She met with the Young Wolf once more and informed them of their success and asked that they gather their own fireteam to fight the Undying Mind. Ironically, she was also known for her brash and impulsive behavior then. After a moment of silence, Ikora quietly stated that she wished Cayde was there with them, and Zavala placed a comforting hand on her knee as he sadly echoed that sentiment. When she received an alert that Lavinia had broken into the ruins of the Tower, she arrived to find two New Monarchy Guardians attacking her for stealing an Ahamkara bone from a secure vault. She suggested that he allow Shipmaster Cesar Hiponia to inspect the ship before Osiris left, causing the older Warlock to smile and note that she was always thinking ahead, which made her a fine leader. Ikora was contacted by one of her Hidden agents on Io who claimed to have seen the Taken interacting with Vex, but the agent then went silent. As they sat on a building ledge and stared out at the Last City, Ikora informed Zavala of Aunor's actions, and he remarked that Aunor and Ikora were quite similar. [42], Before becoming Osiris' disciple, Ikora was one of the fiercest competitors in the Crucible. To prepare their people for the encroaching threat, Zavala and Ikora meets with the Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy representatives. Technology Coach has over 20 years of experience in technology and will help you achieve your outcomes for less. Thus, she remembers that they are not only fighting for their home but also fighting for their friends. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

She was told by the Commander that they had to defend the City and its people first. The Titan Vanguard tells them of Rasputin's defeat and their Hidden asset studying the new threat.
The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Every demiurge of every race, is a ruler maker, who changes reality to his power/will, Should be stronger than Taken who can destroy Io, Asher also retracted his previous statements on the Taken, noting he could feel them manipulating the Vex through his arm. She learned from Eris that the Hive God Prince Crota's top general Omnigul was present and active on Earth. The team destroyed the Undying Mind deep within the pathways of the Black Garden, and Ikora thanked them for ensuring its continued presence in reality. Plot [edit | edit source].

Quietly, she asks the Guardian to provide Eris with whatever she needs.

Ikora serves as the head of Vanguard Research. [6], Ikora welcomed a newly risen Guardian from the Cosmodrome in Old Russia to the Tower and provided them with basic supplies and Glimmer. He claimed that Ikora knew that was true but would not admit it, but Ikora denied this and stated that winning under his terms was no victory. Vous démarrez cette quête sur Io: 1. Thus, while grateful to have a friend return, she merely asks the Guardians not to make it a habit of tampering with time. Zavala, however, counters that the Pyramid matters more than faction politics before instructing her to reach out to Eris, as he can't predict how the groups will react when they learn she is their agent on Io.

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