG (Former Employee) - Fort Jackson, SC - October 21, 2020. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. Forget about the phone if you need the front desk you need to walk to it to complain.

Politics between organizational pillars are very evident now, used to be a non-factor. Didn’t lose out on money but wasted a lot of time. Ill be submitting a complaint to fair trading NSW and ACCC due to misleading conduct. Please do not post any personal information relating to yourself, or employees of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) as these comments will not be approved. I then asked her if she could help me load my lugguage into my truck and even though she was off the clock she smiled and said why of coarse Mr. Jordan. I was amazed how nice people were and my director was very supportive and took time to explain processes to me as I was new. Now October and still no refund.

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